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This is an e-book of some of my articles on soft skills and self-management.

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Access Success @ Aimkaam

  1. 1. ACCESS SUCCESS Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani Creating success for you… 1 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  2. 2. Accolades from Achievers Hi Challa, Great articles... A wealth of knowledge! You are a powerful writer! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to a visit in India. Rene Rene Godefroy 3589 Mill Creek Trail Smyrna, Georgia 3008 USA Ira Chaleff Author of the award-winning book ‘The Courageous Follower : Standing Up To and For Our Leaders’ Berrett-Koehler, 2003 My Dear Rama Phani, I had the satisfaction tonight of coming across your E-Zine article on ‘Bossitive Attitude’. I am so honored and pleased that you have found the message of Courageous Followership of sufficient importance to be a voice for the dissemination of its perspective in India and to cite my contribution to these ideas. I am particularly appreciative of your eloquence in framing the resistance to the concept that is often found in the Indian culture, and to gently showing the capacity to go beyond this and the benefits of doing so. I appreciate the fine work you are doing. If you would care to make this article which I have attached, available to your students, clients or readers, please feel free to share it. It is good that there are voices like your introducing these concepts in the evolving India culture. Respectfully, Ira Chaleff President Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates 513 Capital Court NE Suite 300 Washington, DC 20002 2 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  3. 3. Suryanarayana SV e-Author and Management Consultant “I have gone through his write-ups / articles on self-improvement topics available online following links. Readers get inspired [particularly the youth] and get benefited with the depth of knowledge of the author and the utility of his works for self-improvement. I strongly recommend and find that his articles be converted into a book.” Manjula Ravindra, Senior Consultant, TMI Network, Bangalore Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity “It is my honor to write a recommendation for Mr. Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani. I also feel that he is very kind and considerate as a real good human being. I also take this opportunity to wish him a happy, successful and peaceful life.” Raviraj, Software Engineer, Callippus “quot;He is a very dedicated and focused individual. He is always one step ahead. I wish him all the best for a great future.” Sivaprasad Bandarupalli Business Owner, SS Technologies “Phani is gifted trainer and a prolific writer. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspirational to all those who are associated with him. He is a highly motivated person with a clear vision of helping people and companies become better and more successful. I wish Phani all the success as he moves forward in pursuit of excellence in the field of training and people development.” Abhijaat Sinha Company Secretary, Piramal Healthcare “Challa's positive attitude and determination is contagious. His eye for detail and his efforts in HR were commendable. He's always wanted to bring a revolution in the HR practices and I am sure he's doing it now. I wish him all the luck and success in his endeavours.” Chirag Saiya Speaker & Writer quot;Spiritual Managementquot; for 'Self Development' It is my honor to write a TESTIMONIAL for Mr. Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani. He is very helpful by nature. I also feel that he is very kind and considerate as a real good human being. I also take this opportunity to wish him a happy, successful and peaceful life. 3 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  4. 4. Zameer Pasha Financial Analyst, Deutsche Bank, Mumbai “Mr. Challa S.S.J. Ram Phani is articulate and care to detail kind of Manager. A Sharp incorporator of the human mind and attitude, in short a perfect HR Manager. Easily equips himself into different nodes and situations and comes out with the most viable solutions for the organisation from the HR perspective.” Raahul dhillon, Associate Consultant, SBW Research & Development Pvt. Ltd “Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani loves challenges. His work at ICFAI was appreciated by almost everybody. He is smart, diligent, self-motivated; is a good manager.” Ram Suri Senior Business Development Executive, SoftPro Global “Ram Phani is a hardcore HR professional with realistic approach to his objectives and clarity on his ongoing assignments thereby directly/indirectly saving huge time to his Customers/Vendors and also leverages the organisational efforts.” Suresh Sreekakulam Sr.SAP Consultant, IBM “Challa is Valuable professional who delivers from heart and mind” Rajasekhar Reddy Allipuram User Experience - Senior Usability Consultant & Web UI Designer at CAPGEMINI Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity “Challa is a great Soft skills trainer and I recommend his services. Definitely its worth to hire his services for any organization. Thanks. Raj Allipuram” Dr. Anand Agrawal Assistant Professor, ICFAI Business School Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “Mr. Challa Rama Phani is not only a great trainer, but also a good person. He can easily connect with all and reach to their levels to understand their training needs and then provides the inputs that really prove to be wonderful. Mr. Challa is one of the best managers I have observed. He is dynamic and very sincere. I strongly believe that he is really an asset for any organization” Sirish KK Sr.Trainer, Soft Skills, First Indian Corporation “Personally, I had very less interactions with Ram Phani. I read all his articles and was very much impressed the way he presented those subtle issues in HR and Training. He shared his knowledge and expertise gained from his experience in the HR and Training 4 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  5. 5. doamin. He relates his practical experience by relating similar examples to questions posed. He was always helpful, creative, cheerful, and of the highest integrity. Thank you Sir, for all your support and information. I'm impressed and admire your knowledge bank. Wish you good luck in all your assignments.” M.V.S.K. MOHAN, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative “I know Mr. Challa SSJ Rama Phani for more than a decade. He is very knowledgeable person with great IQ and it reflects in his every session of training. His way of training is very different with that of others and he is very innovative. A lot of students and employees have enjoyed the fruits of his training. I personally feel, getting the soft skills training under his guidance is a billion dollar worth. I am honored by writing a recommendation for Mr. Challa Rama Phani and its just a small drop of appreciation for the ocean of his caliber.” Sree Nidhi S K Director, Oscar Murphy International, Bangalore/Singapore “He appears to be a genuine and sincere friend. He is quite passionate about enriching people around him and wishes to do every little bit to enable people to do their best.” Shaheen Begum ICFAI University “Phani Sir is a good teacher; a strong quot;Motivatorquot;, initiator, and an awesome mentor.I will sum him up as one of the best soft skills trainer in the country.” Kranthi Pasupuleti, USA “Most efficient and effective Soft skill Trainer I have ever met in my life. He is Ardent in the field of HR.I feel myself minute to Recommend a well versed Man like him who is Multi skilled and highly professional” Deepa Kumar HR Manager, NOVO I T Consultants & Solutions Pvt Ltd “I know Mr. Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani through this website and found him professionally competent, devoted and serious in his business. I wish to work with him if find an opportunity.” 5 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  6. 6. Excerpts of my popular articles online uploaded by and The top 60 soft skills at work Amit Kumar did his M Tech from IIT, New Delhi. He has an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. But he still could not get the job of his choice during campus recruitment. Reason: Blame it on his soft skills. Or rather the lack of them. These include communication, listening, negotiation, etiquette, language skills etc. Hence, he could not compete with his fellow students who got better jobs. Soft skills play a vital role for professional success; they help one to excel in the workplace and their importance cannot be denied in this age of information and knowledge. Good soft skills -- which are in fact scarce -- in the highly competitive corporate world will help you stand out in a milieu of routine job seekers with mediocre skills and talent. The Smyth County Industry Council, a governing body based in the US, conducted a survey recently. The results of the survey was called the Workforce Profile which found quot;an across-the- board unanimous profile of skills and characteristics needed to make a good employee.quot; The people most likely to be hired for available jobs have what employers call quot;soft skillsquot;. Here were some of the findings according to the workforce study: The most common traits, mentioned by virtually every employer, were: ~ Positive work ethic. ~ Good attitude. ~ Desire to learn and be trained. Mohan Rao, a technical director with Emmellen Biotech Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Mumbai defines a 'good attitude: quot;It is a behavioural skill, which cannot be taught. However it can be developed through continuous training. It represents the reactive nature of the individual and is about looking at things with the right perspective. You must be ready to solve problems proactively and create win-win situations. And you must be able to take ownership ie responsibility for your actions and lead from the front without calling it quits at the most critical moment.quot; Most of the business leaders observed that they could find workers who have quot;hard skillsquot; ie the capability to operate machinery or fulfill other tasks, but many potential hires lack the quot;soft skillsquot; that a company needs. CEOs and human resource managers said they are ready to hire workers who demonstrate a high level of quot;soft skillsquot; and then train them for the specific jobs available. The ever-changing impact of technology has given hard-skills-only workers a short shelf life. According to results of the Workforce Profile, (source: the more valuable employee is one who can grow and learn as the business changes. 6 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  7. 7. Soft skills quot;are as important, if not more important, than traditional hard skills to an employer looking to hire -- regardless of industry or job type. This could offer a major breakthrough as educators and training providers seek to develop and cluster training courses to fit business and industry needs.quot; Top 60 soft skills The Workforce Profile defined about 60 quot;soft skillsquot;, which employers seek. They are applicable to any field of work, according to the study, and are the quot;personal traits and skills that employers state are the most important when selecting employees for jobs of any type.quot; 1. Math. 2. Safety. 3. Courtesy. 4. Honesty. 5. Grammar. 6. Reliability. 7. Flexibility. 8. Team skills. 9. Eye contact. 10. Cooperation. 11. Adaptability. 12. Follow rules. 13. Self-directed. 14 Good attitude. 15. Writing skills. 16. Driver's license. 17. Dependability. 18. Advanced math. 19. Self-supervising. 20. Good references. 21. Being drug free. 22. Good attendance. 23. Personal energy. 24. Work experience. 25. Ability to measure. 26. Personal integrity. 27. Good work history. 28. Positive work ethic. 29. Interpersonal skills. 30. Motivational skills. 31. Valuing education. 32. Personal chemistry. 33. Willingness to learn. 34. Common sense. 35. Critical thinking skills. 36. Knowledge of fractions. 37. Reporting to work on time. 38. Use of rulers and calculators. 39. Good personal appearance. 40. Wanting to do a good job. 7 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  8. 8. 41. Basic spelling and grammar. 42. Reading and comprehension. 43. Ability to follow regulations. 44. Willingness to be accountable. 45. Ability to fill out a job application. 46. Ability to make production quotas. 47. Basic manufacturing skills training. 48. Awareness of how business works. 49. Staying on the job until it is finished. 50. Ability to read and follow instructions. 51. Willingness to work second and third shifts. 52. Caring about seeing the company succeed. 53. Understanding what the world is all about. 54. Ability to listen and document what you have heard. 55. Commitment to continued training and learning. 56. Willingness to take instruction and responsibility. 57. Ability to relate to coworkers in a close environment. 58. Not expecting to become a supervisor in the first six months. 59. Willingness to be a good worker and go beyond the traditional eight-hour day. 60. Communication skills with public, fellow employees, supervisors, and customers. How many soft skills do you possess? How to improve your soft skills at work? Subjects like financial management, marketing management, HR management can be taught in the classroom and can be studied at home. But not soft skills. Soft skills are acquired and experienced on the spot and cannot be developed by merely reading textbooks. The soft skills you gain will equip you to excel in your professional life and in your personal life. It is a continuous learning process. The 60 soft skills mentioned can be classified into corporate skills, employability skills and life skills. In some parts of the world like in USA and Australia, soft skills are also known as world skills. Corporate skills These are generally CEO level skills, but if you are familiar with them you will be in a position to guide your boss towards success ie working together for a common goal as a team. You can become a courageous follower as mentioned by Ira Chaleff in his award-winning book Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders. These skills include: ~ Political sensitivity. ~ Business and commercial awareness. ~ Strategic awareness. ~ Understanding funding streams and mechanisms. ~ Information management. 8 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  9. 