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As device software complexity grows and test cycles shrink, the risk of untested code resulting in defects in the field increases every day.

Wind River Test Management is a test management solution that identifies high-risk segments in production code, enabling change-based, optimized testing, using real-time instrumentation of devices under test.

Wind River Test Management provides the following:

•Coverage and performance metrics on the same code you ship to customers
•Optimized test suite generator that runs only the test needed to validate changes
•Full-featured lab management system and a universal, open test execution engine to run any type of test on any device

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Wind River Test Management

  1. 1. The Challenge: Risk Mitigation & Code Changes  How do these changes impact the behavior of the device?  How do you know you are testing these changes?  How do you know that unknown changes are not in the binary?  Without the time to run all test cases, how do you know which test cases to run?Milestone 8 Milestone 9 3 weeks Deadline 2 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Addressing Device Test Challenges Wind River Test Management Identifies high risk segments in your production code Prioritizes test execution Optimizes your resources to reduce risk and manage the impact of changes3 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Dashboard views Central repository to store manual and automated test cases Virtual lab manager Flexible and Reports generator Easy and clear interpretation of individual test case results Powerful Framework Easily integrated with existing build & test infrastructure Retention of results from older runs Test results parsed for each test case and each step within test case STDOUT for each test case step captured individually4 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Wind RiverTest ManagementIdentifies high risk code areas Coverage  After running all test cases what areas of the code were NOT tested HIGH RISK: 85% of functions were not tested  Map test cases to code  Increase preparedness for certification process Performance  Measure actual functions response time  See impact of change on performance …all on production code. HIGH RISK: Performance degradation between builds 5 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Wind River Build 6 Build 7Test ManagementManages the impact of change Build Differences  Compare builds to know the impact of change Compare builds’ binaries to identify changed, new and deleted functions  Gain visibility to new code introduced to the build  Identify what tests to run to TC1 verify only the changes TC3 TC2 Only a subset of test cases are testing the actual changes in the code …all on binary code. 6 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Wind RiverTest ManagementTests edge conditions and errorhandlers Fault Injection  Validate fault handlers.  Automate fault injection.  Do away with complex test scenario setups.  Fully validate exception conditions fast.  Simulate data input/output.  Increase coverage, save time, and improve quality. …all on production code. 7 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Wind RiverTest ManagementShortens Time to Market Test Content  More than 3000 tests for Linux platform validation  Complete VTS pre-packaged for VxWorks platform validation  Test for security with Fuzz testing vulnerability pack for dozens of protocols …just click and run. 8 | © 2011 Wind River. All Rights Reserved.