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Slideshare update.docx for editing-only patent

  1. 1. Patent and Trademark Updates Daily Digest 3rd August 2011 By: Sagacious Research
  2. 2. Table of ContentPatent Updates 3Trademark Updates 3About Sagacious 4
  3. 3. Patent Updates Following is a short, manually curated summary of the top stories in the patent ecosystem for today. The stories are compiled by Sagacious Research a firm specialized in providing affordable patent services to professionals and businesses, and generally includes updates regarding new patent related events, patent law changes, patent litigation updates, patent infringement news, new patents, patent related collaborations, new patent related articles/opinions and any other interesting news in the patent domain. Rovi Sues Hulu for infringing streaming video Patent - Dashwire Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit with Synchronoss over cloud management software-http:// US Court Issues Mixed Ruling On NTPs Wireless-Email Patents- Innofidel & Siano mobile settles all patent disputes over CMMB- Could we close the patent gap?: An analysis- Kodak Is Exploring Sale of Patent in Apple Lawsuit- HTC takes Apple patent battle to U.K- Nortel Networks Completed the Sale of 6k Patents for $4.5 Billion- Could The Supreme Court Invalidate Software Patents?- Report Highlights Changing Battery Patent Landscape- Execware Retains IP Navigation Group for Patent and Business Development Program- Radio show zeroes in on patent trolls- Samsung bows to Apple, temporarily halts tablet sales in Australia- SagaciousSagacious Research is a research and analytics firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP)services. At Sagacious, techno-legal domain experts work collaboratively with Patent andTrademark Practitioners, Innovators, Businesses, and Technology Investors to provide them highquality knowledge support, actionable insights, and multi-lingual research capabilities, over andabove the accepted industry standards.
  4. 4. Over the time, Sagacious has developed the reputation of the “Preferred Partner” that clientscan rely on, while expecting an easy and pleasurable experience each time. Sagacious feelsproud to highlight its 100% client return rate, search capabilities in 92 countries, and multi-lingual research capabilities in European and Asian Languages. We have successfully nurturedlong-term associations with many Tier I and Tier II law firms, Fortune 500 companies, Smalland Medium Sized Tech Firms, Big Investment Houses, and leading Business Consultancy Firmsspread over 4 continents.Sagacious Services OverviewPatents: Patentability Searches, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches, Invalidity Searches,Validity Searches, Patent Analytics, IP Landscape Searches, Claim Chart Preparation, LicensingSupport, Patent Drafting, Provisional Patent Drafting, Patent Filing in India, Patent Watch,Patent Proof Reading, Others.Trademarks: Worldwide Trademark Searching, Worldwide Trademark Watch, Trademark Searchin India, Trademark Filing in India and Trademark Prosecution and litigation in India.Technical Domains Sagacious Caters ToLife Sciences (Biotech, Pharma, Chemistry, Medicine, Food and Beverages), MechanicalEngineering, Electrical, Chemical engineering, Automobiles, Electronics, Computer Science,Telecommunication, Bio-Medical, Nanotechnology, Others.For Further Information, Please ContactTarun Kumar BansalDirector, Sagacious ResearchTel: +91 124 403 3431E-Mail: tarun.bansal@sagaciousresearch.comWeb: