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  2. 2.  OUR MISSION  OUR VISION The Creation of Successful  Our main vision is "Value- Personalities Through the Process Based Growth" and "Future of Mutual Learning and with this, a Preparedness." Stride Towards Excellence.
  3. 3. OUR OBJECTIVES To provide a sound academic environment to students for a rich and fruitful learning experience. To provide state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to facilitate and encourage students, faculty, and staff to realize their full potential. To inculcate modern managerial perspective and technical skills in student for their all-round development to meet the challenges of a global economy To prepare students for their futuristic role in the development of managerial thought, philosophy, and practice.
  4. 4. MANAGEMENTCOMMITTEE Mr. Mahaveer Singh Negi, President Mr. D.K. Varshney Vice President Kumari Somashekhari Secretary Mr. Gurumal Sukumar Joint Secretary Mr. R.S. Rawat Treasurer Prof S.L. Singh Member Mr. I.D. Joshi Member Dr. Aditya Gautam Director, Omkarananda Institute of Management and Technology Col. D.L. Sachdeva Principal, Omkarananda Saraswati Nilayam
  5. 5. MAKING A LEADER Omkara nanda institute of management and technology has launched the management and BCA,BBA, MBA programs with the aim of creating competent management and computer professionals committed to pursue excellence so that they prove indispensable assets to any organization. We are optimistic that Omkara nanda institute of management will help the students to inculcate self-confidence, motivation and vision to handle the pressure of job & to meet the ever widening demands of industry. We want to create in our students the dream of excellence. OIMT provides a perfect environment for students to develop first as a good human-beings and leaders thereafter. Effort has been made to encompass broad range of techniques and innovative skills to create in our students comprehensive qualities of leadership, team work and global vision. we want our students to be well versed in stress management, challenge of industrial liberalization, privatization and globalization.
  6. 6.  We create vibrant learning experience through student - faculty interaction and modern instructional techniques. It is our endeavour to create real business like situations to inculcate in our students the ability to handle crises, work as a team and take decisions having far reaching positive consequences. Our pedagogy consists of : Campus-Based Learning : It uses the campus environment itself as a teaching tool. Classroom Experiments are activities where any number of students work in groups on carefully designed guided inquiry questions. Classroom Response Systems use technology that promotes and implements active and cooperative learning. Concept Tests are conceptual multiple-choice questions that focus on one key concept of an instructors learning goals for a lesson. When coupled with student interaction through peer instruction, Concept Tests represent a rapid method of formative assessment of student understanding.
  7. 7.  Cooperative Learning involves students working in groups to accomplish learning goals. Documented Problem Solving is an active learning assessment technique in which students become more aware about their learning and their problem-solving, resulting in a transition from the "steps used to solve a problem" to the application of analytical and critical thinking skills Interactive Lecture Demonstrations engage students in activities that confront their prior understanding of a core concept. The activity can be a classroom experiment, a survey, a simulation or an analysis of secondary data. Lecture Tutorials are short worksheets that students complete in class to make lecture more interactive. They are designed specifically to address misconceptions and other topics with which students have difficulties. Quantitative Writing engages students with numbers by asking them to analyze and use quantitative data in written reports and arguments. Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with the News describes how one can use media articles as the main content for a course focused on honing students ability to critically think about and analyze quantitative information. Teaching with Data Simulations allows students to visualize probability distributions, which in turn can make the processes associated with probability more concrete. Teaching with Visualizations helps students see how systems work.
  8. 8.  Class-room teaching is made more interesting with interactive case studies, group discussion, Seminars, project workshop and a use of Audio visuals as teaching aid. OIMT aspires to create competent management and computer professionals committed to pursuing excellence. The thrust of our Pedagogy is not only to create business leaders but also workers who understand the dignity of labour . Our teaching methodology is not confined to rigid rules but we encourage free thought process.
  9. 9.  Extra Curricular Activities form indispensable part of the academic component of the education. Participation in debates, dancing, quiz, elocution enhance the personality. At OIMT, extra curricular activities are organised periodically and students are encouraged to participate in these events. The students of management Institute took active part in blood donation camp organized by Indian Medical Society. Our management trainees show a great enthusiasm for such activities. Events like Vibrations, celebration of festivals, business quiz competition, dramatics, out doors games are hallmarks of our campus life. Care is taken to help the students to overcome their inhibitions in communicating in English.
  10. 10. HostelOIMT offers on-campus hostel facility for the boys and the girls.The OIMT boys and Girls hostels are situated amidst beautifullandscapes, carefully tended lawns. There are single rooms, doublerooms and rooms for three students. Pure filtered water, comfortablefurniture and home comforts are the highlights of our hostels.We Have Separate Mess for girls & for BoysWarm sumptuous meals, cooked in hygienic atmosphere are served to ourboarders with wide variety of choice.
  11. 11. Canteen The Institute has ultramodern canteen and Nescafe coffee shop. Delicious and sumptuous snacks and food cooked in hygienic surroundings are offered to the students at all times of the working day.
  12. 12. Consultancy Faculty members are taking Management Consultancy assignments for various organizations on an on-going basis; their expertise used to advise the businesses on a multitude of management issues and strategic matters. These consultancy projects require that the faculty and those OIMT students involved with such assignments be well-versed in the latest developments in Corporate Management. In another area, the experts of our Institute have been asked to assist with the creation of a new Training & Development Centre; the aim of which would be the synthesis and integration of spiritual values and practices into the mainstream corporate culture. For example, the programmes offered at this Centre would encourage senior level corporate executives to find relief from career pressures and stress by spiritual practice, and to further their progress towards self-actualization. OIMT is working together with numerous spiritual centres to develop this innovative and important resource for Directors and Managers.
  13. 13.  The Library is the heart of every academic institution. The OIMT library is a wealth of information: research texts, reference materials, and a large collection of Indian and Foreign books by authors who are specialists in the fields of Management and Technology are all available for the students use. OIMT also subscribes to different national and international journals and magazines to keep our students updated with the latest news and events in their field of study. Other resources are available; the library also provides CD ROMS and Video cassettes of relevant lectures, seminars, and case studies. Our library is linked with DELNET which gives an opportunity for faculty and students to be in touch with other national libraries. A Xerox machine is available for the students to make copies, if required. The librarys assets of current and comprehensive knowledge and information assists with the students growing awareness of business trends and changes in the region, the nation, and the world.