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SparxUp Awards 2010


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Indonesia's biggest Startup event held by, Semut Api Colony and

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SparxUp Awards 2010

  1. 1. adadiskon recehan tiketdomestik pasaronderdil Urbanesia obengware kulacak forexoval Kayakarya kartunama krazymarket ogahrugi tolongin bundagaul juale bukalapak lnfokost papataka Tokopedia pernikmuslim gravira jagoanhosting rautan docuu nulisbuku rumahmaen lintasberita pantaumaya lesehan blanjaa filmoo fanesia
  2. 2. Start Up Web and WAP Competition Organized by:
  3. 3. agenda Background About SparX Up Awards Programs Progress Contact
  4. 4. background Indonesian internet user-base is huge, opening vast opportunity for local web startups to innovate and provide services and solution The webpreneur community in Indonesia is scattered They haven’t received a proper exposure and appreciation from society
  5. 5. Facebook user Source: for 08/22/2010
  6. 6. Twitter user Source: Sycomos’ report, comScore’s estimate and Fred Wilson’s Twitter ecosystem/
  7. 7. facts 27 million users on Facebook more than 5 million user on twitter estimated 33 million active internet user in 2010 587k on Blogspot, 143k on Wordpress (bloggers) 48 % growth in online usage in Southeast Asia over 80 local startups founded at 2009
  8. 8. related events Bubu Awards • an award for digital advertising companies and tech-companies focusing on web design, development and online campaign. INAICTA • an award for people doing business in the creative industry related to technology and telecommunication. Only small portion comes from web and online business. Telkom Indigo • an award for entrepreneurs working around small creative industry. Small portion for web startups, and somewhat no exposure given.
  9. 9. • Your subtopics go here SparX Up Awards
  10. 10.
  11. 11. juries
  12. 12. Yearly awards for best start up website in Indonesia
  13. 13. • Your subtopics go here Where to Go
  14. 14. objectives Motivate start-up webpreneur to improve and make themselves better Encourage and help to grow the digital economy of Indonesia and new startup digital To create a community for digital start up People
  15. 15. • Your subtopics go here Who is our Target Audience
  16. 16. Entertainment, make this to be something fun! Netizen Collaboration, Let me help your product or service to be better
  17. 17. • Your subtopics go here How
  18. 18. Winner Announcement Finalist Selection Participant Registration Hunting & Referral Invitation Program Announcement
  19. 19. participant criterias Criteria: Not operating Generating (have min. 2 under any Operating <3 Have <20 revenue <1 condition from big brand years employees billion IDR these 3) /corporate per year
  20. 20. award categories Best Social Networking Site Best Use of Best WAP Technology Best Mobile Best e- Apps Commerce Best Best Portal Games Best User Generated Content
  21. 21. winner criteria Future Plan Concept Expandability Uniqueness
  22. 22. the winners Target to 300 estimate participants and 21 Juries 3 winners for each category (24 winners) 1 (one) ultimate winner, best of the best, will be The Best Rising Star 2010 1 (one) Most Promising Startup 2010 All winners from all categories will get a winner badge, recognition (PR) and trophy.
  23. 23. Winner Benefits SparX Up Awards (Best Start Up & Most Promising) Cash amount: IDR 200 mio Couching Publishing Bizpark Program from Microsoft Software Value: up to USD 500,000 Google adwords adwords Credit: USD 27,500
  24. 24. programs Publication PR Press Conference Blogger Gathering Roadshow Seminar workshop Mentoring Event Roadshow Seminar Participant Community gathering pitching Social Media Community Official Website Awarding Night forum Pre Event Event Post Event July-October November December-June
  25. 25. exposure Kaskus.US SparX Up Community Bloggers Gathering Digital Marketing Exposure Event & Marketeers Seminars Magazine Press Release ADOI Google IDS Yahoo
  26. 26. • Your subtopics go here Who support us
  27. 27. Adoi IDS Invictus BCA Marketeers Chip Google Kartunama Notsogeeky Urbanesia Kaskus Okezone navinoT Teknopreneur Teknojurnal Webicara Temanmacet mediaide Yahoo Kapanlagi Microsoft
  28. 28. Thank You
  29. 29. awarding night • Date : November 5 & 6, 2010 • Time : 10:00 – 22:00 • Program : – Sponsor Booth – Press Conference – Seminar – Talkshow about webpreneur (Guest speaker: Kaskus, Kompas & IDS representative) – Finalist Exhibition – Jury’s comment – Winner Announcement – Entertainment: Saykoji and Nindy – Closing