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Product kit ds advanced


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Product kit ds advanced

  1. 1. DailySocial Product kitWednesday, December 28, 11
  2. 2.   “Information is the most valuable commodity in the world today and this business is about giving people access to information that is relevant to their lives.” – James Murdoch  ”If you want engagement, make a more engaging ad” – Erwin EphronWednesday, December 28, 11
  3. 3. Content is a new king of Internet Dsresearch 20 Indonesia top sites, Oct 2011Wednesday, December 28, 11
  4. 4. DailySocial has become A primary source for tech companies, tech startups and investors in Indonesia.   Executives, Startup founders, Tech investors and developers in technology industry reads dailysocial as main reference.Wednesday, December 28, 11
  5. 5. Partners: Publications:Wednesday, December 28, 11
  6. 6. DailySocial Media dailysocial in English asia tech news dailysocial job board aggregator quotes, comments, remarks, dailysocial in videos gossip and tidbits around tech startup industry Click on icons for more detailsWednesday, December 28, 11
  7. 7. Prestigious Achievements Finalist: Become the best Tech blog:Wednesday, December 28, 11
  8. 8. Dailysocial presence on tech industry First tech startup awards event in Indonesia The largest social media offline event in Asia with 44,000 visitors (3 days) Click on icons for more detailsWednesday, December 28, 11
  9. 9. Founded in 2008, Dailysocial aims to be the most comprehensive, trusted & integrated tech media DailySocial is the perfect niche media to reach tech savvy and professional audience Visitors by Country 80,000+ Visitors 150,000+ Pageviews 9000+ Twitter followers 5000+ Facebook fans 10,000+ RSS Subscribers 15,000+ Visitors •Indonesia •UK 30,000+ Pageviews •US •France •Singapore •Japan 400+ Twitter followersWednesday, December 28, 11
  10. 10. Banner ads DailySocial for Advertisement Partner •Limited Ad Slot dailysocial as only have 3 Ad slots to ensure maximum exposure: •leaderboard banner •showcase bar 1 •showcase bar 2 •Tech segmented viewer •Strong branding dailysocial blog by passion and integrity, we become number 1 for our intention on growing the industry and nurturing startups •New content every day Our viewer keep visiting us for our commitment to post 3-4 blogpost everyday •Loyal viewerWednesday, December 28, 11
  11. 11. The results: Dailysocial visitors growth per month: 14,23% Ad CTR per month (average): 0,37 (low) 0,81 (high) Unique visitors per day (average): 478 visitorsWednesday, December 28, 11
  12. 12. DS Tour (Video) • Tech segmented video news • Visiting Startup offices • Interviewing professionals on tech industryWednesday, December 28, 11
  13. 13. Video bumper ads • Video ads with 15 sec duration • 2 Bumpers per video (start & end)Wednesday, December 28, 11
  14. 14. & Ads rate No Ad Unit Ad Size Daily Weekly Monthly 1 Leaderboard 728x90 1,250 7,250 25,000 2 Sidebar Banner 300x250 1,000 6,000 20,000 3 Sidebar Banner 300x250 850 5,250 17,500 4 Sidebar Block 625x125 850 5,250 17,500 Frequency per Price per Video AdSpot Exposure Duration month month Front and Video Bumper 15 seconds 4 times 8,000 end (price in thousand rupiah) •The price is ad placement cost for & •Ads material has to be submitted before placementWednesday, December 28, 11
  15. 15. Assisting tech companies and startups to get high quality employees from our readers. Our customers:Wednesday, December 28, 11
  16. 16. Tech Consulting • Our main focus is to work as a consultant for: – financial institutions & investors – web and mobile startups – large technology companies – market and trend research firms • We offer deep vertical knowledge in Indonesia’s web and mobile technology industry. 16Wednesday, December 28, 11
  17. 17. Customized market research and industry research for Tech and startup, our latest research: Click on image to downloadWednesday, December 28, 11
  18. 18. Dailysocial events Besides SparxUp Awards and Social Media Festival, DailySocial also organized: Mobile developer competition sponsored by Nokia developer StartClub Meetup Monthly Tech professional and startup meetup, where all the ideas begins. Click on icons for more detailsWednesday, December 28, 11
  19. 19. DailySocial & Your Brand Positive Association and Soft Marketing Unbiased Establis Provides contents hing informat as relevant ive informat promotio content ion n toWednesday, December 28, 11
  20. 20. DailySocial Media Channel Promoted and powered by DailySocial • Every posts will be fetched to • Promoted on dailysocial media groups • Direct linking to the channel Segmented and targeted audiences • Amplify association of brand to readers • Objective, informative non advertorial • Readers are looking for information as daily needs Maintained Channel Program • Certain period of time (3 or 6 months) • Resonate better recognition • Association will be imprinted longer than adWednesday, December 28, 11
  21. 21. Sponsored Media Channel: Full layout branding, your brandWednesday, December 28, 11
  22. 22. Your Brand banner ad DailySocial news posts Your Brand banner ad Your Brand banner DailySocial news posts ad Channel background also customizable to match brand colorWednesday, December 28, 11
  23. 23. Benefits of Media Channel • First sidebar banner (on • Channel contents • Corporate Jobs posts • Maintenance & ProductionWednesday, December 28, 11
  24. 24. Media Channel Pricing First Month • First sidebar banner (on • Channel contents – Posts (3 posts per week) – Video content (2 videos per month) – Content distribution • Corporate Jobs posts – Jobs (3 posts per month)Wednesday, December 28, 11
  25. 25. Media Channel Pricing 2nd to 6th Month • First sidebar banner (on • Channel contents – Posts (3 posts per week) – Video content (2 videos per month) – Content distribution • Corporate Jobs posts – Jobs (3 posts per month) – Maintenance & Production:Wednesday, December 28, 11
  26. 26. Readers Loyalty Nukman Luthfie Digital Marketing Specialist “Di Daily Social, saya mendapatkan banyak update terbaru mengenai startup berbasis Teknologi, dengan kecepatan dan kedalaman yang seringkali tidak kalah dengan media mainstream. Fokus ke isu start-up lokal, kecepatan dan kedalaman info, inilah nilai plusnya Daily Social.”Wednesday, December 28, 11
  27. 27. Calvin Kizana Professional IT Consultan, Mentor at Project Eden “Kalau secara online saya sendiri paling sering membaca, (asing) dan (lokal). Itu untuk perkembangan startup cukup bagus.”Wednesday, December 28, 11
  28. 28. Willson Cuaca Executive Advisor, Mentor at East Ventures Alpha Co-founder & Managing Partner at East Ventures CEO at Apps Foundry "DailySocial has unique positioning in Indonesia startups ecosystems. With its encouraging and provocative writing, DailySocial is the gateway to understand Indonesia emerging digital economy. DailySocial is a must read for anyone who wants to enter Indonesia market."Wednesday, December 28, 11
  29. 29. Startups and tech people are proud to be in Dailysocial, it’s an achievementWednesday, December 28, 11
  30. 30. “Consumers will respond with their pocketbooks to advertisements that reflect ethical considerations. Companies that follow high ethical principles in their advertisements will do well by doing good.” – Wallace S Snyder Contact Us Rahmat Harlyadi +62 857 1532 6032Wednesday, December 28, 11