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Is base camp’s dominance for project management threatened


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Is base camp’s dominance for project management threatened

  1. 1. Is Base camp’s dominance for projectmanagement threatened?Basecamp is an online project collaboration tool developed by 37Signals and launched in theyear 2004. This project management (PM) software supports multiple languages. When it wasfirst introduced in the market, Basecamp was a dominant collaboration tool available to the Web-savvy community. This project management tool can be used by small businesses, individuals ororganizations with the staff strength of 5000. Basecamp allows you to signup for a 30 day trial, a“free” plan. However, you will not be able to get a fully functional demo or experience ofBasecamp. If you want to experience the full feel of this PM tool, then it would be better if youregister for a higher-level plan which will require your credit card information.There are mixed reviews regarding the Basecamp Software. Many of the users state thatBasecamp is more of an online “Project” collaboration tool. This is what, Thomas Vander Wal,columnist at KM World, tells us about Basecamp: “Working with teams who have used wiki inthe past makes Basecamp frustration much higher. Projects planning and tracking of inter-relatedproject components is really poor, if non-existent. Complex projects with many dependenciesand modifications are near impossible to handle in Basecamp…There are many tools anddistributed services that are similar to Basecamp that are easier to use, enable ease of working(collectively and collaboratively), and are actual work spaces with much better tracking.”Remember, not all small businesses work by projects.Basecamp’s CompetitorsToday, there are many PM management tools that offer 30-day free trials. They also includeinsights into the know-how of a Project Management.© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Apptivo’s Project Management Apps – This online project management tool is free. When yousign up, there are no credit card necessary or hidden fees to worry about. Along with this projectsapp, you have access to forty plus applications such as timesheets and invoices. Apptivo’s PMtool allows you to collaborate with your remote team. This tool offers pre-defined templates aswell as the ability to see all the projects on one platform. If you are handling multiple projects,then this application is for you.Clarizen’s Work and Project Management – This is a prominent collaborative projectmanagement tool used by more than 1000 organizations. Clarizen has introduced the software foriPhone’s and is available in the Apple App store. Clarizen’s project management app allows youto manage and monitor projects and resources on a single platform. This software is easy to useand up-to-date. Though it offers a 30-day free trial period, you have to pay $24.95/monthfollowing. It is integrates with Google Doc, MS Outlook, Zendesk and more.AtTask Project and Work Management Software – This is a wonderful software which givesan entire picture of the on-going projects. The features of this software help team membersorganize their work and manage their time efficiently. AtTask allows the project managers to© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. assess the status of the current and potential projects; financial planning; and validate andexecute those projects that are of greater importance. Some of its features include taskmanagement, help desk and work management. This software is integrated with Salesforce .comand Microsoft Outlook. It offers a free trial and has four types of licenses (Full user, View Only,Team Member and Requester) and is priced accordingly.Mavenlink Project Management- This product is a cloud-based collaboration and projectmanagement suite. Project Tracker, a feature which allows you to organize and monitor theproject from the onset to the finish with ease, is a great tool to try out. Another notable feature isthat events and messages are integrated into your email system and by using either your laptop,desktop or mobile, you are able to review your emails and messages. Mavelink dashboard storesall your project related activities, tasks, and financial projections. It has all the features of what agood SaaS PM app requires. This cloud-based software is integrated with Google Apps. Thebasic plan is free, but the premium plans start at $39/month with a one month free trial.HyperOffice Online Business Collaboration – This management tool has an amazing set ofessential tools that growing small businesses require for collaboration, project management, andcommunication. This online software can be accessed using any kind of browser on a laptop,desktop or mobile device. HyperOffice offers a 30-day free trial period and licensing for a singleuser. Pricing starts at $44.99 a month for five users with a $49.99 setup fee.© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Apptivo Project Management Apps stands out as the true successor of Basecamp, especially forsmall businesses. With its range of superior features and entrepreneur friendly interface, itsurpasses the competition and makes it the most suitable for use.Which project management software are you using?© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.