librarian of Statefields School and is an alum-
na of the Philippine Normal University where
she intends to finish MAED LI...
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Newslink 2013 June-October Volume 10, Number 1: Draft


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Newslink is the Official Newsletter of the Library of University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta, Las Pinas

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Newslink 2013 June-October Volume 10, Number 1: Draft

  1. 1. Newslink UPHSD - P2 / RAMOS ORIENTS STUDENTS AND FACULTY P3 / WELL-SPENT SUMMER- TIME IN BALUTI ISLAND P3 / DEAN OF THE YEAR P4 / VIDAL AND RAMOS JOIN MUNPARLAS, INC. 2013 June-October Volume 10, No. 1 ISSN 1656-6335 3:15pm @ FB, Kristine honestly said, "I just got influenced by my classmates, then I got to enjoy the course especially the technical processing of books. Library science wasn’t my first choice in college but it was indeed one of the best decisions I made back then." Reference and youngest librarian of the University named Kristine Anne de Leon Bautista is former SK Kagawad at Anabu I-B Imus, Cavite for two years. Kristine started as school librarian for Colegio de Sta. Rosa in Intramuros and immediately after less than a year now a UPHSD college librarian. Kristine is PNU- PNUAN. Teodina T. Palattao is very grateful to have worked at the University since 2009. Palattao is one of the three regu- lar employee-librarians, former school >> CONT. PAGE TWO They've always wanted to excel and be productive young women professionals for the 21st century libraries... “ ” Chief Librarian of UPHSD-Las Pińas, Mrs. Aniline A. Vidal was elected as secretary of MUNPARLAS, Inc. while Mr. Roderick B. Ramos, graduate school librarian as its public relations officer. They were sworn into office last August 19, 2013 during the INFOLIT SEMINAR held in the auditorium of De La Salle San- tiago Zobel School with founding presi- dent, Fr. Fr. Paul De Vera, OSB, as induct- ing officer. Vidal and Ramos shall serve the Association for two years. MUNPARLAS Inc. has a training for non-librarians on Library Management & Organization 101 scheduled in October where Vidal and Ramos shall serve as lecturers for two days. It has also planned a national conference on developmental bibliotherapy in the highlands of Mountain Province and is set on April 24-25, 2013. SURVEY RESULT Use of e-journals by teachers and students of the Graduate School Department of the University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta, Las Pińas: A Survey. ACCREDITATION EXPERIENCE Read an article on how library personnel get enriched by an experience with the visitation of university accreditors NEXT ISSUE:Vidal and Ramos join MUNPARLAS, Inc. Professional organizations like MUNPARLAS, Inc., an association for libraries and library personnel would need people. Whether you are involved as an officer or simply a member, the growth of any professional organization depends on who and how one participates and makes relevant programs attractive while demonstrating some good sense of corporate governance in the day-to-day operation of the organization. NEWSLINK L a s P i ń a s
  2. 2. librarian of Statefields School and is an alum- na of the Philippine Normal University where she intends to finish MAED LIS in March. According to her, “UPHSD helps me widen my experiences and skills through engage- ments with different activities such as attend- ing seminars, workshops and trainings.” Newly regularized employee, Jacqueline G. Austria, handles CIHM library since its birth. Prior to his current work, Austria was librarian to St. Patrick School (2004-05), Saint Claire School (2007-08) and Statefields School, Inc. (2008-10). Also, she is MLIS graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Head-turner Jac whispered one moment ago that "being a librarian is not an easy job because we cater to different clients and obliged to give the right information that they need." Renne Rose M. Salazar is certified by its La- boratory School to CTL, BLIS at the premiere teaching institution, known as Being in service for 47 years, Justice Nazario had so many accomplishments as well as awards received in the field. One of the latest awards was the Dean of the Year given by no less than the UPHSD President, Sir Anthony Jose M. Tamayo during Institutional Christmas party held last last December 14, 2012. Justice Nazario has accomplished so many things for the College since she became the College of Law Dean. Some of them are as follows: 1. The Office of the Dean was redesigned and refurnished. 2. The gold signage of the College of Law at the Lobby. DEANOFTHEYEAR According to Ramos, EBSCO is gate portal to thousands of information resources carefully selected by involved members of the library committee that includes faculty representatives and deans from the different colleges of UPHSD. These information resources are web-based quality, scholarly and authoritative information objects in the form of e-journal, e -magazine, e-books and the like which are expected to help assist both students' and other university sec- tors' scholarly and academic pursuits. EBSCO contents do augment what the LRC currently possesses and subscribes as a center for reading and research in the University. "Our clients are fortunate to have CIPPA or Computerized Index to Philip- pine Periodical Articles," Ramos iterated. This software-program found in the UPHSD library enables and points anyone to exact location of an article published locally. Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila indexes regularly more than two-hundred Filipiniana journals, magazines, newspapers, national and local dailies, and other periodicals that they subscribe, maintained and kept for preservation, access and archival purposes. New technologies are also installed in the LRC namely, computerized library attendance (identification system), security device for book detection (library alarm), and CCTV camera (surveillance system). These monitor and may prevent lost valuables, book theft, potential structural damages, and loss of safety as well. "LRC is a home away from home and within LRC is a roster of professional and friendly librarians any Perpetualite can approach. If felt un-accommodated, feel free to report it to the Office of the Chief Libarian for action," Ramos ended. Young Librarians EBSCOHOST SECURITY TECH Ramos orients students and faculty >> CONT. FROM PAGE ONE As they take charge one best asset of the University, the UPHSD Library, and while they nurture one another as library professionals, expect UPHSD build and strengthen their leadership capacities little by little each day. “ ” Philippine Normal University, to current graduate work and studies and is full fledged PNU- AN. Salazar is Law librarian of UPHSD since 2012 and had worked in three academic libraries namely, Divine Mercy College Foundation Inc.- Caloocan (2010-12), Manila Central University- Caloocan (2008-10), St. Mary’s College-Q.C. (2005-08). Generous, business roller, and most congenial grade school librarian, Criselda Ramirez, is also a bachelor LS graduate of the Philippine Normal University. Renne is tallest at 5'6" among these six young librarians while the other four - Jacqueline, Cri- selda, and Rien - are married and young mothers, too. Also single and SPED specialist Kristine is only 24 and just like any of these love- ly lady librarians is promising not only in terms of competence but also in character. Well-spent summertime in Ba- luti Island L i b r a r y p e r s o n n e l o f t h e u n i v e r s i t y spent summer of 2013 in Real Quezon, its chief It’sbeen a year since I had my first glance of the most outstanding dean of the Institution. A humble and approachable person who always gives her warmest smile every time her eyes meets mine—Justice Minita V. Chico-Nazario, our College of Law Dean. yellowfin tuna abound. Here' s a place you would wish to go back again and again, swim, eat re- sponsibly, walk under the sun and behold a nice view of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range. 10-minute boat ride through a wide river to and from the town port area of Real was a pleasant thrill. There we arrived and felt home and alone in an island where pine trees are abundant. A quiet beach resort with empty cottages and small huts welcomed the group. The beach areas are superb for swimming. The sea is clear and its water is calm with fine gray sand. Kids and youngsters who joined the seven library people from UPHSD initiated enjoying the place as soon as they changed their clothes and likely owning Baluti Island during these two wonderful days of summer in April. Families that joined this fun summer activity of the University library included Vidal's and Ra- mos's. Mrs. Aniline A. Vidal, brought them to an attractive place called Baluti Island where >> EXPLORE OUR e-CATALOG AT CIPPA SECU R IT Y BY RENNE ROSE M. SALAZAR 3. The classrooms were well-ventilated and blinds were placed. 4. The Law Library Collections were evaluated and continuously being updated. The Lex Libris software was installed in the new all-in-one computer units. 5. For the students, the organizations and activities were successfully revived namely, Legal Precepts Editorial Board, Bar Operations Committee, Debating Team and College of Law Student Association (CLSA). Innovations of the college were influenced by Justice Nazario, specifically, improving and providing quality education to the students and members of the Institution GS librarian Mr. Roderick B. Ramos explained that UPHSD-Las Piñas offers hybrid type of a library environment where a student or faculty can enjoy exploring both print and online resources as assisted by professional librarians. Ramos oriented Education and Engineer- ing students at separate sessions in Ernesto Palanca-Crisostomo Hall last July 5 and 9 respectively, during Orienta- tion, Induction & Pinning Ceremonies 2013 of the Colleges of Education and