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Copy of 5 saa s project management secrets revealed


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Copy of 5 saa s project management secrets revealed

  1. 1. 5 SaaS Project Management Secrets Revealed1. Even though SaaS project management has been vogue for several years, it seems manycompanies are still unaware of the powerful tool that is here. Those companies who takeadvantage of SaaS project management software gained a significant edge over theircompetition. Not only did they acquire top of the line software at a minimal cost, they enjoyedreduced operating costs, and increased profits. It’s clear that information and communicationtechnologies continue to propel businesses ahead of their competition on a global scale. Acompany that does its project management comparison in order to invest in the right SaaSsoftware for its company is generally light years ahead of other similar companies who have notinvested in technology.2. One great thing about SaaS project management software is that is usually uses Web 2.0functionality, which makes it highly interactive and it even opens up the possibility of interactionfrom customer to customer. This also allows for interconnectivity with other users creating astrong community of individuals that are involved. An end user can customize the software tomeet his/her personal preferences yet never interfere with the customization of others. At thesame time, that customized setting can be shared with others. The use of Web 2.0 also reducesthe developer’s costs and they can keep an eye on popular customizations, which can later beused in upgrades.3. SaaS project management software technology is some of the best to be developed as a resultof internet technology. Service providers use hypertext transfer protocol to distribute computerSaaS suites to the end user. This means that the end user requires only a computer, browser, andan internet connection that’s reliable to take advantage of a SaaS project management program as© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. well as other programs offered in the same manner. While these services can be offered for free,most times there is a monthly fee associated with these applications.4. Many consulting companies have recognized the power that a properly integrated SaaSsoftware application could have for their business. Those companies that are visionary when itcomes to technology have found the SaaS platform exactly what they are looking for. However,there is also an awareness that necessary knowledge to better understand what SaaS has to offerbeyond the common functionality can be a bit of a challenge. Watch for SaaS directories, whichwill unlock the full potential of integrating with other applications.5.The movement of software-as-a-service (SaaS) is here. The benefits of the SaaS approach arenumerous especially for small to midsized organizations, who now have access to powerfultechnologies, and they must make only a minimal financial commitment. This has opened upproductivity channels and made smaller companies more competitive. The rules that applied foron premise software, no longer with the the vendor-customer relationship because SaaS isessentially different. With on premise software the vendor sells the software and that ends therelationship, but with the SaaS, the relationship begins with the sale.© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved.