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aimkaam case study


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This is a case study on business solution provided by aimkaam, which is inspiring and interesting.

Published in: Business, Technology
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aimkaam case study

  1. 1. Creating Success for you! A case study on unique business solution conceived by aimkaam When I thought of entering into the business arena of providing business solutions, I don’t know even what would be our USP. My basic idea is to help slogging Entrepreneurs, who are unable to take their business forward due to many reasons such as lack of funds, lack of intellectual capital, lack of result oriented human resources, lack of ideas, lack of initiative and unknowing lethargy. One fine day, it happened so that I responded to an invitation of my friend to have dinner with another friend who was bitten by this bug called ‘Entrepreneurship’. I strongly believe that the greatest powerful talent of 21st Century Manager is ‘talking’. After natural verbal exchange of ‘bios’ of each other, we could identify a ‘common thread of enthusiasm’ to excel and to try something different and new, which was not at all witnessed by this world in the emerging technologies. I am having this bad habit of not saying ‘no’ to anybody and I always said ‘yes’ when I want to say ‘no’! Moreover, I am having this arrogance and unwarranted confidence that I can do and achieve anything under the Sun, because I am the ‘greatest wonder’ on the earth created by God and highly intelligent species called ‘human being’! This kind of underlying arrogance has always put me in trouble. Lo! I am again getting ready to put myself in one more troubling challenge, which I am not at all aware and moreover I don’t know how to deliver as I don’t know the business at all. Even then I said a firm ‘YES’ to the gentleman spontaneously as I was stuck by the uniqueness of the project. The business My client is into providing solutions through voice and speech in different languages to the common man who cannot read and write. If you call a toll free number of Railways for any kind of enquiry, it will ask you some questions about the enquiry. Once you reply in your voice, it will recognize your voice and respond accordingly. But they need to record some 400 different voices in a server kept somewhere in Mumbai. This is a real challenge for a layman in this kind of business. It’s a technical solution which I have to provide with my not so great management thinking. How to achieve it?
  2. 2. Plans and Options I had listed out Plan ‘A’, Plan ‘B’, Option ‘A’, Option ‘B’ and many more. Let me share my plans and options which I had thought of in the initial stages. Proposal of Plan ‘A’ I have proposed that we will purchase a Kiosk and erect it on the road side with two phones readily available with phone numbers of Mumbai office where the server is connected. Once the Assistant at the Kiosk dials the number, the speaker starts reading the train numbers with train names with the code number for that particular script. This plan was drastically failed as the public started asking us thousands of questions with regard to the project and we landed up in answering the unnecessary questions of our gains and bargains and we could not continue any more due to continuous distractions and disturbances created by unwanted enthusiasts on the road. Proposal of Plan ‘B’ As we could not attract much attention of the public to record voices and ended up with only infinite questions about our business, we thought of giving some small gift, and we decided to give fancy pens and key chains and immediately purchased 400 pens and key chains together, without any second thought. We could become successful to some extent with this plan as many were attracted to take the pens and key chains and gave their valuable voice for ten minutes for recording the data on phone, which was recorded successfully on the server, at least we presumed. In this plan, we had unique problem that suddenly the server got disconnected from the phone line and the speaker continued to speak unknowingly about the problem. We were thinking that all the voices were successfully recorded and become successful to some extent. When we recorded 100 voices, only 10 to 15 voices were got completely recorded and other voices became null and void due to continuous technical snags. Again and again, I have to call the System Administrator at Mumbai to solve the server problem. He was so patient enough and helped me to sort out the problem again and again. When they stopped the server for maintenance and when they left office at 6 AM in Mumbai, I could not help but to stop the project for some days. Finally, after lot of assurances from both sides, I could conceive a final plan of action by leveraging my little talent as soft skills trainer. Final Plan of Action I have visited one of the colleges where I worked as Faculty and asked them to send their students to my office to impart them soft skills such as Interview Skills and Presentation Skills, which were very much useful for them during placement. I had offered this service free to them and they have to record their voices in turn to complete my project successfully. The Academic Dean of the College has kindly agreed to my proposal and we have planned two batches per day 20 each, one in the morning and one in the evening.
  3. 3. Unique problems in implementation of final plan of action Some students skipped the sessions, some attended twice and some expected jobs and some played tantrums on phone. As I have acquired only two phones, when two are speaking on phone, remaining 18 have to wait for their turn to cooperate with me and they got bored with the process. Even then, I could engage them with small gifts and promising some more sessions free for them. Students who have gone through the grind of this kind of soft skill sessions and recording of voices spread a word in the college that it is a bit boring, though the sessions are good. Suddenly the in flow of students stopped and the Dean expressed his helplessness to motivate the students to attend the sessions, even though they are free, when other trainers in the market are charging even for demo sessions. Finally, I could complete recording the voices of more than three hundred successfully after overcoming this kind of unexpected problems and tantrums. Conclusion It’s a great learning experience, as aimkaam agreed to provide this kind of solution for the first time, which has helped us to realize our potential to take up any kind of challenge to offer business solutions to the prospective clients. Last word Is this the way to write a case study? Above all, is this a business solution? As a learner in the field of Management, I wish to document my experiences while providing this kind of solutions through aimkaam, to share my learning experience and also to have positive and constructive feedback, from the learned Managementors and elite across the Globe, which would help me to excel in my management writing skills and also to hone my entrepreneurial skills. Your cooperation and feedback is highly appreciated in this regard. For all your Business Development, HR and workforce solutions, please mail me @ There are many ways to reach success My articles: My slideshare : My blog: On On On linkedin: On TRCB: On ecademy: On Twitter: Face me on Facebook : Join my yahoo group: Join my yahoo group: