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Well-spent summer time in Baluti Island
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Well-spent summer time in Baluti Island


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Well-spent summer time in Baluti Island

Library personnel of the University spent summer of 2013 in Real, Quezon. Its chief, Mrs. Aniline A. Vidal, brought them to an attractive place called Baluti Island where yellowfin tuna abound. Here' s a place you would wish to go back again and again, swim, eat responsibly, walk under the sun and behold a nice view of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range.

10-minute boat ride through a wide river to and from the town port area of Real was a pleasant thrill. There we arrived and felt home and alone in an island where pine trees are abundant. A quiet beach resort with empty cottages and small huts welcomed the group. The beach areas are superb for swimming. The sea is clear and its water is calm with fine gray sand. Kids and youngsters who joined the seven library people from UPHSD initiated enjoying the place as soon as they changed their clothes and likely owning Baluti Island during these two wonderful days of summer in April.

Families that joined this fun summer activity of the University library included Vidal's and Ramos's.

For better view:!well-spent-summertime-in-baluti-island/c21gr

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