ProposalIn this piece of coursework I will be creating a film magazine for a specific target audience. The social grade th...
Key Concepts ResearchRepresentationRepresentation is the way a magazine will represent itself using imagery, colour, text,...
(…cont)Key Concepts ResearchInstitutionThe institution of a magazine is the publishers who produce the magazine. The magaz...
MastheadEmpire is the masthead of a filmmagazine. It is big, bold and bright redwhich has connotations of danger.They have...
Contents AnalysisArticle PreviewThe article preview is used to showthe reader a preview of what toexpect of some of the ma...
Double Page Spread AnalysisMain ImageThe main image takes upthe top two halves of thedouble page spread, Thefirst picture ...
Design SketchesFront Cover Contents Double PageSpread
Sell Lines Contents IdeasBehind the scenes of The Hunger Games At the OscarsFind out who won what at the OscarsWin a trip ...
Article DraftFilm First has been able to get an exclusive interview with Mary Medrana as she isjust about to release her l...
Target AudienceThe target audience for my magazine is young adults who are interested in the latest movie releases and are...
Film magazine planning powerpoint
Film magazine planning powerpoint
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Film magazine planning powerpoint


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Film magazine planning powerpoint

  1. 1. ProposalIn this piece of coursework I will be creating a film magazine for a specific target audience. The social grade that Iwill be aiming my film magazine towards is the A to C1 social bracket. I have chosen this social grade because themagazine is released monthly and the price is quite high and will be around the £3.00 price range and they will alsohave a lot of disposable income. The primary target audience I will be aiming my magazine towards will be peopleaged 16 to 24 years old. I have chosen this age bracket because of the genre which is Horror, this can be quitepsychologically scary or can be quite gruesome which is not very suitable for children or young teenagers. Thesecondary target audience for my film magazine is horror film fanatics, people who are a massive fan of horrormovies. The uses and gratifications that I will be following for the creation of my film magazine are information andentertainment. Information because the readers of the magazine may buy this magazine for the information on newreleases, articles on different celebrities and what they have been up to. The entertainment falls into place whenpeople enjoy reading the articles about what films have been released, the reviews of the up and comingblockbuster movies and also seeing what the actors and actresses have been up to and their new releases. Thereare a lot of other film magazines on the market today which you can find in many different newspaper andmagazine shops but my magazine will be different and unique because of the colours used, the layout of mymagazine and also the variety of articles and competitions inside. In the first month of ‘Film Fanatics’ (the name Ihave chosen for my magazine) The magazine will have a horror theme, but will still include interviews and reviewsof other films which have alternative genres. The colour scheme for my magazine will be blue, red, black and white.The colours are can attract males and females because their is a combination of feminine and masculine colours.The first issue of the magazine will include an interview with the main character of the latest blockbuster horrorfilm that is about to be released, also there may even be a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots from the latest horrormovie. There will also be many chances to visit some of the most amazing cities of the world. I will be promoting mymagazine to mainstreamers primarily as they make up to 40% of consumers. They are the sort of people who do notreally want to stand out of the crowd, and they also stick to well known brands. The secondary psychographic groupI will be aiming my magazine at will be individualists as it is good to have a challenge seeing as they are quite hardto target via the mass media, although I do believe that the magazine will attract them because it will not be like noother.
  2. 2. Key Concepts ResearchRepresentationRepresentation is the way a magazine will represent itself using imagery, colour, text, context etc…There are different styles and genres of magazines which can also be known as the “Mode of Address”. Magazines are usually aimed at either men and women so the way you represent the magazine can be importantdepending on the genre, for example if your film magazine was aimed at females you would use quite bright colours and on the front cover you would usually find chick flicks and romcom’s. Whereas a magazine for amale you would find quite masculine colours and screen shots from an action film. You would also have to choose a particular age range that has suitable contents because if your film was aimed at females agedbetween 12 and 16 you would include films which have age ratings 12 or 15 as films rated with a higher age certificate would be unsuitable.Codes and ConventionsThe conventions are what you would expect to find on and inside the magazine, the codes are the reasons why you would use bold text or, a simple picture. In your typical film magazine you would find;A masthead – This would be bold and quite large near the top of the page to catch the audience’s eye, it would be a lot bigger than the rest of the text on the page such as the sell lines. This would most likely be inquite a bright colour which fits in with the genre of the film they are advertising during that issue release.Sell Lines – The sell lines are short sentences which sells what is found inside the magazine, they are normally placed around the edge of the page so they don’t detract too much attention from the main image. Thesell lines usually are varied trying to attract a wider target audience, even if the main article does not attract some people there may be some other articles inside that they may be interested in.Price – The price would usually be somewhere tucked away in a corner if quite a small font, it would most likely be smaller if it more expensive. The price depends on what main social class group you have chosen foryour magazine, if you have chosen the ABC1 social grade it will be more expensive than the C2DE social grade which would probably be approximately £2.Main Image – The main image will usually take up the whole page, it usually contains the main character(s) from a movie, someone popular that everyone knows and loves. They are usually in a striking pose which willcatch the readers attention when its on the shelf. It usually shows the poster of a film or screenshots from an important scene from a brand new blockbuster movie.Release Date – You will find that the cheaper the magazine, the faster it will be released, if its about £1-£2 it will most commonly be released every week or fortnight, but your more expensive magazines, such as filmmagazines are a lot more expensive so you would expect them to be released approximately every month.New Media – Most magazines have Twitter and Facebook accounts that they would display on the front cover or on the contents page, this is good advertising for the film because a lot of people use social networkingsights now so it is easier to interact with the audience.Contents Layout and Features– The contents page will usually be found in sections why contain articles or interviews that relate to each other. There will be a place for film reviews, articles and a place for articles andthings that are in the magazines every issue. It will also include screenshots and quotes from some of the main articles featuring in the magazine.Main Article – The main article usually contains an interview with one of the main stars of the blockbuster movie advertised on the front page. It will usually use quite a laid back style of language, because they arerecalling a conversation with another person, so they may not speak formally. It will usually have clips from the main scenes in the movie and also will show the actor/actress as themselves too. There will most likelyfeature a short synopsis on the film and some short but interesting facts about the movie.AudienceWhen making a magazine publishers thing about who they want to target their magazines at. They think about the genre of the film and who it will suit best, they would think about;• What films should they advertise that suits their chosen target audience?• What social grade should they target? ABC1? C2DE?• What price should they sell it at, according to the social grade chosen?• What age range should they target?Social Grades are the way in which publishers and makers of the magazine choose on who to target their magazine at, ABC1 are usually middle class citizens of society who earn a fair amount of money, whenmagazine publishers choose this as their chosen social grade they would decide that the price of the magazine is much higher than if they were to choose C2DE, which is lower and working class citizens who earn lessmoney so the price of the money is a lot lower.Why do people read magazines?People usually read magazines because they get information or are entertained by what is in the magazine. It has been said that there are 4 main reasons why we read magazines, also known as the Uses andGratifications Theory. The four main reasons are:• Information – The magazine provides us with useful information, we can extract information from the news, films and TV shows too.• Entertainment – Reading magazines that entertain us can get rid of any pressure in our everyday life just by having a laugh.• Personal Identity – We usually watch or read things because we can relate to these things easily, they mean something to you.• Personal Relationships – They can help with conversational purposes to build relationships with others and make friends.The Uses and Gratifications Theory can affect what we read, watch and buy.
  3. 3. (…cont)Key Concepts ResearchInstitutionThe institution of a magazine is the publishers who produce the magazine. The magazines get their revenue that they make from the advertisements from inside the magazine and the selling of the actual magazine.Here are some examples of magazine institutions:IPC MediaIPC Media was formally known as International Publishing Corporation, It is one of the largest publishingcompanies in the United Kingdom producing over 350 million copies every year. The magazinecorporation was discovered in 1958. There are three main genres of magazines, IPC Inspire are magazineswhich is a wealth and leisure brand which publishes magazines such as Country Life and Horse andHound. There is also the mass market’s woman’s division, IPC Connect which includes a large range offavourite women’s weekly magazine’s such as Look, Now, Chat and Woman and also some televisionguides such as What’s on TV. The final one is the Upmarket women’s division market called IPCSouthbank, which is made up of luxury fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and InStyles. It alsoconsists of lifestyle magazines such as woman&home and Ideal Home. There website gets 20 millionviewers every month and reaches out to two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men and they have atotal of 92 magazines based in the UK today. In 2007 it was proven that IPC Media takes up 29.5% of theUK Market. In 2007 the UK spent £2 billion pounds on magazines alone. IPC Media set themselves atarget of earning £825 million from advertising in 2007, it is possible that they have achieved this targetseeing as they are such a big publishing company.Bauer MediaBauer Media has over 80 influential media brands, which appeal to many different types ofpeople. They publish magazines such as Heat Grazia and Empire. The magazine reaches out toover 19 million UK adults. They also own many radio stations such as Kiss 100 and Magic FM.The company was founded in 1875 in Germany and their brands can be found in 15 countriesworldwide. It has 6400 employees and in 2010 they had a revenue of 2.129 billion Euros. In1990 Bauer produced a magazine that is very popular today called Take a Break. There are fivebrands of magazines called women’s including magazines such as closer, heat, grazia, pop, andMORE!, women’s specialist including magazines such as Mother and baby and YOURS, men’slifestyle including magazines such as arena homme+, entertainment and music which includesmagazines such as Empire and KERRANG! and specialist magazines such as Match and GolfWorld.Names Ideas/Masthead DesignsFILMFANATICSPRESSPLAYFILMS FOR YOUFILMTALKFLASHSPOTLIGHTTRAILERName IdeasFILMFIRST
  4. 4. MastheadEmpire is the masthead of a filmmagazine. It is big, bold and bright redwhich has connotations of danger.They have made the masthead standout because they want it to attractbuyers.ColoursThe colours used ‘black, blue and white (mostly)’ haveconnotations of masculinity which I think is the targetaudience of the film magazine.Cover ImageThe cover image shows a picture ofwolverine himself, he is wearing a tanktop to show off his muscles because theywant to show that he is masculine and hasconnotations of him being ready to fight.The colours of his clothing contradict eachother, the tank top is white which couldhave connotations of purity, this couldshow that he is the hero of the film.Whilst the dark trousers connotate theother side of his personality, that he maybe a hero but he also has a dark side tohim. He has harsh facial expressionswhich show that he is fearless and helooks very domineering which means hewants to be in control. He has blades onhis fingers which has connotations ofdanger and war. The photo is a low angleshot which shows that he is has a lot ofpower with in the film because they arelooking up towards him. The cover imageis in front of the masthead because theyare saying that this article is moreimportant.Sell LineThe sell lines are used to showthe audience what is inside themagazine. They are all in capitalletters so that they captivate theaudiences eye. If they are notinterested in the main story thenthey may want to read about theother smaller stories. X-MEN isin the biggest and boldestwriting because it is the mainarticle in the magazine. At thetop it says ‘WOLVERINE HASRETURNED FOR…’ Thisconnotates that Wolverine hasreturned just for Empiremagazine.The Barcode is on the front cover so theaudience can buy the magazine.Main Sell LineThe main sell line on this frontcover is ‘X-MEN ORIGINS ON SETWORLD EXCLUSIVE, REVIEW OFTHE YEAR’ this is telling theaudience of this magazine thatthis is the best magazine, andyou won’t find one like itanywhere else.’ They have madethe main sell line a lot bolderand brighter than the other selllines to attract the readers, evenif they are not the stereotypicalreaders of this magazine, it couldcaptivate other readers, which issignificant if the publisherswanted to attract a wider targetaudience.Price and Issue NumberThe price of this magazine is £3.99 and is a monthlyreleased magazine, the price is very small on the page, Ibelieve that the social grades for this magazine is A-C1and that individuals with a higher paying job will buy thismagazineFront Cover Analysis
  5. 5. Contents AnalysisArticle PreviewThe article preview is used to showthe reader a preview of what toexpect of some of the main articlesthat will appear in the magazine.There are usually page numbers nearthese articles so you are able to flickstraight to the page it features on.FeaturesThe featuressection of thecontents pagecontains a list ofthe articles andimages that willbe featuring in themagazine that youmay not haveseen before. Italso lets thereader go straightto the page thatthey may findmostinteresting, making it a whole loteasier for thereader to find theright page. Mostof the featuringarticles will link tothe images thatare shown in thecentre of thecontents page.Cover FeatureThe cover feature is the article that stands out the most on the page. In this case, thecover feature for this magazine is the article about the Oscars. Commonly, there wouldbe a big picture with this, but where the Oscars is an extremely iconic awardsceremony, it does not need an image because reading the title you will initially link itto the awards show.SubheadingsThe subheading are used to tellthe reader what is in themagazine, usually the subheadingsmay not have a lot to do with thearticle but once you have read thebrief sentence underneath thatwill introduce you to what thearticle is all about.ReviewsThe reviews section ofthe magazine is anumber of reviewsabout the latest filmsthat have been releasedon DVD and in Cinema.Usually they are wellknown films that havebeen advertised well.Text/Colour SchemeUsually the colours in the contents page have to be morelegible than attractive so that it is easy for the reader to readthe contents page, The front cover has attracted thereader, the font has to be simple and easy to read too.RegularsThe regulars sectionshows the regularfeatures and articles inthe magazine so thatfrequent readers can gostraight to the articlesthat they may also comeback to the regulararticles they like.DateThe date is very small at thebottom of the page becauseits not that important, youcan tell the year because itsthe 2009 Oscars.
