AS3/ Expt-g/ Michael He


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AS3/ Expt-g/ Michael He

  1. 1. Ticker Time Michael.He AS3
  2. 2. Ticker Times
  3. 3. Ticker Time is used to calculate time . It needs 6V,50Hz and makes a point every 0.02S . The object can be moved with the paper .The distance between two points on the paper means the displacement of the object.
  4. 4. How to use the ticker time 1.Fix the ticker time on the table. 2.Fix the paper ,too. 3.Turn up the power ,use your hand to pull the paper, then there will be a few points on the paper . At last turn off the power. 4.Take down the paper , count the points . 5. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the first point to the last point.
  5. 5. This picture shows us how to use the ticker time.
  6. 6. Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Physics