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Partnerrestaurantpresentation 090513075937-phpapp01

  1. 1. Restaurant Mobile MarketingYour Audience Lives on Mobile Devices. Your Marketing Can Too.
  2. 2. Mobile Tag Opt-in Demo
  3. 3. What is Mobile Marketing• Mobile-friendly web pages for iPhones, Blackberries, G1s and flip phones• Register consumers to receive special offers and alerts via text message• Promote special events, discounts, updates and more• Build your customer list, engage them and drive traffic to your door
  4. 4. Mobile Consumer Trends• People are making cell phones a part of their everyday lives.• 86 % of the US population (13+) own a mobile device (m:metrics Aug 2007)• 39% of Adult cell phone subscribers use the Mobile Internet (Kelsey Group Oct 2008)• 30% of all consumers were interested in receiving permission based mobile coupon services. (Juniper Research in MMA industry review May 2008)• While 18-35 year old demographic is by far the heaviest users of text messaging and Mobile Internet browsing, older demographic users are rapidly becoming heavy users: o Age 35 - 44: Average 236 text messages per month (more text messages than phone calls) o Age 45 - 54: Average 128 text messages per month (Average text message usage - Nielsen Mobile 2008)
  5. 5. Restaurant - On the Mobile Web Live Demo: Text Clicking the link in the text Your mobile-friendly web pages “steak special” to message will bring you to... 77950 The mobile screen is tiny compared to PC monitors, plus mobile users expect a different style of info and mobile-friendly navigationText messaging and mobile-friendly web pages worktogether to extend the effectiveness of your advertising
  6. 6. Steak Restaurant – On the Mobile WebMenu Item Photos Restaurant Info Navigation Menu
  7. 7. Optimized for Web and Mobile SearchEven if you arent actively conducting mobile marketing, peopleare trying to get to your web site via their mobile phones.Web & MobileSearch Engines PC Landing Page Mobile Landing Page
  8. 8. Restaurant Live Text DemosTry These Live Text Demos From Your Phone:• Text “steak events” to 77950 for upcoming events• Text “steak join” to 77950 to join the text- only club. Get offers, alerts and specials right to your phone• Text “steak special” to 77950 for a free dessert
  9. 9. Why Mobile Marketing• Build a more valuable opt-in database o Use Text Response Codes (Mobile Tagging – see examples) in advertising and customer correspondence• Drive customer engagement o Send opt-in prospects advance notice and same-day text alerts of new offers or events.• Extend the value of offline and online marketing, promotional email and word of mouth o Make promotions, events, info and special offers viewable on all cell phones and smartphones
  10. 10. Further Discussion Slides• Ideas for how to use your mobile marketing capability• Marketing Case Study• Mobile marketing industry trends
  11. 11. What do customers need to know when they’re out? • Text TONIGHT for tonight’s event • Text SATURDAY for Saturday’s event • Text SPECIALS for dinner specials • Text DRINKS for drinks specials • Text PARK for where to park • Text DIRECTIONS for how to get here • Text HOURS for restaurant hours
  12. 12. What Can I Offer on My Mobile Website? • Contact Information • Click to Call • Directions/Map • Schedule & Hours • Full Menu • Menu Updates • Parking Information • Private Events Information • Payment Options • Photos
  13. 13. How Can I Use Text Message Alerts to Drive Traffic? • Holiday Promotions • Dining Days • Seasonal Cocktails • New Menu Items • Dinner Specials • VIP Events • Birthday Specials • Anniversary Specials
  14. 14. Marketing Case StudyGoal: To test expanding Ashley Furniture’s marketing reach to mobile users and puton a four-day “secret sale” to be announced only by SMS and email messaging.Result: SMS text recipients generated almost 8X more revenue per recipient than “These new forms ofand marketing via email digitalthe email recipients especially SMS have really  impressed us out of the gate,Preparation and shown us a clear path toBuilding the SMS Opt-In List - Total SMS Opt-Ins acquired during this period: 6,000 offset declining response ratesFree Gas Giveaway – Consumers were prompted to text GAS and DRIVE to a short code and poor ROI in some of our other forms of advertising,”$500 Shopping Spree – With this campaign, the company also gathered demographic information onits customers, adding to the database of people who ultimately received the Secret Sale coupons. “We have been most surprised  with the revenue generatedDeployment from a simple 160-characterFour-Day Secret Sale - Not enhanced by any other coinciding media announcements text message with a sale offer. • 34,743 permission-based messages sent out No doubt about it, this has o 28,743 emails been a game-changer for us,” o 6,000 SMS messages Mr. Malouf continued. “With two • simple SMS campaigns, we’ve Messages included digital coupons for furniture, accessories and mattresses generated over $100,000 in  new business."Results28,743 emails yielded $53,022 in revenues - $1.84 per email recipient6,000 SMS messages yielded nearly $86,000 in revenues - $14.33 per SMS recipient  Mobile Marketing Watch 2007 Campaign tools provided by Mobile Storm
  15. 15. Ad Agency Trends• Percent of agencies planning spending increases*  Online 67%  Mobile 50%  Cable TV 27%  Magazines 18%  Broadcast TV 13%  Newspapers 8% *Advertising Age survey Nov 2008
  16. 16. Market Trends: Mobile Content Publishing• Mobile Internet has reached a critical mass as a marketing medium• An $8 billion mobile content publishing market is forming which is the "mobile equivalent" of the current web.