9. ~ Organisation and control. ~ Team building. ~ Communication and persuasion. ~ Networking and public relations. ~ Leading change. Employability skills These have to be mastered by employable graduates and freshers include communication, team working, leadership, initiative, problem solving, flexibility and enthusiasm. Every skill helps us to learn one more as they overlap each other. To quote an example, leadership encompasses a number of other skills including cooperating with others, planning and organising, making decisions and verbal communication. Verbal communication itself involves various means of communication, some of which you may find easier than others -- talking over the phone, making a presentation to a group, explaining something to a person with a more limited understanding of the topic for example. By improving one skill, you may also improve a number of others. In the context of your career planning and development, they are called career management skills Life skills These skills are related to the head, heart, hands and health ie highly personal and behavioural skills which reflects our personality and naturally helps in personality development. Source: We manage and think with our head. Resilience, keeping records, making wise use of resources, planning/organising and goal setting are 'head' related managerial functions. Service learning, Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and learning to learn were related to our thinking processes, which we manage with our head. Functions of the heart are relating to people and caring. How do we relate to people? We relate to people by accepting differences, conflict resolutions, social skills, cooperation and communication. The second function we do through our heart is caring. We care through nurturing relationships, sharing, empathy and concern for others. We give and work through our hands. Community service, volunteering, leadership, responsible citizenship and contributions to group effort -- are our way giving back to society. We work through our marketable skills, teamwork and self-motivation to get the things done. Living and being comes under the functions of health. Healthy lifestyle choices, stress management, disease prevention and personal safety are our prime concerns for better living. Self-esteem, self-responsibility, character, managing feelings and self-discipline must be practiced without fail for our well-being. In a nutshell, the essence of life skills is share well, care well and fare well. 9 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  10. 10. Things to do everyday Follow these ten golden rules and enjoy every moment of living. ~ Greet your family members first thing in the morning. If you are not used to this, they will be surprised with your sudden and nice gesture. ~ Greet your peers, subordinates and boss once you enter the office. Smile at even the 'security' personnel standing at the gate, who takes care of your safety. ~ Greet your friends along the way and do not ignore them. ~ Continously reciprocate to breed communication. If you do not reciprocate at least with a 'thanks' when you get information or a source on your online network or your offline network, you will not be remembered for a long time. If you are not remembered, you are out of your network. ~ Be a proactive listener and empathise with others to command respect. ~ While talking to others, your voice, tone and tenor must be audible and soothing. It should not be aggressive or in a shouting mode. ~ Dress well to suit your profession and to create positive vibes in your workplace. If you are a sales representative, do not go out with printed shirts and jeans, which may turn down your customer. ~ Political and religious comments must be avoided at all costs in the workplace, when you are in a group. ~ Your communication should not provoke others. ~ Do not speak ill of others if you can help it. *** 10 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  11. 11. Lack of Skills Kills Your Career! Most of the youth who are qualified and getting themselves qualified want to join the bandwagon of IT industry. Everybody wants to join a software company, irrespective of their knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude. Lack of self-awareness, lack of knowledge with regard to job-market, finding out short cuts to success, marks oriented education, neglecting soft skills, focusing on Spoken English as the only success factor or ladder to success, looking to make fast buck - all these vices in our employable youth are diverting their attention from any kind of positive goals to achieve success. By focusing on money making, most of the youth are learning technical skills in demand in the IT industry, and not the skills they like or the way they want to mould their like to attract success. The one and only motivation is 'money' for today youth and the penultimate success parameter to measure individual success in the Society. This kind of perception has killed the 'achievement motivation' in youth and they have become deaf to any kind of counseling except 'EAMCET' counseling. This is the reason, why we are lacking good software engineers, good scientists, good academicians, good lecturers, good faculty who are used to dawn the role of coach, mentor in good olden days to guide the students with their ideas and ideals. We lack teachers with conviction and motivation as they too caught in the web of Society's perception of success i.e. 'who makes more money is always a success'! The youth have become 'misguided missiles' without having any goal to achieve success in their life. EAMCETS, CETS, CATS, ICATS, GATES, GREs have become the mantras for success, and not the knowledge or good foundation in the subjects of their interest. Then what is the solution for this menace, which is diverting our youth from the ideals and lofty goals, which spell success with a bonus of continuous motivation? The answer is 'Skills' not by heartless by hearting of all subjects only to get marks. Then, the question is why only focus on Skills? Today about 8.2 crore workforce in India is unemployable. Public Private Partnership (PPP) in education can be one of the key remedies in slicing down the rate of unemployability of the Indian youth, feel HR consultants and industry insiders. About 57% of India's youth suffer from some degree of unemployability, while 53% of the employed youth lack specific skill sets and only 8% of youth are unemployed, according to a pan-India labour report released by Teamlease, the largest staffing company. Commenting on the findings of the report, Shiv Agarwal, CEO, ABC Consultants, said that PPP could bring in more industry-specific curriculum in the education sector. quot;A PPP based on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, wherein corporates are given complete control of an educational body to develop and then transfer it back to the government can play a huge role in building talent to suit the industry's requirements.quot; With the booming job market currently standing at 455.7 million jobs, about 82.5 million youth in the age bracket of 15-30 years are unemployable. quot;By unemployable, we refer to individuals who have to be trained by the industry in basic skills which they should have acquired through college and university education,quot; Manish Sabharwal, Chairman, TeamLease Services opined. 11 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  12. 