Changing libraries & invitation


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Changing libraries & invitation

  1. 1. TOUT}IUILLE IHTEN}IATIOilAL ICI{OOL AilD (OLLECE' The School of Future Leaders and Achievers INTERNATTONALLY ACCREOITED by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), U.S.A (Basic Education K-12) PACUCOA Member (College Division) SISCICSF CtO 00! ter 00.J 03i: ei 10 COLLEGE Luxembourg Campus Luxembourg St., BF Homes lnternational, Las Pinas City. Philippines Tel. Nos.: (6321 825"6374 (632) 820-8702 to 03 Telefax: (632)820-5161 FOREIGIII COLLEGES Yokohama Campus Yokohama St. corner Tropical Avenue, BF Homes lnternetional, Las Piftas City, Philippines Tel tlos.; (632) 820-9181 (632) 825-5147 Fax No.: (632) 820-5952 Webs ite: wr, E-mail: HIGH SCHOOL GRADE SCHOOL Tropical Campus(Main CamPus) 1 281 TropicalAvenue corner Luxembourg St., BF Homes lntemational, Las Piilas City, Philippines Tel. Nos.: (6321 820"4035 (632) 825-6374 (632) 810-8702 to 03 Fax No.: (632) 820-4035 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Elizalde Gampus 136 Elizelde St., BF Homes, Parafraque City, Philippines Tel Nos.: (6321 842-8811 {632) 807-5537 Fax No.: (632) 807-9391 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATIOI{ Munich Campus Munich St., comer Tropical Avenue BF Homes lnternttional, Las Pifias City Tel Nos.: (632) 829'2930 Telefax No.: (632) 825-7909 Diploma Programme LIBRARY DEPARTMENT May t4,2oL4 Dear Colleagues, Warm greetings from SOLTIHVILLE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AI{D COLLEGES! The SISC Library Department is pleased to invite you to attend its z-day National Conference themed on Changing Libraries & INFO-EDUTAINMENT (Fusion Conference Series zlou4). This professional activity will be held on October t6-t7, zoL4 from Bam to 5pm @ Lux Gym, Southville International School and Colleges, 1281 Tropical Avenue corner Luxembourg St., BF Homes International, Las Pifias City, Philippines. Changing Libraries & INFO-EDUTAINMENT (Fusion Conference Series 2.ot4) is aimed at assisting libraries, librarians and other information professionals to: 1. provide a marketing opportunity for libraries and information centers in bringing out a service differentiation, utilizing high impact edutainment skills and enriching library experiences towards successful service, that creates a worldwide impact satisfiring patrons with huge resources; 2. promote library services and products; and, g. become community solution centers where people are learning new skills, networking and benchmarking best practices. Sessions will have excellent resource persons and enriching topics. Th_e conference fee is php 3,5oo.oo inclusive of meali with snacks, conference kits and certificates. please "iu[J puy*."ts/cheques payable to: Southville International School and bo1f"s"r. rirst so institutions io register shall receive a set of six (6) coffJe table art Looks for their libraries. CHED and DepEd endorsements are being applied. Please feel free to call us at l.'il:i:i) 'r;,:ri '{;,r"::: local L46, text at o9187318oro or email rorlerrick -tailtas@sg$lfulle.gds.J}b and/or qf fi ceotthel i b ra r]' G,r sq rtthi-illg:. ed u . pl1. Thank you. ::::W:^-.sMEd Conference Chair Noted by: Marjorie Gutie Vice President hd Research