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3 coffee table books for Adamson University


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This donation became possible through the generosity of MS. MARLENE AGUILAR and distributed by the Library of Southville International School and Colleges. The artist-donor expects that this material goes to the library shelf for everyone’s use.

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3 coffee table books for Adamson University

  1. 1. Adamson University
  2. 2. Adamson University
  3. 3. University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta
  4. 4. The Distributor
  5. 5. 3 Coffee Table Books
  6. 6. More than 10,000 peso- coffee table books free to BiblioCARE conference participants (1 Take 3)! 1st 50 schools/libraries though their librarian- attendees in our Sagada conference shall receive a set of three (3) coffee table books for free made possible by the generosity of Ms. Marlene Aguilar come April 24. Take this opportunity to take a chance on collecting these art books worth reading. Be the first to get free copies. See you in Sagada…
  7. 7. 1st Recipient-Museum of the South
  8. 8. 28 Boxes of 300 Copies
  9. 9. The Provider