12. This demand-supply mismatch is accelerated by outdated curriculum coupled with a dearth of vocational and technical training, thereby contributing to an increase in the number people with almost no industry exposure. Vocational training, when provided, imparts training in specific fields through practical experience, while technical is defined in terms of acquiring a degree or diploma in agriculture, engineering, technology, and medicine. quot;Our institutions are misaligned with demand. We need a modular framework of courses covering a mix of knowledge, skill and work-attitude modules that fit people to high volume vocations and incentivise 'edupreneurs,'quot; avers Visty Banaji, Executive Director, Godrej Industries. While problems of unemployment are not new, the rise in number of people who are unable to meet the industry's needs due to the failure of institutions to impart career-oriented knowledge and skills-set is a pressing problem, as it can hamper India's double digit growth. To address this shortfall of employable people, state governments are waking up to the occasion by taking help from consultancy services and firms. Qualified people are the third most important factor after infrastructure and business environment to draw in investment, and hence states are looking for ways to build quality people. Several companies have introduced strategies entwined with the college syllabus to equip students with the latest demands of the industry and thereby customise education accordingly. Information Technology major Infosys has the campus Connect initiative with engineering institutions in Mysore, Bangalore, Pune and other cities, through which workshops and seminars are held for students to provide them with industry-specific exposure. Likewise, ICICI Bank is working in upgrading curriculum in areas like wealth management and credit relationship sales with institutes like MDI, NMIMS, ICFAI and so on. Employable youth has to take advantage of these initiatives by industry experts and focus on skills to make themselves employable by enhancing their Knowledge, Skills, abilities and attitude to build a great career of their choice. Ocean of Opportunities are available and employable youth is in dark with no skills and could not market themselves in the job-market. Which stream is in demand right now for MBAs? Naturally HR is in much demand and management graduates who are not opting for HR may lose many opportunities. There are only 3,500 new HR personnel to recruit 8 crore people in the next 5 years. Amazing! Due to this reason, industry will face a shortfall of 1 lakh HR professionals A huge deficit of talented human resource professionals is staring India Inc in the eye. With the economy going strong, according to industry estimates, at least 80 million new jobs are likely to be generated over the next five years. Assuming a very conservative figure of one HR person for every 500 employees, though typically the ideal figure should be 1:200, there would be a shortfall of more than 1-lakh HR professionals 12 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  13. 13. in the coming five years, considering that only 500-700 students pass out with specialised HR degrees each year. quot;There is a huge mismatch between the demand and supply sides. Few institutes have been able to offer specialised HR courses that are in tune with the industry's needs,quot; says Shiv Agarwal, CEO, ABC consultants. With retention and attrition of employees being the chief headaches of company bosses, the question arises as to how we can address the problem of a shortage of those whose work it is to recruit and retain the human capital at companies. At present, there are approximately 1,132 management institutions in the country (of which 161 are in Maharashtra), that are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as of October 2006. (Figures for 2007 are still being compiled). Of these, hardly seven to eight institutions like Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Management Development Institute (MDI), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) offer specialised programmes in HR and Labour relations. Though the IIMs and other business schools like Indian School of Business (ISB), SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) have specialisation in HR, there are only a handful of takers, as most students opt for either Finance or Marketing. Also, many students who complete their Masters in HR join human resource consulting services rather than the industry. quot;HR was traditionally seen as a back office function though times have changed. Although we get ten times the number of applicants for our 60-65 seats in personnel management & industrial relations (PM&IR), the figure is still small when compared to those who go in for marketing or finance. This can be because many believe that HR is not as lucrative, both in terms of payment and job profile when weighed against the other two, which is not true,quot; states XLRI's Prof. Madhukar Shukla. Turning towards the industry, there is acute attrition and poaching in the HR departments. When a good HR professional leaves, it becomes difficult to immediately hire another efficient person; hence companies normally take in someone from another department, say sales or operations. Even though a person from another department can bring in additional experience and exposure, which can work in the benefit of the business, there is still the vacuum that can be filled in a better manner by a traditional HR professional. quot;There are hardly any retention plans to check HR attritions. Some companies have gone HR focused and give HR the pilot's seat, but the majority lack structured career paths and compensation equivalent with other business functions. It is an irony that HR people speak for others but there are only few spokespersons for HR,quot; says Ratna Sinha, HR Head, Emami Ltd. 13 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  14. 14. Nonetheless, certain colleges are taking measures to attend to this problem. XLRI has devised a certification course in human resource, which is completely handled by the institute faculty for companies like Accenture, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra and targets those employees who show an inclination towards HR. Companies like Hindustan Unilever Ltd, PepsiCo India, Coca-Cola India have started outsourcing certain HR functions like payroll processing, recruitment processing, training, etc. to consulting firms, as they believe that outsourcing can provide access to new skills and fresh insights and divert the HR managers' attention towards strategising. But both these measures, namely outsourcing and certification courses can answer only short- term problems. Industry needs to start taking this problem of HR deficit seriously and find a long lasting solution. Having understood the implications of these consequences, as a HR Professional, I advocate always HR stream and excellent soft skills to become a successful professional. HR professionals are always in demand wherever there are two people. Without HR professionals, Companies cannot manage themselves to meet business goals. HR will be always in demand till the end of Kalyug. Learn the skills, which will make you successful in your professional as well as personal life. Make your education skills oriented rather marks oriented and routine 'CETS' oriented. This will give you much-expected boost to your career in not just IT industry, but in any industry of your choice. *** Life Skills to Lead and Succeed! “Know thyself” - Socrates What are Life Skills? The World Health Organization has defined life skills as, quot;the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday lifequot;. UNICEF defines life skills as “a behaviour change or behaviour development approach designed to address a balance of three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills”. The UNICEF definition is based on research evidence that suggests that shifts in risk behaviour are unlikely if knowledge, attitudinal and skills based competency are not addressed. What are the Core Life Skill Strategies and Techniques? UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO list the ten core life skill strategies and techniques as: problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication skills, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness building skills, empathy, and coping with stress and emotions. 