  6. 6. Double Page Spread AnalysisMain ImageThe main image takes upthe top two halves of thedouble page spread, Thefirst picture shows tensionby body language andfacial expressions, thereseems that their maybe anargument, this will makereaders interested and sowill want to read thearticles. The second imageshows the main characterfull of anger, this image is along shot and you can seethat he is raged with angerbecause of his bodylanguage and posture andfacial expressions.TextThe text has to be quitebasic and legible so that itis easy for the targetaudience to read. Thewriting would most likelybe in black or a dark colourso that it counteracts withthe light background andstands out.Pull QuoteThe pull quote is an interesting, memorable or important line from article or a linethat the main character has said in the movie. Pull quotes are used to grab thereaders attention, to encourage them to read the article to find out what contextthe quote was used in. It is usually written in a different font or a different colourso that it stands out and grabs the readers attention.Film BriefingThe briefing is just a short, brief synopsis on some of the main facts of themovie, this briefing includes information on when it is to be released, whodirected the film, who starred in the movie and whether there will be a prequel ora spin off to the film.Colour SchemesThe colour schemesusually have a link tothe genre of themovie and the maintarget audience of thefilm. You can tell bythe colours used thatthey are trying toattract males, but itsnot a bright blue somaybe men of oldergenerations. Thepictures have quitedull grey colourswhich I would expectto see in sci-fi oraction films. Thecolours allcompliment eachother well.Main ArticleThe main article has abasic font and thestart of a newparagraph they use adark blue font, anduse capital letters toshow that they havestarted talking about anew topic.
  7. 7. Design SketchesFront Cover Contents Double PageSpread
  8. 8. Sell Lines Contents IdeasBehind the scenes of The Hunger Games At the OscarsFind out who won what at the OscarsWin a trip to New York for two Preview of New Horror NightmareGet the inside scoop on the brand new blockbuster horror movie of the year!Top 10 best and worst horror movies The LATEST blockbuster reviewsFind out what our film critics really think of the latest blockbuster movies thatare on your screen today!The latest blockbuster movies on the big screen Get to know the actors of NightmareFind out who’s who and what they are really like in the new Horror movieTerreur/NightmareInterview with up and coming actress Mary Medrana MarieTalk to up and coming actress Mary Medrana about her latest role in brand newhorror filmWhat happened at the Oscars Do you know your films?Answer the latest set of questions on the latest and up and coming moviesand the actors in themMega Reviews Inside of latest Blockbuster Films Horrors Oldest and GreatestFind out what we think are the oldest and greatest horror movies of the pastfew decadesHorror Special – Oldest and Greatest Inside: The Hunger GamesRead the latest review and find out about the latest blockbuster movie that isin the Box Office TOP TENDo you know your Films? REVEALWe will be revealing all about the latest actors that will be hitting your screenvery soonThe films of 2012 The Films of 2012Find out all about what we think are the best films of the year so farWin a trip to The Nightmare Premiere in LA THIS MEANS WARFind out all the gossip behind action movie THIS MEANS WAR which wasreleased in the UK on the 2nd March this yearComing soon to a cinema near you 21 Jump StreetFind out about the latest release that has been reviewed as ‘Fast and Funny’
  9. 9. Article DraftFilm First has been able to get an exclusive interview with Mary Medrana as she isjust about to release her latest movie, Terreur/nightmare. The actress plays themain character ‘Marie’ who suffers from multiple personality disorder.So Mary, what has your new film, Nightmare been like to film, have you enjoyedplaying Marie?Yes its been an amazing experience, I’ve never been in a horror movie before so Ihave enjoyed playing something new. The crew was amazing and the storyline wasjust incredible, it was a challenge for me but I was definitely up for it! I woulddefinitely be in a horror movie again!When did you first hear about the part and what did you first think of it?Well I first heard about the film a couple of years ago, and initially I was going toaudition for Marie’s adopted sister Rose, but when they offered me the role I wasso excited, I really wasn’t expecting it. On my first day at the set I was extremelynervous as I had never been in a horror film before, but once I got into it, it was justone of the best experiences.Lets go back a few years, when did you first discover your love for acting?Well it was when I went to a school of performing arts in New York, I think I wasabout 8? But everyone was very charismatic and welcoming and that just made meenjoy it even more! I’ve always liked performing in front of people, ever since I wasa little girl me and my younger sister would make up little plays and perform themto our family after Sunday Lunch, and they just encouraged me to follow mydreams, so I did.When were you discovered as an actress?Well I was about 14 or 15 years old, and I was the main character in a schoolplay, and as there were always talent scouts around the school I was spottedthen, they said I had star potential and that they had the perfect career lined outfor me, I was over the moon and it all just went up from there!How did you find school, was it good for you?School wasn’t really my strong point, I wasn’t great at writing