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Rajesh rampa1

  1. 1. Rajesh RampalRajesh Rampal is a Chartered Accountant. He has worked with premier CorporateSector Companies in India and in the process dealt with leading financial Institutionsof the world namely ICICI, SBI, IDBI, IFC (W) and EADB. He has also workedduring the project phase in India of two Fortune 500 companies viz. GKN plc andDegussa AG. He was Manager Corporate Finance-I in Ranbaxy Laboratories Limitedand also looked over the financial aspects in Technology Transfer Engineering and R& D Divisions of this company. He spent two years in Uganda, East Africa workingwith Cable Corporation Ltd., set up with Japanese Collaboration- Hashimoto. He alsoworked with Indias premier Economic Think Tank – Indian Council for Research onInternational Economic Relations, where he rubbed shoulders with many Economistsof International repute.He has delved in Insurance, Stock Markets and Corporate Sector Training. He wrote abook The Divine Stranglers- A Story of Thugs and Thuggee Sleeman that details thelife and times of 19th century world across three continents in historical fiction form.He has lectured and made presentations on Organised Crime in the Garb of religionin 19th century India- Thuggee in the Intelligence Bureau, National Institute ofCriminology and Forensic Sciences, India International Centre and Royal MilitaryPolice HQ in Southwick Park, Hampshire, U.K.He has also made presentations on The Siege and Assault of Delhi 1857- A Case Studyfor any Army that wishes to punch above its weight in Gurkha Museum, Winchester,Royal Armed Medical Corps Museum and the Duke of Cornwall Light InfantryMuseum in Bodmin. He also made the same presentation to the International Guild ofBattlefield Guides in London in November 2010.Rajesh has also taken several British Army officers around the sites of Delhi 1857.Some prominent names are General Sir Richard Shirreff, Deputy SupremeCommander Allied Powers, Europe, General Sir Christopher Wallace formerCommandant Royal College of Defence Studies, Colonel Dr John Richardson of theRoyal Armed Medical Corps, Colonel Gerald Napier of the Royal Engineers andauthor of Sapper VCs and Follow the Sapper.Former BBC producers Hugh Purcell and Margaret Percy have been with Rajeshseveral times on Delhi 1857 sites. Former BBC producer Philip Geddes and his teammade a Documentary The Devils Wind on 1857 and Rajesh took them around for theshoot. He was interviewed by General Sir Richard Shirreff on battle tactics in theDocumentary.Rajeshs only claim to being a Historian is being the next door neighbour of thefamous Indian Historian Dr Bipin Chandra for nearly a decade who was his fatherscolleague in the Delhi University. He has never studied History beyond the 8thStandard!
  2. 2. Dear Rajesh, I know very well that everything you turn your hand to carries the mark ofexcellence. We in the British military, in common with our brothers in India, fully understandthe importance of study of the past as a means of understanding the challenges of the presentand the future. We therefore focus considerable effort on it in our training and at our schoolsand colleges.General Sir Richard Shirreff. (Deputy Supreme Commander, Allied Powers Europe) You were a good guide and an amusing companion. You know, you should be on a lecture circuit giving these sorts of talks. You are a charming, poised, lecturer - a pleasure to listen to. And you are very erudite.Hugh Purcell, Former Managing Editor BBC. (Writer and Film maker) Your encyclopedic knowledge is awesome and you are a great story teller. When we stood at the Kashmir Gate you brought history alive for us Brigadier Clive Elderton, Defense Advisor BHC, New Delhi (NowManaging Director India Gate Way Ltd.) We have been lucky to have had the expert support of Rajesh Rampal. He has undertaken valuable research for us and given us much advice. His understanding of the whole political and social context of all these events and of the current geographical layout of the sites of the military actions has been invaluable.Late Roy T. Eve O.B.E., D.L. (Publisher, Royal Green jackets Museum,Winchester)The best personal battlefield tour I’ve done. Loaded and such balancedperspectivesGroup Captain Ian Draper R.A.F., Naval and Air Defense Advisor, BHC, NewDelhi (Now with British Aerospace) Rajesh, thanks for all your help and in appreciation of your wisdom and never ending knowledge I present my book ‘The Sapper VC’s’ and some others too. Gerald Napier (Former Director Royal Engineers Museum) Author of‘Follow the Sapper’ and ‘Sapper VC’s. Lt General Sir Christopher Wallace (Former Director Royal College of Defense Studies) has acknowledged Rajesh Rampal in two of his books- Focus on Courage and Rifles and Kukris. Uprising 1857 –Delhi and Lucknow –Two Essays by Rajesh Rampal have been vettedby Christopher Wallace and his comments are given belowThe study of past battles prepares Officers and men alike for situations they might face in future.These two essays on Delhi and Lucknow in 1857/8 bring out the importance of Leadership, Strategyand innovative tactics not only for armed forces but for all of us.Seeking to draw ManagementLessons from the Battlefield based on the Assault on Delhi in 1857 is a novel concept; they meritconsideration in detail by Business Groups.Lt. General Sir Christopher Wallace (Former Commandant Royal College of DefenceStudies)
  3. 3. Readers Feedback on THE DIVINE STRANGLERSIt is a good read, seriously. I liked Divine Stranglers. You have thought your way into thesubject so that it convinces the reader and has a period authenticity, I admire yourconfidence in adopting a semi-fictional approach. I like your direct no-nonsense style too.Hugh Purcell (Author and Former Managing Editor BBC)Now that I have read Divine Stranglers my son, a Detective Superintendent in theLondon Metropolitan Police will get to read it.Ron Cassidy (Author and former Curator RGJ Museum)A masterful book about William Sleeman- all fascinating. Do come and visit us in Wales.Nicky and Johnny RogersGreat story line! The Divine Stranglers would make a really good movie, showing thedilemmas of the individual boy caught up in circumstances beyond his control. Keep tryingand I will be there to support you at the premier.Colonel Dr John Richardson (RAMC) (Retired)A real gem –The Divine Stranglers. That you kindly inscribed it for me makes it extraspecial.Clive Elderton (Former British Defense Advisor, BHC ,New Delhi)I very much enjoyed reading the Divine Stranglers, which I thought very well written.Professor Stephen Slemon (University of Alberta, Canada)Fascinating! I was glued to it till I finished it. You keep the tempo fast paced and exciting. Itwould make a wonderful film. Only Sir Richard Attenborough can do justice to make afilm on your story.Darshan Lal (Director- Monsanto Holding P. Ltd), Former Director BASF India Ltd."The Divine Stranglers" -found it absolutely fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the way youintroduced the background of the different protagonists, including the sympathetic portraitof the thug Mahaveer. It was a remarkable achievement to destroy the network of Thugs.Frank Baldwin (Chairman- Battlefields Trust, U.K.)I absolutely adore your endeavour. The story succeeds in creating the mystique andhighlights each character sympathetically. J Sanyal (Author- Bengalee)Your book is a Master piece! Pavani Sitaramiah (Author-Tamil & Telugu)I found your book very interesting. S. S. Dawra IAS (Former Secretary GOI)Good luck with Thuggee film project - I agree would be a fascinating project.......Phillip Geddes (Formerly BBC and Communications Advisor EU)