14 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  15. 15. Self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence are essential tools for understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, the individual is able to discern available opportunities and prepare to face possible threats. This leads to the development of a social awareness of the concerns of one’s family and society. Subsequently, it is possible to identify problems that arise within both the family and Society. With life skills, one is able to explore alternatives, weigh pros and cons and make rational decisions in solving each problem or issue as it arises. It also entails being able to establish productive interpersonal relationships with others. Life skills enable effective communication, for example, being able to differentiate between hearing and listening and ensuring that messages are transmitted accurately to avoid miscommunication and misinterpretations. What are the main components of Life Skills? The World Health Organisation (WHO) categorizes life skills into the following three components: a) Critical thinking skills/Decision-making skills – include decision-making/ problem solving skills and information gathering skills. The individual must also be skilled at evaluating the future consequences of their present actions and the actions of others. They need to be able to determine alternative solutions and to analyze the influence of their own values and the values of those around them. b) Interpersonal/Communication skills - include verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and the ability to express feelings and give feed back. Also in this category, are negotiation/refusal skills and assertiveness skills that directly affect ones’ ability to manage conflict. Empathy, which is the ability to listen and understand others’ needs, is also a key interpersonal skill. Teamwork and the ability to cooperate include expressing respect for those around us. Development of this skill set enables the adolescent to be accepted in society. These skills result in the acceptance of social norms that provide the foundation for adult social behaviour. c) Coping and self-management skills refers to skills to increase the internal locus of control, so that the individual believes that they can make a difference in the world and affect change. Self esteem, self-awareness, self-evaluation skills and the ability to set goals are also part of the more general category of self-management skills. Anger, grief and anxiety must all be dealt with, and the individual learns to cope loss or trauma. Stress and time management are key, as are positive thinking and relaxation techniques. Life skills approach can be successful, if the following are undertaken together: a) The Skills -This involves a group of psychosocial and interpersonal skills (Critical thinking skills/Decision-making skills, Interpersonal/Communication skills, Coping and self-management skills) which are interlinked with each other. For example, decision-making is likely to involve creative and critical thinking components and values analysis. b) Content - To effectively influence behaviour, skills must be utilized in a particular content area. “What are we making decisions about?quot; Learning about decision-making will be 15 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  16. 16. more meaningful if the content is relevant and remains constant. Such content areas as described could be drug use, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, suicide prevention or sexual abuse. Whatever the content area, a balance of three elements needs to be considered: knowledge, attitudes and skills. c) Methods - Skills-based education cannot occur when there is no interaction among participants. It relies on groups of people to be effective. Interpersonal and psychosocial skills cannot be learned from sitting alone and reading a book. If this approach is to be successful, all three components, life skills, content and method should be in place. This effectively means that life skills can be learnt through the use of certain methods and tools. Criteria for using Life Skills UNICEF has identified the following criteria to ensure a successful life skills-based education: * It should not only address knowledge and attitude change, but, more importantly, behaviour change. * Traditional quot;information-basedquot; approaches are generally not sufficient to yield changes in attitudes and behaviours. For example, a lecture on “safe behaviour” will not necessarily lead to the practice of safe behaviour. Therefore, the lecture should be substantiated with exercises and situations where participants can practice safe behaviour and experience its effects. The adult learning theory emphasizes that adults learn best that which they can associate with their experience and practice. It will work best when augmented or reinforced. If a message is given once, the brain remembers only 10 percent of it one day later, and when the same message is given six times a day, the brain remembers 90 percent of it. Hence the need to repeat, recaps, reinforce and review. It will work best if combined with policy development, access to appropriate health services, community development and media. What does Research say about the Outcomes of Life Skills-Based Education? Programmes aimed at developing life skills have produced these effects such as Lessened violent behaviour; increased pro -social behaviour and decreased negative, self- destructive behaviour; increased the ability to plan ahead and choose effective solutions to problems; improved self-image, self-awareness, social and emotional adjustment; increased acquisition of knowledge; improved classroom behaviour; gains in self control and handling of interpersonal problems and coping with anxiety; and improved constructive conflict resolution with peers, impulse control and popularity. We think and manage with our head. Resilience, keeping records, making wise use of resources, planning/organising and goal setting is 'head' related managerial functions. Service learning, Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and learning to learn were related to our thinking processes, which we manage with our head. Functions of the heart are relating to people and caring. How do we relate to people? We relate to people by accepting differences, conflict resolutions, social skills, cooperation and 16 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  17. 