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Brazil fashion symposium


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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    Feeda Fashion Ltd. well known for it’s professional products handling and efficient service in the field of apparel sourcing. It has grown as reliable and trustworthy quality apparel Exporter and Buying House based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Vision: We are very much interested to work with suitable clients to handle their products most efficiently to build up a mutual beneficial relationship for longer terms. We focus on competitive price, outstanding quality and scheduled delivery.

    Experienced Team: We have highly qualified and experienced team. All of the team members are experienced of 7-10 years working in the textile and apparel fields. They are most efficient and have strong alliance with all the concerns, buyers, suppliers, factories and other relevant parties

    Product Range: We handle complete range of apparel items in woven and knit, including Sweaters.

    In Knit, we handled –
    - T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Knit Top Bottom Sets etc.
    - Fleece Jackets, Fleece Trousers, Sets, Bonded Fleece Jackets etc.
    - Sweaters, Cardigans, pullovers etc. in different yarns (Cotton, Acrylic etc.)
    and yarn counts (2 ~ 12 gauge).

    In Woven, we handled –
    - Bottoms – Long Pants, Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Capri, Skirts etc. in different materials/fabrication, like Denim, Twill, Corduroy, Poplin, Flannel etc.
    - Tops – Shirts, Ladies Blouses, Designer Tops, etc in different materials/fabrications.

    Outerwear / Multi-Layer, we handled –
    - Padded Jackets, Single lined Jackets, Padded Trousers, Single lined Trousers, Pullovers, Anorak, Wind
    Breakers, Jogging Suits etc.

    We Provide Following Services:
    • Evaluate and select the vendors suitable product-wise.
    • Development and Sampling assistance.
    • Supporting / negotiation in costing and workable price.

    We are specialized in providing following services:
    1. Sourcing
    2. Merchandising and order follow up
    3. Product development
    4. Production monitoring
    5. Quality control
    6. Inspection & testing
    7. Logistic support
    8. Quick and friendly communication with buyers and suppliers
    9. Customer care

    Therefore, we would like to request you, if you have any requirements for knit / Woven garments please send your inquiry to us, we will co-operate you with our best price with outstanding service. Thanking and looking forward you.

    Kind Regards,

    Millat Hossain
    Feeda Fashion House
    House # 60/A (2nd Floor)
    Behind Surma Tower,
    Purana Palton, Dhaka,
    Hot Line: Cell: 88-01616383941
    Tel : 88-02-9582967
    Fax : 88-02-9582967
    Skype :
    Facebook :
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Brazil fashion symposium

