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Lect 08 computer security and privacy 2 4 q


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Lect 08 computer security and privacy 2 4 q

  1. 1. 1Arab Academy for Science &Technology & Maritime TransportCollege of Computing and Information Technology
  2. 2. 2• Marke&ng  database:  Collec&on  of  data  about  people,  used   for  marke&ng  purposes   • Data  obtained  through  online  and  offline  purchases,   public  informa&on,  etc.   • Beginning  to  be  used  in  conjunc&on  with  Web  ac&vi&es  • Government  database:  Collec&on  of  data  about  people,   collected  and  maintained  by  the  government   • Tax  informa&on,  Social  Security  earnings,  personal  health   records,  marriage  and  divorce  informa&on   • Some  informa&on  is  confiden&al,  other  is  public  
  3. 3. 3• Electronic  profiling   • Using  electronic  means  to  collect  a  variety  of  in-­‐depth   informa&on  about  an  individual  
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 6• Safeguard  your  e-­‐mail  address   • Use  a  throw-­‐away  e-­‐mail  address  (an  extra  e-­‐mail  address   that  you  can  use  for    ac&vi&es                                                                                           that  might  result  in    spam)   • Get  a  second  e-­‐mail  address                                                                                               from  your  ISP  or  from  Hotmail,                                                                                                 Yahoo!  Mail,  or  Gmail   • Can  stop  using  it     and  get  a  new  one     when  needed  
  7. 7. 7• Be  cau&ous  of  revealing   personal    informa&on   • Read  a  Web  site’s  privacy   policy   • Can  use  privacy  soSware,   such  as  the  free  Privacy   Bird  program   • Do  not  supply  personal   informa&on  to  people  in   chat  rooms    
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9An  anonymizer  or  an  anonymous  proxy  is  a  tool  that  aUempts  to  make  ac&vity  on  the  untraceable.    It  is  a  proxy  server  computer  that  acts  as  an  intermediary  and  privacy  shield  between  a  client  computer  and  the  rest  of  the  Internet.    It  accesses  the  Internet  on  the  users  behalf,  protec&ng  personal  informa&on  by  hiding  the  client  computers  iden&fying  informa&on    
  10. 10. 10• Be  cau&ous  of  revealing  personal    informa&on   • Read  a  Web  site’s  privacy  policy   • Avoid  puWng  too  many  personal  details  on  your  Web  site   • Be  wary  of  sites  offering  prizes  in  exchange  for  personal   informa&on   • Consider  using  privacy  soSware,  such  as  anonymous   surfing   • Supply  only  the  required  informa&on  in  registra&on  forms   • Delete  your  browsing  history  and  e-­‐mail  seWngs  when   using  a  public  computer  
  11. 11. 11• Use  an  e-­‐mail  filter  to  automa&cally  route  possible  spam   into  a  special  folder  to  deal  with  later  
  12. 12. 12• Web  servers  holding  sensi&ve  data  should  be  secured   • Only  enter  personal  informa&on  on  Web  sites  using   secure  servers     • Automa&c  encryp&on  systems  for  e-­‐mail  can  help   sensi&ve  data  from  accidentally  being  revealed  
  13. 13. 13• Properly  dispose  of  hardware   and  outdated  data   • Wipe  (not  just  delete)  data   on  hard  drives  before     disposing  of  a  computer  or   hard  drive   • Storage  media  containing   sensi&ve  data  should  be   shredded   • Businesses  should  have  a   media  sanita&on/data   destruc&on  policy  
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  19. 19. 19• Difficult  for  legal  system  to  keep  pace  with  technology  • Difficult  to  balance  freedom  of  speech  with  privacy