17. communication. The second function we do through our heart is caring. We care through nurturing relationships, sharing, empathy and concern for others. We give and work through our hands. Community service, volunteering, leadership, responsible citizenship and contributions to group effort -- are our way giving back to society. We work through our marketable skills, teamwork and self-motivation to get the things done. Living and being comes under the functions of health. Healthy lifestyle choices, stress management, disease prevention and personal safety are our prime concerns for better living. Self-esteem, self-responsibility, character, managing feelings and self-discipline must be practiced without fail for our well-being. In a nutshell, the essence of life skills is to share well, care well and fare well. Life skills are inevitable to become successful in professional life as well as personal life. *** Training – Right Path to Professionalism Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing, but cabbage with a college education. – Mark Twain The best training any parent can give a child is to train the child to train himself. - A.P.Gouthey I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. – Muhammad Ali, Boxing Champion These quotes by greats of the world reflect the importance of training in our lives. Training is everything for those who wish to scale pinnacle heights in their life and enjoy success every moment. Post globalization, the job market in India has increased leaps and bounds due to the advent of IT industry. Though the percentage of the contribution it has registered to lessen the unemployment burden in India is less, its overall impact cannot be underestimated. As the whole globe has become a small village due to revolution in sharing information, knowledge sharing thanks to the technology which we are enjoying now. Indians need to catch up with the needs of the ever growing economy, which resulted in the need of trained human resources who can contribute their intellectual might to the global organizations setting their shops in India. William James, Psychologist, rightly said that ‘the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.’ Global organizations started looking for well groomed, educated, effective, humble individuals who can contribute to the over all development of the organization. These are simply called KSAs in the management jargon, i.e. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Individuals who join organizations without perfect KSAs cannot perform or give their best to fulfill their KRAs i.e. Key Result Areas after joining the organization. Knowledge i.e. domain knowledge (viz. Finance, IT, Marketing, OM, HR etc.), 17 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  18. 18. Skills refer to the behavioural skills such as team building skills, team playing skills, language skills, effective communication, working under pressure, punctuality, etiquette, self-management and Attitude refers to the resilience levels and perseverance of individuals which reflects the ‘never say die’ attitude among the individuals. Those are considered as Leaders with attitude, who lead their team from the front and take the projects, tasks and assignments towards their logical conclusion for the benefit of the organization. One must strive to practice and project positive, proactive and progressive attitude in their work place behaviour. Thus, investing in Soft Skills is inevitable for any organization or individual to enhance their chances of grabbing a job of their choice. This will ultimately result in their personality development. It is discovered by the Management Theorists, that three qualities are must to transform individuals/managers into Leaders. Talking, image building and right attitude are the three qualities of successful individuals. Talking refers always to talk about their views, projecting their perceptions, trying to change the mindsets and mental blocks of stakeholders. Without image, either individual or organization cannot achieve anything in their life time. Image building must be considered and practiced on par with discipline. Without discipline one cannot achieve anything in his life. Without image, either organization or individual cannot achieve anything. Every individual, every organization will benefit from soft skills. Nowadays, these are precisely called ‘Employability Skills’ which are imparted in the Universities worldwide. Employability skills will enhance the job prospects of the employable and help those to climb the ladder of success who was already employed. Indian Universities, business schools are yet to catch up with ‘Employability Skills’ as they are key to the success of the individuals aiming to make it big in the corporate world. Soft Skills are universal in nature and are not specific to any sector, industry, profile, rank and cadre of management. An individual equipped with soft skills will always become ‘a complete man’, who can enhance the image of the organization. Due to this reason, Employers always look for the people with right attitude and skills and not so fussy about the domain knowledge of the candidates. Though there is a need of domain knowledge, employers believe that they can be trained to enhance their domain knowledge, but those who are not with right attitude and skills cannot be groomed to tune to the needs of the organization. Soft Skills are familial and genetic, whereas knowledge can be acquired through continuous learning. Soft Skills development courses are very much beneficial for individuals who are aiming to grab a job of their choice. Attitude building, team building, team playing, team spirit, language skills, effective communication, interviewing skills, group discussion, self-management, self-awareness – these are some of the qualities one can acquire through soft skills which would help build a career of their choice. Organisations are ready to train the employable who are not so well equipped with their domain knowledge and they are also ready to sponsor the individuals who are ready to enhance their qualifications, provided they are well groomed and equipped with positive, proactive and progressive attitude. Undoubtedly, soft skills training and development will enhance the marketability and employability quotient of individuals, compared to the individuals who are only having qualifications with lousy behaviour. *** 18 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  19. 19. Employability Skills - Target Job Market Employability Skills are empowering skills to achieve and grab a job of your choice. These are the skills which form part of soft skills, that would help to reach your goal in your professional as well as personal life. WHAT IS EMPLOYABILITY? quot;Employability is the capability of getting and keeping satisfactory workquot;. WHAT ARE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS? Employability skills have been defined as: quot;A set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupationsquot;. As per my experience all 'Employability Skills' are intertwined with 'Communication Skills'. 'Communication Skills' being the mother of all skills, which would help you to master all related skills in turn will help land in a job of your choice. If you master the art of communication, you can do marketing successfully, you can negotiate and create win-win situations, you can get the things done to the satisfaction of your superiors. The following can be classified as Employability skills: 1. Communication skills - which include Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing especially in English. These skills will help you to become a leader in the workplace and not just a manager, who always struggles to follow the rule book. 2. Negotiation Skills - this will help you to negotiate your pay and perks and helps create win-win situations. 3. Team-working skills - You have to align you skills with your team to help the team win and act with a situational approach. 