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Employability Skills


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This is a brochure about Employability Skills, which is useful for job seekers as well as professionals.

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Employability Skills

  1. 1. Creating Success for you! Empowering the job seekers through Employability Skills *** Employability Skills are nothing but the skills which one has to master through continuous learning whether you are a Fresher or an experienced professional. If you cannot learn the art of employing yourself you cannot sustain when this kind of unique global problems like recession occur. If you observe meticulously, those who have mastered the Employability Skills have never lost their jobs and never received pink slips. This audio book will help you on how to master Employability Skills which will help yourself keep in good moods and great motivation. A must for every learner, job seeker and experienced professional! Want to own one now! For further details mail me at *** Attitude, Innovation, Motivation, Knowledge, Ability, Adaptability and Management aimkaam : Training the world to succeed!