things and I neverwas great academically, I was better at the more active side of things. I took Dramaat GCSE and loved it, I also took PE and passed with flying colours, but when it camedown to the written side of things it wasn’t as good (laughs) I didn’t carry on to domy A-Levels at school, I just wanted to act, it was a passion of mine!When was your first main role in a movie?Well I think I was about 19 years old and they asked me to star in a new film called ItGirl and I played the main character in that, it was such an amazing experience. ChickFlicks were kinda like my genre of film, so I was quite shocked when my agents and thecompany who work for me asked if I wanted to be in this new horror film, they said thatas I had not been in a horror film go for a part that wasn’t as big, so we were allextremely shocked when they asked if I wanted to play Marie, obviously I was gonnasay yes because it just sounded like it was gonna be a LOT of fun!Lets get back to the film, did it take you a while to get used to the genre of horror?It didn’t take me as long as I thought to be honest, the first couple of weeks were quitedifficult, but its actually quite easy to get used to, they said I was a great actor andthat’s really when I started to come out of my shell, I would definitely do anotherhorror film again sometime in the near future. I loved the makeup and costumes andjust the whole feel of the film, once those first couple of tough weeks were over, it wasdefinitely a great experience.You struggled quite a lot when it came to the media, they weren’t always that nice toyou were they?The media definitely crushed me at first, but that’s one of the things you have to getused to when being in the public eye. They didn’t say anything too bad, but they wouldalways pick at what I would wear, or what I was like in my films, and I struggled quite alot with it. I had been bullied at school when I was younger and I just felt like I wasgoing through it all over again, so I became an ambassador of an anti-bullying charity.Do you get on well with your co-actors and all of the crew?Everyone is just so lovely, and we all get on really well! I do not know everyoneparticularly well, but if anyone was to walk past another we would all say hello to eachother which I think is good because everyone has to work in a positive environmentwherever you work. I got really close with the actress who plays the role I originallywent out for, on our breaks we go out for coffee and where we spend so much timetogether we literally are inseparable!I’ve heard the film has been nominated for 4 Oscars altogether, including bestactress, actor and director! That’s a great achievement, how do you feel about this?(blush) I know I am proud of everyone, we have all worked SO hard, I cant wait to hearthe outcome. I think that everyone deserves the awards they have gone up for becausethey are just such bright and talented people.
  10. 10. Target AudienceThe target audience for my magazine is young adults who are interested in the latest movie releases and are interested in looking atreviews and interviews about these new films. The primary target audience (who the magazine will be targeted at mainly) will be menor women aged 18 – 24 who like blockbuster movies and are interested in finding out about the actors in the film and what the filmsare about and what they are like and who visit the cinema regularly and enjoy to watch these films. The social grade I will be aimingmy magazine at will be people who fall into the B – C social bracket. This is because they will have some a small amount of disposalincome, enough for them to buy the odd magazine and DVD every couple of weeks, the language used in the magazine will not be tooinformal either but will be enjoyable and interesting for the reader. My magazine will be aimed at people who fall into themainstreamers psychographics group primarily because they make up to 40% of the consumers. I have chosen this group becausethey will like to stick to the well known brands and don’t like to stand out of the crowd too much, I will also be aiming the magazine atindividualists, they are harder to appeal too but its good to have a challenge and it will be different to your ordinary film magazine. Iwill be following and applying the Uses and Gratifications Theory to the audience which says that there are four main aspects to whythe media is important to the media, these are the four main reasons as to why the audience will want to read the magazine:Information, Entertainment, Personal Identity and Personal Relationship. The readers of my magazine can use the magazine to gainentertainment from the magazine by reading about the latest blockbuster releases and latest reviews and interviews, it will also givethem a chance to escape from any stress involved in their lives. They can also improve personal relationships because it gives them atopic of conversation.Cassie is a 21 year old University Student who comes from quite a wealthy background, her family sent her offto university paying for her student fees so she has a fair amount of disposable income. She buys the filmmagazine for entertainment purposes and to improve personal relationships. She buys the magazine once amonth. Cassie is an individualist and likes to try new things, she has been reading the magazine forapproximately 4 months and is thoroughly enjoying it. In her spare time, Cassie enjoys going to the cinema toview varied genres of movies with her friends and has always loved movies since she was a little girl. She hasnever found the right film magazine for her but since she has found Film First, her criteria for a good filmmagazine has been filled.