Zombouran and the last voyage of space in times byramy george morcos gj (4)


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Zombouran is the name of a new fictive and non fictive character that struggles for all the mind and the life of the people of the world walking on the endless pathways of glorious writing from one mind 's achievements throughout space and times he encounters ..

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Zombouran and the last voyage of space in times byramy george morcos gj (4)

  2. 2. . He loved to tell , read and write stories that could reflect, a romantic style of storytelling , but in a fictive nature=s that Zombouran, a spaceman has been discovering, in the fictive nature of a space : in times , just arriving on time from a dinner bal at jupiter orbit star globe in a magical style mirored by the sugar and salts of galaxies fom Universe 2. Zombouran used, to have, from time to time with his people, from the imaging lands in outer space on a remote world this or that one, we live on until today.. When, tomorrow 's sun colors ends up in a day wherat imagination and reality ,are flying ,or walking on our way and
  3. 3. because of all that.we know.. 1 But during this day Zombouran sometimes would look so tall and so short at the same time ,in the same space of Rediala that with her remote control from world universe 2,wich has enough physical force and fictive character of powers.. In that sense that her powers seem to be to Zombouran and his friends of outer space 2000 and zero that meant an infinity or in numbers, that changes the world into an apple or better a fantastic paradise in its everlasting creations of minds or meditations .. to interact and ever-change all things that would be ugly to look at, making disappear all the bad facts of everything and all out..! Rediala was this hero of a woman from the world. _:Damm ..mm..you REDIALA , it 's you again with your remote world control that commands and re-aranges the universe as you wish , or as you.. .. dreamed a long , a so long time ago in space and time motions, with the skies 'oceans..! ..OH i 'am sorry little dear woman of Pacific Atlantis .. It 's just because i am preparing myself for the longest voyage of times throughout space with and in the minds of peoples in this world.. 2
  4. 4. Imagination took me suddenly , a bit too far , please press on Universe 1 and let me return to the islands of your smiles that you have treasured for a while , suspended in time , and on the wings of heavens ,thinking oh dear.. of a poet and a writer in the moons and in the suns ,from japan to Taiwan!_ Zombouran could now walk on earth for an hour or two , to change his point of view , and point of views , depending on what this woman from outer space could command with her remote world control the whole world!_ Rediala , redialed the number 4400 with the number zero infinity.. to please Zombouran that already was reaching three and half continental space dimensions with the peoples of his land in Atlas zero to infinity 1 in four outstanding seasons that are painting in the lights of days , and in the darkness of some nights , the minds and souls , from a body away of all,Zombouran was prepared to travel for the voyage of the last remindful voyage of space in times.. 3 Zombouran and Rediala had this traditional habit to narrate their story aloud as if a romance from the oldest medieval song ballad , could in reality relate the past history of some citizens in the countries revolving with the earth and sun , in the light of learning fom many ancient manuscripts :the geography ,the history of prehistoric men and women that made space and time ascend or descend with worldwide centuries of events . Some of these peoples knew one day on their way of discovering the names and the letters in the language of some awakening meanings ..
