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  1. 1. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Gairatpur Baas P.O. Tikli Badshahpur, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122101Telephone - (0124) 2103662 Email: Web site: www. Presentation: Film on 2010 Annual Function of School: • •
  2. 2. Early bird catches the worm.Teach them young- all those aspects that will most reliably see them through the challenges of life (honesty, reliability, punctuality, team spirit, generosity, courtesy, self- restraint
  3. 3. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School TrusteesLalage Eleanor Prabhu - Retired Head-mistress/EducationistMaxwell Pereira - Retired Police CommissionerVinod Goswami – ArchitectMahinder Pal - Local Farmer, village advisorSubha Rajan - Director, Confederation of Indian IndustriesVinod Varma – Major General (EME) Rtd. Indian ArmyRajesh Rampal - Chartered AccountantRaghuraj Kanudia – BusinessmanSarpanch - Ex officio, the elected village headman/woman.Radhe Shyam; resident at Village Baas, P O Tikli, GurgaonAnd
  4. 4. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat SchoolIndian Charity Registration - No 312, Book 4 Volume 1325. Registered under the Society Registration Act. Bankers:State Bank of India, DLF Qutb Enclave, Gurgaon - FCRA Bank Account No - 30164632383 Rupee Running Account No - 30268289913 Rupee Building Account No - 31140530083. PAN - AABTB2124R .. TAN - DELB09624G Associated with Esther Benjamins Trust London EC1A 7LS. Auditors: P.K. Varma & Co, Chartered Accountants, C 37 Connaught Place, New Delhi Income Tax Section 80G approval in hand and is valid till 2013.
  5. 5. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Why a School and Why a Private one?• BET has set out to give every child in the three villages ofBaas, Gairatpur Baas and , Khera Pandala, an education similar to that which the politicians, the affluent class and bureaucrats insist upon for their children.• Often, in rural India, education is used as a nepotistic employment agency by those in power, seeking to enlarge their vote bank. Many teachers in the state sector are not properly trained; and many don’t even turn up at school – they simply draw their pay.• To break this stranglehold, BET went for a private school to ensure good quality teaching, social upliftment, cohesion and good governance.• In order to ensure full commitment, teachers when possible, have to live on site. In return, we look after them properly, though with salaries in the state sector so high, it is difficult to do so.,
  6. 6. Our Precious Jewels –our Children and our Teachers –Annual Function December 2nd, 2011
  7. 7. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY• Our focus is on building character and self-esteem.• We are an English medium school - all teaching (except Hindi lessons) is done in English, because mastery of this will, when the time comes, get them a better job.• In our perception, our most important core teachers need to be Maths, English, Music, Art and Sport. This leads to a resonant response from the vast majority of children making them grow as balanced and confident citizens on a firm base of literacy, numeracy and character.• MMI (Modern Montessori International) is a London, Singapore and Gurgaon based organisation with good credentials. They train our teachers. We have the nursery element (3s, 4s and 5s) under the Montessori system. ---------------------------------------------• Three of our teachers have completed training under the Montessori system. Montessori’s byword is “Learningis best achieved by activity and had to be Fun”. Activity – actually doing it yourself – leads to comprehension, rather than struggling to remember what has been said.• There will eventually be four specialist teachers in the Montessori section who will each be nominally in charge of a class, and they will take that class into grade 1 CBSE of primary school, so as to lessen the effect of the step change of learning system.• As at January 2012 we have three specialist teachers; in Music we are on the look out for a teacher after Mukesh (our former Music Teacher) left us, in PE/sport we have Chandan, and in Art, Lajwanti who now mixes Montessori and Art . The village pot maker and carpenter also fill in as part timers for teaching their craft to the children.• To accommodate the great disparity of ability, and the brighter children being held back by the slower ones, in April 2011 we started an A-stream system wherein the five or so brightest in tens and nines join up for accelerated maths and English. We shall watch this closely to see if the numbers in the class are right. We hope to ensure that those who deserve a shot at university get the opportunity.•
  8. 8. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School iDISCOVERi• On recommendation from our Educationist Trustee Lalage Prabhu, and others, we have introduced a new Primary School system called "iDiscoveri".• iDiscoveri partners with schools across the country to raise the bar of how children learn and how teachers teach, through XSEED - a comprehensive platform for student curriculum, assessment, teacher education, instructional leadership. iDiscoveri is nationally gaining rapidly in following. It defines the curriculum by having an interesting range of day work books, and covers a wide range of scholastic spectrum based on CBSE. It also gives on- site leadership to teachers on how to present topics in an interesting way. Early thoughts are that it is going well, but needs some tuning to make it village-centric. Results by those already following this system appear to be very good, with learning rates increased. Four teachers have done their training and it has lifted off. We are feeling our way forward, and have regular visits from the iDiscoveri support staff to help us. In routine tests we are slightly above national average in English GAPPERS and TWIN School• On leaving school in Britain, numbers of children take a (gap) year off before university. Such Gappers work unpaid for two or three months, often In the Montessori section - the engine room for learning English and starting to build character. This arrangement has helped staff and students to widen their horizons.• We have a warm and close relationship with St Michael’s Primary School in Aldbourne, UK. Our Head- mistress visited that school in the summer 2011 to observe their teaching methodologies. Students of both schools interact by post to share ideas, to make friends and to have a better understanding of their worlds. This will grow to internet when language proficiency permits