  1. 1. BRAZIL’SInternationalFashionSymposium
  2. 2. Main Goals To promote the Brazilian Fashion System internationally To develop international partnerships To create awareness of the Brazilian Fashion through partnerships with design and fashion institutions To prepare and encourage national sectorial projects to develop innovative activities
  3. 3. Who?The Fashion Symposium is a project supported and organized by ApexBrasilwith the main Brazilian associations that integrate the Fashion Systemincluding designers, textile, & apparel, cosmetics, jewerly, leather,components and footwear. Supported by Brazilian Fashion System Associations
  4. 4. Who? Apex-Brasil promotes exports of Brazilian products and services, supports the internationalization of Brazilian companies and attracts foreign investments into the country. Apex-Brasil promotes investment opportunities to attract foreign direct investors to Brazil. The Agency focuses on companies and projects that offer technological innovations and new business models, strengthen industrial supply chains, have a direct impact on national job creation and improve the volume and diversity of Brazilian exports.
  5. 5. Who? ABIT (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association) represents the integration of the Brazilian textile chain. ABICALÇADOS (Brazilian Footwear Industries Association) represents the Brazilian shoe manufacturers ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of Personal Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance) represents the CT&F sector in the national and international scope IBGM (Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals) represents the entire production chain of Gems and Jewelry Industry in Brazil
  6. 6. Who? ABEST (Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers) represents the Brazilian brands of design and fashion. ASSINTECAL (Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Artifacts) represents the sector of footwear components. CICB (Brazilian Center of Tanners) represents the Brazilian Leather Industry InMod (Fashion Institute) is an organization that supports studies, research and events for the fashion market.
  7. 7. Where?The last 4 years the Fashion Symposium was held in 4 different countries byDesign and Fashion institutions that supported the Brazilian group andorganized a very specific agenda through presentations, business meetings, visitsand important workshops. 2008 2009 2010 2011Poli.Design Bunka Fashion Fashion Institute Institut FrançaisConsorzio del College of Technology de la ModePolitecnico di Tokyo / Japan New York / USA Paris / FranceMilanoMilan / Italy
  8. 8. General AgendaOn the last 4 Symposiums the main agenda considered important topics, such as:Presentation about Brazilian Fashion SystemPresentation about Fashion System from the countryPresentation about the Institution + tour visit of departmentsFocused workshops for each sector/market (fashion; textile & apparel; cosmetics;footwear; jewerly; leather and footwear components): •market information and structure •biggest players •best cases •considerations to enter the international marketFocused workshops on: •Marketing •Innovation •TechnologyBusiness relationship and benchmarking visits to: •Important companies of the market - Manufacturers/factories/ stores/shops •Technology and Research Centers • Federations and Associations of the related sectors •Other relevant institutions/organizations for the Fashion related institutions
  9. 9. Poli.Design Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano Milan / Italy2008 – MILAN / ITALY
  10. 10. Main content of the presentations held in Poli.Design:  Italy and Brazil Seminar (Fashion market of each country)  Poli.Design introduction presentation and tour visit to laboratories  Fashion and Design System in Italy (Production, criativity, distribution)2008 – MILAN / ITALY  Fashion communication: new tools and metodologies  Milan as an international to the Made in Italy  Research: tendencies and design orientation  Sector workshops: art and innovation (Apparel & textile; jewerly; shoes). Businesses arranged to visit: (1) Museo internazionale della calzatura - Vigevano (2) Eurojersey – Fabric / textile industry
  11. 11. 2008 – MILAN / ITALY
  12. 12. Bunka Fashion College2009 – TOKYO/ JAPAN Tokyo / Japan
  13. 13. Main content of the presentations held in Bunka Fashion College:  Japan and Brazil Seminar (Fashion market of each country)2009 – TOKYO/ JAPAN  Bunka Fashion college introduction presentation and tour visit to the campus  Fashion and business (history + foresights)  Sector workshops: structure and tendencies (Apparel & textile; jewerly; shoes).  Workshop Kenzo Takada – Company, brand and life history Businesses arranged to visit: Companies visited during Fashion Symposium in Japan: Shoephile, Shiseido, Uchida Shoes (Tozoo brand), Inden Co., Nobuko Ishikawa, and Toray. There were also visit to stores of Uniqlo and Muji.
  14. 14. 2009 – TOKYO/ JAPAN
  15. 15. 2009 – TOKYO/ JAPAN
  16. 16. Fashion Institute of Technology New York / USA2010 – NEW YORK / USA
  17. 17. Main content of the presentations held in FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology:  FIT introduction presentation and tour visit to the campus2010 – NEW YORK / USA  Consumer research metodologies  The american fashion market •Luxury retail structure •Distribution channels and princing •Sustainability cases  Marketing •Integrated marketing and communications strategies •Global marketing and best cases •E-commerce and social media trends •Brand Marketing  Innovation management Companies visited Businesses arranged to visit: during Fashion Symposium in USA: PVH (Phillip Van Hausen) and the stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman
  18. 18. 2010 – NEW YORK / USA
  19. 19. 2010 – NEW YORK / USA
  20. 20. Institut Français de la Mode Paris / France2011 – PARIS / FRANCE
  21. 21. Main content of the presentations held in IFM – Institut Français de la Mode :  France and Brazil Seminar (Fashion market of each country)2011 – PARIS / FRANCE  French Fashion Market •Statistics and main players •Retail structure  New consumer expectations  Sector workshops: structure and tendencies (Apparel & textile; jewerly; shoes).  Workshop opinion makers – Positioning brazilian brands  Workshop with Pascale Mussard – Petit H (Hermès) Businesses arranged to visit: Companies visited during Fashion Symposium in France: Merci, Lesage,, Pierre Corthay, Hermès, Pierre Hardy
  22. 22. 2011 – PARIS / FRANCE
  23. 23. 2011 – PARIS / FRANCE
  24. 24. Main Results Achieved • Brazilian Fashion System integrated • Partnerships with design and fashion institutions settled • Brazilian fashion image developed among opinion makers and fashion/design institutions • Brazilian sectorial projects focusing on innovative activities to enhance and promote Brazilian fashion on international markets
  25. 25. Main Results AchievedBelow there are some example of formal results resulted from SymposiumsKenzo Takada to work with Brazilian designers from Japanese fashion school come to Brazil presents Brazilian Jewellery At the Couture Design Awards brings American expert to Brazil
  26. 26. 2012 Fashion SymposiumBrazil and South KoreaThe next Fashion Symposium was chosen to be held in South Korea in 2012. Itis expected to be settled a partnership through a professional program with aninstitution that can organize and present to the Brazilian Fashion System thestructure of the South Korean market regarding design, innovation, marketingand technology. Technology Innovation Symposium Content Focus Marketing Design Opening Ceremony GuestSymposium and Seminar Institute classes / speakers presentations aboutSuggested main content for Workshops by CompaniesActivities sector the whole group visits
  27. 27. Abicalçados and ApexBrasil will beresponsible for the 2012 FashionSymposium organization.For any questions about this project,please contact:Mr. Cristiano you!