  5. 5. Redial was still asleep knowing that her dreams were only made out of Beauty and not of a nightmare that no one on earth would have likes to see , even in bad times , or bed time . She was still a little sad about what Zombouran have said about her last night. 4 Zombouran was just thinking about the faculties she has , so instead complaining to his creator the author of the story , he rushed into Redial role and main novel plot of this storytelling about a voyage throughout all space in times, also all times in space, to understand , how really great space and times are achieving greater events through mimdful thoughts that are building up the reasons and the achievements of one 's mind consciousness of self -beeing , beeing all around living beeings with times ahead out from a space behind .. The past , a floating home on the wide wise surface of future notions and ideas , idealistic desires of survivals.. 5
  6. 6. Those citizens have known that there was a way from the past centuries that would open always a pathway to future lives out from which galaxy or star? the spriritual pages of a book of times ,turned up suddenly the page, that was guiding up throughout peoples ways : the world , a mind , a body , a soul.Wherein a universe depicts the footsteps and fingerprints of the past , the present and the future space , in times of inspiration that builted up reality or imagination , the struggles of the minds and the victories of constructiveness , making the years and the hours the historical sites of visions , foreseeing , foretelling the future world , the characteristics and specific features of divine powers to humankind nature. 6 That was one of the first voyages of Zombouran known as the spaceman of the other world. . Are these facts: a placement? A replacement ? or a virtualiazation ? _: that 's a vision!..- _ Zombouran said , his body and soul merging out from this land of one mind.. Across the seas and sands . Ronalto and Dyofan have noticed on Zombouran fingers a device that
  7. 7. looked like a remote control , but it was not a remote control , it was just a painting he has engraved in his skin , since then it has never been gone with waters nor in sands , it represented a Summer nature in winter , and on one of his fingers in the left hand : his name Zombouran written literarely in a metalic orbiting substance that has the shape of an elephant tooth where words and letters from a language above a cowd of clouds could pitch the sounds and voices from mountains above the land on which Zombouran , Ronalto , Rediala and Dyofan were born in . 8 It was during spring 8098.. When a painter dies ,while a writer lives , on a poet 's book shelves, Rediala redialed her number to contact the screen cinema lazer reflections of the other personnages of history and characters in this story where everything and nothing seemed to unite or to seperate, a scientific memory from a poetic souvenir.. 9
  8. 8. The first day trip in space and in a time, was fading out slowly with the sunset horizon of all the valleys and Fields of Battles of winds in the rains of freedom and creations. Zombouran dreamed of one zomboura ,the one that lived, in the heart land of the world.She looked like as if she came out from a screen shot reflection from Cinema Universe 1000 , that 's when Zombouran took his fingers to his head holding up tightly ZOMBOURAN paint to press on his elephant tooth to change forever the world into the marvel colors of a manual alphabet .. At once Rediala grasped violently her remote control in a remote world from an outer space world .. 10 But still she could not turn up the destiny pages of Zombouran and his new world into an Apple or change the world into a galaxy of her choice. That means that there was before her , ahead of her , after all of these "Couleurs .. Another mind 's life , mindful , remindful of all of Hers..
  9. 9. Hers appeared in the story , because Rediala had also this chance and the talent to communicate with another 's life protagonist. 11 Zombouran was on his way to the second Voyage of space all-throughout the times ,when he was inferring all day long , about his voyage on the back road pathway to Zombouran Tooth , where he came from so many years ago , by the lands and the skies of pacific minds ,meeting him on his way up to reach up seven lands in his hands like wings in the sky planets of twenty minds, in those 20 minds there was one letter , that could reach up to all the stars.. Rediala appeared again in the second voyage of Zombouran to Universe 2
  10. 10. Her body was made out of planets and orbiting eyes , she was so smart , beautiful as the nature that created her , from the rays of the sun to the moon of one shadow of an ever-growing tree in the nights of centuries, alighted by a small gentle candle under or beyond the earth lands of destinies. 13 Zombouran at a glance on everything his friends and ennemies did with him and did to Rediala when they have redialed all the letters and all the numbers that could inform them on how to change a sad world into a joyful and remindful ever-creative world of outgoing peoples names in the constructive meanings of life , of you , of him , of her ,of whom, in what, of me , or from thee.. As if an opening up Map of the world would have drawn up ecery time , in every space of any times , a device that was real making the story: a history of twenty five centuries gone to twenty others on the worldwide archeological and architectural litter line of sight. 15
  11. 11. Zpozo and birwouan, godo and goda , Refelia , Refelio , karkur , zargour , Kadour multiply up their letters with these meanings of life in numbers, adding to all the letters of Zombouran and Rediala minds : the lands of five outgrowing continents of the world. Zombouran was now on the track way of the voyage of the last space in times , in the last times of the hours in rhymes with Rediala 's lazer sparkling mouth and eyes .. In the Galaxies of one thousand different minds.. 17 Zombouran and his people wished to change the world with ZOMBOURAN device and Rediala 's remote control from her remote
  12. 12. world ..But they all failed , because there was a lettering number missing in the pumping heartbeats of the world .. The last night ended up with an ocean tear , when Rediala has met Zombouran on the seashores of two islands in a nostalgic melody . Blooming out as a flowering plant from the depths of one worldland : magically fantastic powers making a true .. One to one the Sea of reality..Out of all . Out from all minds , into all thoughts of one destiny. 20 _:Metamorphosis? Metafiction ? Fiction? Or Metaphyscosis ?_ Lady Zombourana laughed at all this , because she had different visions , and another mind thoughts and thinking that could not be compatible with Zombouran and Rediala character.