4. Team building skills - Though this is a Leadership skills, everybody will have a role in strengthening their team. 5. Leadership skills - Everybody is a leader in his own right in the workplace and have to take ownership for their actions. 6.Exceptional appearance - Your 'professional' appearance will help you grab a job instantly. 7. Body language : Your body language should gel with your verbal abilities. 8. Attitude - One has to develop positive, proactive, progressive and productive attitude and it must reflect in your every kind of communication with others. These skills are must for freshers and many more skills have to be acquired from time to time to ensure and enhance your chances of career progression in the corporate world. *** 19 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  20. 20. Swami Vivekananda - Organisation Builder with a Difference Vivekananda - This name is not new to the world and more well known in the western world as Founder of great organization Ramakrishna Math, and the order of monks in the lineage of great Saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Vivekananda's historical address at the opening session of the Parliament of Religions in Chicago on 11th September, 1893, is still an ideal example for the great qualities of knowledge, sacrifice, non-violence and self-confidence which are the very foundation of Indianism. His addressing of Americans is still referred as great example for the Indian quality of Universal brotherhood and One World - One family philosophy i.e. 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. 'Sisters and Brothers of America, It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in the name of the ancient Order of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions, and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.' Who will not become instantly hooked to this kind of speech? Is it not an excellent example of public speaking? It is heartening to note that Vivekananda is a great builder of Organisations and very much passionate about Organisational building and laid down some interesting guidelines in building organizations. Vivekananda's views on Organisation and organized work are very much relevant in these days of recession and worth studying to understand his ideas and ideals for budding Entrepreneurs. Let me throw some light on the great wisdom of Swami Vivekananda on Organisational behaviour and organizational building. Rig Veda Samhita says, 'Be thou all of one mind, be thou all of one thought, for in the days of yore, the gods being of ne mind were enabled to receive oblations'. This is in line with the management thought that the whole organization must align with the objectives, vision and mission of the Company. Such is the ancient wisdom of India which was reflected in Vedas. Being of one mind is the secret of success of the Organisation. The success of your undertaking depends wholly upon your mutual love. To make great future for any Country, the whole secret lies in organization, accumulation of power, coordination of wills... that is the secret... accumulation of will-power, coordination, bringing them all, as it were, into one focus. The term organization means division of labour. Each does his own part and all the parts taken together express an ideal of harmony. Every one has to play his or her role in building the organization, so that the organization can achieve its goal in harmony. The secret of success is there; to pay as much attention to the means as to the end. But we never do this. We always struggle and strive to achieve our goals by any means only to realize the gory end and grope in the dark in vain. This has resulted in unexpected problem like global recession, where every country is suffering and it is expected that nearly 95 countries across the globe will suffer in the coming two years due to this economic down turn. The impact, influence and style of leadership cannot be ignored in building great organizations. A leader must have an all-sided intellect to do efficient work. It is very difficult to take the role of a 20 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  21. 21. leader - one must be 'Dasasya Dasaha - a servant of servant and must accommodate a thousand minds. A servant leadership only can build great organization and Hanuman is the real example of loyalty and servant leadership. There must not be a shade of jealousy or selfishness, and then you are a leader. How many leaders like this you can find in the Corporate World or Political arena. He never becomes a leader in whose love there is a consideration of high or low. That is one should not be biased in people management and equality in treating everyone must be followed without fail. He whose love knows no end, and never stops to consider high or low, has the whole world lying at his feet. Be the servant if you will rule. That is the real secret of success. Your love will tell even if your words be harsh. Instinctively men feel the love clothed in whatever language. To build great organization, we want some fiery young men. Intelligent and brave, who dare to go to the jaws of death and are ready to swim the ocean across - we want hundreds like that, both men and women. Try your utmost for that end alone. Whether we be ten or two, do not care, but those few must be perfect characters. Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame, nor learning, it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties. Bear this in mind. Then, after the foundation is laid, let him who will, come and make a noise, there is no fear. In this 21st century, we call this attitude. 'It is not the aptitude which decides your altitude, but attitude. The most trustworthy men are needed. Rome is not built in one day. In the same way, Organisations cannot be built in one day. Reliance Industries is the right example of great organization built with great perseverance and realization of a great dream. A boy of 11 years working in a Shell petrol bunk in Burma dreamt of owning a petrol outlet like that in his life time. Today you can see Reliance Petrol bunks everywhere in India, which were setup by Reliance Industries as a tribute to the dreams of their founder father. No good thing can be done without obstructions. It is only those who persevere to the end that succeed. Don't allow egoism to enter your minds, and let love never depart from your hearts. Even if you are at your last breath, be not afraid. Work on with the intrepidity of a lion but at the same time with the tenderness of a flower. Even the greatest fool can accomplish a task if it be after his heart. But the intelligent man is he who can convert every work into one that suits his taste. No work is petty. Everything in this world is like a banyan-seed, has yet the gigantic banyan tree latent within it. He indeed is intelligent who notices this and succeeds in making all work truly great. When a great work is being done, when the foundations are laid or a road constructed, when super-human energy is needed - it is one or two extraordinary men who silently and noiselessly work through a world of obstacles and difficulties. When thousands of people are benefited, there is a great tomtoming and the whole country is loud in notes of praise. But then the machine has already been set a going, and even a body can work it, or a fool adds to it some impetus. Grasp this that, that benefit done to a village or two, and those two or twenty workers - all these are enough; they form the nucleus, never to be destroyed. From these, hundreds of thousands of people will be benefitted in time. Now we want half a down lions, then excellent work will be turned out by even hundreds of jackals. 