  9. 9. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School• TEACHERS We are growing by one class per annum until our eldest are 16, when many will leave and set off into life. Thus we constantly need more teachers, and in years to come,andthough good spoken and written English will continue to be a basic essential, those with greater expertise in wider traditional areas, like geography, history , science and chemistry will have to be recruited. Teachers are expected to live in on site, and to reflect the high esteem in which we hold their profession, and in order to fulfil our requirement for them to be intellectual, social and moral role models not only in school, but within the village at large, Teacher’s accommodation is spacious.• In 2010 we offered to introduce a Provident Fund, but the teachers rejected it, preferring cash to PF.• We are aware of the need to improve the quality of our teachers, who are not as broad minded as we would wish, but a big drawback is our inability to pay state school level salaries to our teachers.• With our primary focus being literacy, numeracy and character, we define Character as all those things that most schools ignore in their relentless drive for ever higher exam marks - it is reliability, punctuality, courtesy, honesty, teamwork, thinking of others, the ability to see how to tackle problems, and more such intangibles - all the things that exams never test, but which life otself does daily.• We now have our teachers believing that their purpose is "to prepare children for life" and that "the only exam that really matters is life itself".
  10. 10. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Where is the School located• We are about fifteen Kilometers south of Guragaon (Haryana) and about 50 Kms south of the centre of Delhi. There is a state run school in the first village Gairatpur Baas.• Indian villages are governed by a local council called a Panchayat. ‘Panch’ meaning five, and the Panchayat being the council of five citizens, elected by the villagers, on a five year cycle, to govern their affairs and control such monies as government puts their way. The man or woman getting the most votes is the chairman of the panchayat – the ‘Sarpanch’, who is also the ex-officio Trustee of BET. Our Panchayat presides over three villages – Khera, Gairatpur Baas and Pandala. Their combined population is just short of two thousand.• The school lies on village common land which has been nominated in perpetuity for this purpose via a panchayat resolution now registered in the state capital Chandigarh. In that resolution it was stated that as we build the buildings they are given to the panchayat, and further, that, in perpetuity, the management and development of the school is devolved upon the Baas Educational Trust. This gives the project substance which we trust donors will find comforting.• The result is that the village are progressively becoming more supportive (every child in our age group comes to school and pays a little to do so) and they will, we hope, become ready to pay more for their education as our added value becomes clearer, not withstanding that the Govt should give it free.•
  11. 11. Location
  12. 12. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School ChallengesTeachers - Being in a rural area we have problems getting teachers because it is a sad fact that in India all teachers and doctors want to work in cities; added to which, we cannot match the State School Salary scales. However we have managed so far, because once in, our teachers take readily to our liberal methodology and the enthusiasm it engenders in the children. We have a mix of local Harianvis and inductees from North East States, Jharkhand and Bihar. Attrition has remained low so far but we currently have three on maternity leave. Replacing our Music Teacher, who left for better pay in Gurgaon, is proving difficult. We are abundantly aware that we need Quality teachers who can extract the best out of iDiscoveri and Montessori frameworks with vision and energy. WE are in the process of Registering the school in order to come under RTE 2009 for some funding.Funding - The RTE 2009 Act came into force in April 2010, under which every child in the age group of 6-14 years will be provided education, at State expense, in an age appropriate classroom in the vicinity of his/her neighbourhood. We need to register before April 1 2013. We should be entitled then, as a non-profit NGO, to some funding from the State for providing Education to the weaker class.FCRA - As shown in the next slide, we depend to a large extent on FCRA imported funds- 58% for year ended 2011, and that is a tedious and a lengthy process. We are now entitled to have, and have applied for, a permanent clearance, by dint of having imported funds for 3 years under individual clearances. But still we need to develop indigenous sources of funds.