  13. 13. 22 Zombourana has loved to much the reality she has lived in , since then, she was born , in the country of reality and not imaginative creations, In multiple kinds, nature of storytelling , and books. Who in your opinion has the right judgement or taste of things done this way or done in an other way of seeing , living and experiencing things in and out? 23 Their different points of view and concepts , could vary , very much according to the different aspects and applications that Zombouran and Rediala could bring up to their truly existing reality ,
  14. 14. not just in the story but in reality iteself . Creative imagination could therefore , make the balanced equilibrium of scientific fiction and non- scientific fiction , just literarely thinking about the elements and tools that separates a true science of some living beeings in the world of brains and mind powers ,appliable only , only appliable in scientific research field of beeing and not beeing , the ever-making story of Zombouran and Rediala on the largrest scale worlwide productivity , product production , virtual and non -virtual actions upon images and ongoing useful , creative products of productivity . This is what most of Zombouran and Rediala friends, would think , redialing at this fantastic moment the letters and the numbers of human creative achievements ,in comparison with divine accomplisments. 25
  15. 15. As Zombouran was travelling throughout the minds of his people ,and on the wings of space and times , he has discovered that : mystery was one of the main plot of story existence , in presence of a fictive substance and matter , facing reality and making imagination become true , as lonf as :Destruction as not the major role in existence of space and times, but a delightful delicious distraction ,action and reactions of a true human mind in love with the mind of all minds !_ ZOMBOURAN could listen to his written and audio device before reading on about it all ..Building up a true and pleasurable identity and characters of long .. Living lives.
  16. 16. 27 Zombouran wanted to know exactly what was the powerful secret of his created engine giving it the name of: ZOMBOURAN. Until now the only great thing that ZOMBOURAN has succeded to do with Zombouran the premier character of the book was to change to the world into an invincible ever-writing and readable book applying all its supernatural working tool to in all the pages of a lifetime even of a lifestory telling .. While Rediala had only the power to turn up the pages of the worldwide life style..Up there , or down there this is not because she could not change the world into an ever- growing bookstory of two universe , one that belomged to Zombouran and the other belonging toRediala. 30
  17. 17. This was because Rediala could not redial the first letter and the last number of Universe 1 , that Zombouran could have been saving when Rediala was on a trip to imaginative and real Islands of the world in Universe 2 Which was one of the most fictive landing theme on earth: Such a bird As a child In the star Like the orbiting eyes of galaxies in the skies That 's what Rediala could have been reaching up to in her voyage , to stop Zombouran from changing the world with his engine tool on his fingertips : a mesmerization of feelings and sensations, of one of the most beautifying world becoming true ever so. From there or out here Along the ways of one way
  18. 18. To be , to achieve , to realize out into the ever-turning pages Of our lives.. 35 Marvels of every season Moons of the world reasons The sun shines for freedom Zombouran and Rediala Realized all the reasons Of the world 's reasons ..
  19. 19. To be, but not beeing another reason, to be done that way in the last voyage of space in times ..in minds .. Beeing into or out from them .. Now and forever Zombouran , Zombourana , Rediala and their peoples are in pleasureful greatness of it all..!_ At once endlessly out Zombouran last voyage in space and times in his peoples say and make always the ways in Zombourarokzxozob so ..... . All from the universes, in reasons that have been making the everchanging meaning from one m i n d ' ever beeing ...Endlessly... Creative!. ZOMBOURAN ..!_