21 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  22. 22. I remember an anecdote from the life of great innovative Scientist Thomas Edison, who invented bulb. A group of journalists asked Edison on why he is adamant on inventing the bulb, when he was already failed ten thousand times. Edison simply replied 'I have discovered ten thousand times on how not to create a bulb. Now I am just a few steps away to invent the bulb.' This is what is called true perseverance which is characteristic of great inventors. After inventing the bulb Edison could not get money to produce his bulb. He approached many Industrialists, but in vain. Finally, he could convince one and replied to his question 'what you will do with the bulb?' Edison simply replied 'I will light up the whole America'! That is real patriotism and passion to serve mankind with his discovery, which has given light to the whole world, not to just America. This is what Swami Vivekananda wishes to convey about the importance of work through which one has to aim to serve mankind. On Management Indians suffer from a great defect, viz., we cannot make a permanent organization - and the reason is what we never like to share power with others and never think of what will come after are gone. If one man dies, another has to take the mantle forward. Why just one, ten if necessary has to take the mantle forward with more sincerity and responsibility. Secondly, if a man's interest in a thing is not roused, he will not work whole-heartedly; all should be made to understand that every one has a share in the work and property; and a voice in the management. Give a responsible position to everyone alternatively, but keep a watchful eye so that you can control when necessary, thus only can men be trained for the work. Set up such a machine as will go one automatically, no matter who dies or lives. Skilful management lies in giving every man, work after his own heart. The best work is only done by alternate repose and work. Whenever you promise to do any work, you must do it exactly at the appointed time or people lose their faith in you. Money matters require a speedy reply. Business is business... One should keep the clearest account of everything in one's charge - and never, never apply the funds intended for one thing to any other use whatsoever - even if one starves the next moment. This is business integrity. Whatever you do let that be your worship for the time. Be always ready to concede to the opinions of your brethren and try always to conciliate. That is the whole secret. We are so devoid of strength that our whole energy is exhausted if we undertake to discuss anything, none is left for work. On encouraging others to work effectively We would do nothing ourselves and would scoff at others who try to do something - this is the bane that has brought about our downfall. 22 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  23. 23. You must not throw cold water on anybody's project. Give up criticism altogether. Help all as long as you find they are doing all right, and in cases where they seem to be going wrong, show them their mistakes gently. It is criticizing each other that is at the root of all mischief. That is the chief factor in breaking down organizations. On how to enhance interpersonal relations Know that talking ill of others in private is a sin. You must wholly avoid it. Many things may occur to the mind, but it gradually makes a mountain of a molehill if you try to express them. Everything is ended if you forgive and forget. On the qualities of Leadership Know partiality to be chief cause of all evil. That is to say, if you show towards anyone more love than towards somebody else, rest assured, you will be sowing the seeds of future troubles. If anybody comes to you to speak ill of others, refuse to listen to him in toto. It is a great sin to listen even. In that lies the germ of future troubles. Moreover, bear with everyone's shortcomings. Forgive offences of your employees. And if you love all unselfishly, all will by degrees come to love one another. As soon as they fully understand that the interests of one depend upon those of others, every one of them will give up jealousy. The work is spoiled if plans are not kept secret. A work can be judged by its results only. Be perfectly pure in money dealings, so long as you have faith and honesty and devotion, everything will prosper. Isn't it man that makes money? Where did you ever hear of money making man? If you can make your thoughts and words perfectly at one, if you can, I say, make yourself one in speech and action, money will pour in at your feet of itself, like water. Calm and silent and steady work and no newspaper humbug, no name-making, you must always remember. Each work has to pass through these stages - ridicule, opposition and then acceptance. Each man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood. Push on with your work independently. quot;Many come to sit at dinner when it is cooked.quot; Take care and work on. Be positive, do not criticize others. Give your message, teach what you have to teach and there stop. On the importance of Servant Leadership You will have take charge of the whole movement, not as a leader, but as a servant. Do you know the least show of leading destroys everything by rousing jealousy? 23 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
  24. 24. Do not try to lead your employees, but serve them. The brutal mania for leading has sunk many a great ship in the waters of life. Take care especially of that, i.e. be unselfish even unto death, and work. Be the servant of all, and do not try in the least to govern others. That will excite jealousy and destroy everything. Nobody will come to help you if you put yourself forward as a leader. Kill self first if you want to succeed. On training in work Do not figure out big plans at first, but begin slowly, feel your ground and proceed, up and up. Harmony and peace...let things slowly grow. Rome was not built in a day. Do only what is possible under existing circumstances. Gradually the way will open to you. We want the greatest possible good work permanent from the least outlay. You must try to think out original ideas - else, the whole thing will tumble to pieces. For example, you hold a meeting to consider, 'how we can reap the best permanent results out of the small means at our disposal.' The most important thing is that the work should be started on a scale which would be commensurate with the results desired. Do not open out your mind, unless you feel it will be positively beneficial. Use agreeable and wholesome language towards even the greatest enemy, everything proceeds slowly by degrees. No great idea can have a place in the heart unless one steps out of his little corner. It will be verified in time. Every great achievement is done slowly. No great work can be achieved by humbug. It is through love, a passion for truth, and tremendous energy; that all undertakings are accomplished. Conclusion Swami Vivekananda's teachings on organization building, management and training are very much relevant in these days of corporate scams and irresponsible corporate governance. He has built great organization like Ramakrishna Mission, which has spread its wings across the globe to serve mankind for overall development. *** 24 aimkaam : Training the World to Succeed !
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