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Can a project management toolkit benefit your business


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Can a project management toolkit benefit your business

  1. 1. Can a Project Management Toolkit BenefitYour BusinessProject management involves planning, organizing, managing, and collaborating resources totake a project from start to a successful completion. The challenge is to achieve the goals andobjectives of the project while at the same time staying within the constraints of the project,which include being on time and on budget. The challenge of allocating resources can besignificantly improved by utilizing project management software.A project management toolkit can benefit your business by offering you a blueprint to successfulproject completion. It’s a collection of the best project management techniques presented in aformat that’s easy to understand and follow. A project management toolkit will provide youguidance on: Communication and technology Cost estimating and budgeting Individual and team goals Decision making processes Negotiations process Quality assurance Risk assessment Risk management Scheduling Time management And more…© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Your project management toolkit is built on established principals and techniques with a proventrack record. Many project managers rely on the use of a project management toolkit. A greatdeal of time focuses on the general processes, which covers the topic mentioned above.Generally, a standardized format is used to make it easy to follow the information provided inyour project management toolkit.The goal of the project management toolkit is to provide a framework that makes it easy tounderstand all of the concepts. The toolkit should involve a clear methodology for the projectfrom start to finishing with sufficient control points.The project management toolkit can also provide you with insight as to what other projectmanagers are doing to increase the production of their team. It can provide useful information onhow to increase productivity and how to reduce the costs associated with production. It’scommon for a project management toolkit to include resource management best practices.Other processes that may be incorporated into the project management toolkit include: Estimating Cost at Completion Estimating Time at Completion Risk Log Maintenance Issue Log Maintenance Transfer Control of the Product to the UsersDifferent projects have different infrastructure needs. Some projects have only a handful ofworkers while others will involve dozens of workers. Some projects have a short time line whileothers might cover years. The same applies to budgets, which can be small or enormous. Theproject management toolkit can benefit your business because it is designed to apply to everyproject management scenario.© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved
  3. 3. There are a number of project management toolkits available. It’s a good idea to have an idea ofwhat the toolkit will include. These toolkits are available for download online and the costsassociated with the toolkit vary, although many times its free.Successful project management is vital to your business, which is driven by global competitionand demands, rapid technology growth, and a more rapid arrival to market. Your projectmanagement toolkit is designed to help you transition through the various stages to completionof any given number of projects.© 2011 SaaS Project management Inc. All rights reserved