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The devi1

  1. 1. The Devil’s Trinity Reacting to ChangeWhenever there is a constructive change in Society there is a conflict. Those in Power do not wishto give up their powers. In the poem ‘The Longest Tyranny’ the great poet John Dryden(1663)The longest tyranny that ever swaydWas that wherein our ancestors betraydTheir free-born reason to the Stagirite*,And made his torch their universal light.So truth, while only one supplied the state,Grew scarce, and dear, and yet sophisticate**;Until t was bought, like empric*** wares, or charms,Hard words seald up with Aristotles arms.-*Stagirite. Aristotle, so named from his birthplace Stagira.-**sophisticate. Not pure or genuine; specious.-***empric. An empiric is one who relies solely on observation and experiment; in the 17th centurythis connoted charlatanism and quackery, especially in medicine.The Church used Aristiotle’s claim till Galileo tested out his hypothesis and proved him wrong. Ittook us nearly 1800 years to break free of Aristotle’s falsehood. How can we expect change to occurovernight? How can the very people who thrive on looting this country be expected to enact laws or totake steps to reduce their stranglehold on our economy. 162 members of our present Lok Sabha arefacing criminal charges and mind you quite serious ones. Anna Hazare and his followers want lawbreakers to enact laws! They are on the right side but their expectations are crazy in this world of twominute noodles. The Lokpal Bill has waited for 42 years. Can we wait for 1800 years? NO.Today we see the same falsehood when we hear today’s Sibbals and Tiwaris churning out theirfalsehood while Rahul Baba and the PM are mum. We cannot blame out PM as he has kept mumwhen the Treasury was being looted be it CWG, 2G or AI or for that matter so many cases. Our PMhas always been the silent spectator. One who sees a crime being committed is as much guilty of thecrime as the one perpetuating it. Rahul Baba is mum and that is also understandable since Mum is illand maybe he is in a state of shock. Mera Bharat Mahan in which pilots can buy flying licenses andactually fly coffin boxes!!!Every new idea for constructive change is always met with 3 attacks by the devil and hisadvocates.Albert Hirschman the Development Economist has listed the three attacks in his ‘TheRhetoric for reaction:Futitlity, Perversity and Jeopardy’ as, • Futility: The reform cannot work as the problem is unsolvable. • Perversity: Any attempt to solve the problem will make it more worse. • Jeopardy: Any attempt to solve the problem will take away resources and attention from things that are more important. We can see our Khurshids, Sibbals, Chaturvedis, Tiwaris arguing endlessly on futility, perversity and jeopardy of the Jan Lokpal bill. Not that our friends from BJP or the Left or any other political party are any better; they are all the same. This negative attitude for change and refusing to see the writing on the wall is their state of mind cut off from grassroot situation as they continue to sit in their Ivory Tower offices being an island unto themselves. (Apologies to John Donne- For whom the bell tolls)