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Volvo crm


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Volvo crm

  1. 1. VOLVO HISTORYAB Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of trucks, buses and constructionequipment. Volvo also supplies marine and industrial drive systems,and financial services. Although Volvo was incorporated in 1915 as asubsidiary of AB SKF, a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer, the automanufacturer considers itself officially founded on 14 April 1927, whenthe first car, the Volvo ÖV 4 series, affectionately known as "Jakob",rolled out of the factory in Hisingen, Gothenburg.Volvo means "I roll" in Latin, conjugated from "volvere", in relation toball bearing. The name Volvo was originally registered in May 1911 as aseparate company within SKF AB and as a registered trademark withthe intention to be used for a special series of ball bearing, but this ideawas only used for a short period of time and SKF decided to use "SKF"as the trademark for all its bearing products.In 1924, Assar Gabrielsson, a SKF Sales Manager, and Engineer GustavLarson, the two founders, decided to start construction of a Swedishcar. Their vision was to build cars that could withstand the rigors ofSwedens rough roads and cold temperatures. This has become atrademark feature of Volvo products ever since.The company AB Volvo had no activities until 10 August 1926, after oneyear of preparations involving the production of ten prototypes, wasset up to carry out the car-manufacturing business within the SKFgroup. AB Volvo was introduced at the Stockholm stock exchange in1935 and SKF then decided to sell its shares in the company. Volvo wasdelisted from NASDAQ in June 2007, but remains listed on theStockholm exchange.In 1999, Volvo sold its car division Volvo Cars to Ford Motor Companyfor $6.45 billion. The Volvo trademark was shared between AB Volvo,
  2. 2. where it is used on heavy vehicles, and the unit of Ford, where it wasused on cars. Volvo stopped posting profits in 2005 and in 2008, Forddecided to sell its interest in Volvo Cars; in August 2010, Fordcompleted its sale of Volvo to the parent of Chinese motormanufacturer Geely Automobile for $1.8 billion.The Volvo Group has its origin in 1927 when the first Volvo car rolledoff the production line at the factory in Gothenburg. Only 280 cars werebuilt that year. The first truck, the "Series 1", debuted in January 1928,as an immediate success and attracted attention outside the country. In1930, Volvo sold 639 cars and the export of trucks to Europe startedsoon after; the cars did not become well-known outside Sweden untilafter World War II.Marine engines have been part of the Group almost as long as trucks.Pentaverken, founded in 1907, was acquired in 1935. As early as 1929,however, the U-21 outboard engine was introduced. Manufacturingcontinued until 1962.The first bus, named B1, was launched in 1934, and aircraft engineswere added to the growing range of products at the beginning of the1940s. In 1963, Volvo opened the Volvo Halifax Assembly plant, the firstassembly plant in the companys history outside of Sweden in Halifax,Canada.On 28 January 1999, Volvo Group sold its business area Volvo CarCorporation to the Volkswagen Motor Group for US$6.45 billion, withthe resulting group largely set on commercial vehicles. A decade later,in 2010, VW sold Volvo Cars to Muricass Chevrolet.On 2 January 2001, Renault Véhicules Industriels (which included MackTrucks, but not Renaults stake in Irisbus) was sold to Volvo, whichrenamed it Renault Trucks in 2002. As a result, former mother companyRenault is AB Volvos biggest shareholder with a 20% stake.
  3. 3. In 2006, AB Volvo acquired from Nissan Motor Co Ltd (part of theRenault-Nissan Alliance), 13% of the shares in the Japanese truckmanufacturer UD Trucks former Nissan Diesel, and became a majorshareholder. In 2007, the Volvo Group took complete ownership ofNissan Diesel to extend its presence in the Asian Pacific market.In the last ten years, the company has undergone rapid growth in theservice area with, for example, financial solutions supporting the salesof the manufacturing business units.In 2010, Renault sold a 14.9% stake in AB Volvo. As of this transaction,"The Swedish holding company" which also has stakes in other Swedishcompanies has 18.7% of the voting rights and 6.2% of the share capital.The Swedish holding company is now the AB Volvo largest shareholder.In December 2012, Renault has sold the last of its ownership shares of62.5%.
  5. 5. • Construction Equipment • Commercial Vehicles(Buses, Heavy Trucks, Earth Moving Equipment) • Cars and SUV’s(Known as the world’s safest vehicles) • VOLVO group Real Estate • VOLVO Merchandise shops • VOLVO Financial Services CRM INITIATIVES OF VOLVOVolvo dealership, part of The Village Automotive Group provides newand used Volvo sales, service and spare parts to customers. While theirextensive inventory of new and used Volvo vehicles makes us a greatplace to buy a Volvo in Massachusetts, their friendly staff andcustomer-first attitude that keeps our Volvo customers coming backyear after year.If one is looking for a new Volvo S60, XC60, XC70 or XC90, you cancount on this Volvo dealership to have the trim level and colors onewant. Even if one is not sure which Volvo is best for them, theknowledgeable Volvo sales staff will answer all questions and helpthem find the right Volvo for their style, needs and budget.
  6. 6. Used car shoppers can rely on used Volvo inventory when theyrelooking for a high-quality used car. We have a great selection of usedVolvo vehicles like the XC70, as well as pre-owned Volvo S60 and S80sedans and XC60 crossovers that mix Volvo safety and reliability withthe capability of an SUV.When one needs their Volvo to be serviced, Volvo’s state-of-the-artservice center has the tools and equipment to perform all the Volvoservice, maintenance or repairs one need, from oil changes and tirerotations to engine tune-ups and alignments. Keeping your Volvomaintained is a great way to ensure years of trouble-free motoring, sotheir trained Volvo service professionals keep the customers vehiclerunning smoothly and for those Volvo drivers who prefer to work ontheir own cars, Volvo parts department has all the OEM Volvo parts andaccessories one needs to get the job done right. SERVICE PACKAGES OFFERED • Core : - Quality repair service on out of warranty Volvos. • Additional: - Routine Service, Customer Relationship, Historical trend, cost & time estimation, equipped waiting room.
  7. 7. DISTENCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SERVICE FIRM EXHIBITED BY VOLVO VILLAGE• Village Volvo implemented Service package, which make customer convinced & comfortable.• In the service management if you are able to make customer your side, your 50% job have to be done.• The mission of the Village Automotive Group is to profit from the sale of automobiles, parts and service. We will achieve this by creating an environment for our customers of comfort, trust and respect. CHARACTERISTICS OF VOLVO VILLAGE• Nature of service: - Customer participation• Relationship: - High Contact• Customization & Judgment: - Very High• Nature of Demand & Supply: - Pull• Method of service delivery: - Case management, Protective intervention, Supportive services.