Under the sea


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Under the sea

  1. 1. for prep school students Prepared by : mr. Mostafa saad MOhamed Sea Animals
  2. 2. Hello again everybody I’m “ Tim “ .Do you remember me? Last time I told you about Dinosaurs. This time I’ll tell you another story about sea animals. See Animals
  3. 3. Behind a huge rock under the sea, a lot of sea animals meet together. They want to choose one of them to be the king of the sea, like the lion, It is the king of the forest. Every animal has the chance to show his abilities and advantages that make him deserve to be the king
  4. 4. A dugon
  5. 5. I’m the best one to be the king of the sea I live until the age of 70 years in the Red Sea and other warm seas. My body is long and thin and grow to three metres in length.
  6. 6. I have grey skin, short hair and flippers to help me to swim .Older animals have short tusks on their heads. I can weigh 400 kg, the same as cows on land
  7. 7. Hippo
  8. 8. I’m the best one to be the king of the sea because I’m very big and I can beat any enemy attack us.
  9. 9. The shark
  10. 10. No, No I’m the best because I have a big mouth with sharp teeth, and also I have a strong tail enables me to swim quickly, addition to my ability to smell blood
  11. 11. The octobus
  12. 12. I see you and the hippo shouldn’t be the kings of the sea. .I’m the best, I have many arms that enables me to control any move of any enemy attack us
  13. 13. The whale
  14. 14. Neither you nor him, I’m the best one to be the king because I’m the biggest animal, so I can defend of you against any enemy
  15. 15. The Dolphin
  16. 16. Please, please. Wait ,wait. You forget me. I’m the best one to be the king because I can jump 6 meters in the air and dive 60 meteres deep in the sea. Also, I’m the cleverest and the most intelligent among you so I can defend you against any danger .
  17. 17. What do you think!! Which one deserves to be the king You should Vote through our blog http://teachersblog-mostafa.blogspot.com /