  13. 13. Baas Educational Trust ManagingGairatpur Baas Panchayat School Domestic/FCRA Donations Year Ended 31st March 2011 12.14 /16.82 lacs Total 28.96l acs Domestic FCRA 42% 58%
  14. 14. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Present Funding• School Fees - Rs 50, 150 or 250 per month at present on the basis of ability to pay. Inability to pay Rs 50 does not still hamper a child’s education per school norms. Fees levels can grow when circumstances permit. At present they pay of one teacher out of 11.• From guests passing through Tikli Bottom Guest House - Rupees donations.• Guests or others also donate in foreign currency to Esther Benjamins Trust in UK where Gift Aid is added and then transmitted to India through FCRA channel.• From Indians - general donations or specific to support teachers salaries (Rs 1,20, 000 p a recurring). We have six such donors.Drawbacks• Present funding system is erratic and unreliable and we need to raise funds for Revenue Expenditure Rs 70 lacs per annum and Capital Expenditure amounting to Rs 70 lacs over the next five years. Our major expenditure is on teachers and their training.Needed - Rupees donations to start a corpus of 5-7 Crores to generate future income or funds to meet Revenue Expenditure or Capital expenditure. The Trustees have enough expertise to invest funds to provide income. FUTURE PLANS & DETAILED FUNDING NEEDS.• Buildings Required – 5 Classrooms, 1 residence for 4 teachers, a shallow summer splash pool, a school assembly hall cum village community hall incorporating a medical centre for the village (with Max Healthcare Foundation assistance), a science laboratory and a computer center. This will be a continuous building process. As our eldest apporoach age 16, we shall address the vocational training needs which will either be accommodated in existing rooms or may need new space. Perhaps local industry will offer apprenticeships. Rs 42.27 lacs was the revenue expenditure for the Year ended 31st March 2011. A compounded growth of 10% will result in a figure of Rs 70 lacs app. After 5 years.
  15. 15. Dr. Mohini Daljeet Singh, Chairperson Max Healthcare Foundation, Chief Guest atthe Annual School function on December 2nd 2011 addressing the precious Jewels.
  16. 16. Thank you!
  17. 17. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Baas Educational Trust Regd. Office C37 Connaught Place, New Delhi 11001 Year Ended 31st March 2011 Source: Audited accounts Status: TRUST Source Statement of Income Previous Year Current YearGross voluntary contribution: 2457278 2896608School Fees received: 190244 297571Other 3187 0Prior Period Adjustments 161395 0Total 2812104 3194179Less:Charitable expenditure – 3862449 4227569for Charitable Building construction 0 0Total 3862449 4227569Deficit of Income over Expenditure 1050345 1033390Notes: Follows Cash system of Accounting and there are no Contingent Liabilities as at 31st March 2011
  18. 18. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2011 Previous Year Current YearLiabilitiesAccumulated General Fund 2555929 1505584Less: Excess of Expenditure over Income -1050345 1033390Total 1505584 472194AssetsFixed Assets WDV 246834 319791Current AssetsSBI-9913 586346 6798SBI-FCRA 639406 0SBI-0083 237Cash 30094 64853Loans and AdvancesStaff 2904 80515Total 1505584 472194WDVFurniture 186556 167900Musical Instruments 45147 38375Office Equipments 12241 111060Printer 2890 319791
  19. 19. Baas Educational Trust Managing Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School* All expenses less than Rs 1 lac have been clubbed together for brevity. Previous Year Current Year Income and Expenditure AccountIncomeDonations 2457278 2896608School fees 190244 297571Other 3187Prior Period Adjustment 161395 0Excess of Expenditure over Income 1050345 1033390Total 3822449 4227569ExpenditureBooks and periodicals 8650 644493Donations -Building 2151100 1177300Food Expenses 84019 121219Printing and Stationery 31891 146397Salaries 1213546 1648832School Maintenance 81766 104768Other* 291477 384560Total 3862449 4227569