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• Ramon: expat that came to Brussels to work in EU Parliament, grow bored of it, loved the city and Internet business, mixed both. Organizer, speaker, consultant-
• Brussels: Very active and vibrant. Full of opportunities, ideas and projects in development.
• Took off 4 years ago with Betagroup (but other groups already existed)
• National culture does not favor entrepreneurship: civil servant minded = risk averse, security, conservative.
• All in takes is one person to launch one event (and a lot to attend and promote): importance of champions/ambassadors.
• DO IT!!! If you want something to happen, don’t just wait, make it happen.
• If it is happening: help promote it and grow!
• Jean Derely , French. Ramon, Spanish . Leo, Russian.
• Mostly in English, but people can use other languages in most events.
• Inspiration: show that entrepreneurship is possible and cool.
• Networking: real networks grow on face to face meetings. Create opportunities and facilitate.
• For all of them > If you want to organize something like it, contact the organizers in Brussels, they will help.
• Promotion: promote startups and entrepreneurs.
• Check Tech events calendar in Betagroup’s site and attend.
• Betagroup: largest network of Belgian professionals & entrepreneurs in the IT/Tech/Mobile sectors. Organizes a monthly pitch-slam for startups attended by 350 people. 3500 members. Very well known in entrepreneurship/tech circles, not so much among general public. Twodler: mashable, fox news in 2 days.
• Betacowork: the coworking space of the Betagroup for the IT/Tech/Mobile community. Host a lot of groups/events.
• Founder Institute: Startup course/accelerator: from idea to sustainable business in 4 months.
• Startup Weekend Brussels: Intense 54 hour weekend to transform a mere idea into the beginnings of a viable startup, working with people you don't know.
• Webmission: grassroots effort by Belgian Web, Mobile and Tech entrepreneurs to promote Belgian entrepreneurship and its startups abroad.
• Café Numerique: weekly meeting that tries to break the digital divide and introduce tech subjects and people to a broader audience.
• Some specialized like mobile
• Mobile Monday: regular mobile business meetup.
• DroidCon and Apps Marathon: events for mobile app developers.
• Apps Marathon: mobile app pitch marathon & contest.
• HackDemocracy: group that wishes to improve democracy with the use of technology. Open Data advocates.
• Quantified Self: group that is using hardware / applications / methodologies to better understand and track everything about themselves and their bodies. Related to e-health and privacy issues.
• Tedxbrussels: largest TED in Europe (1500 attendees). Mostly inspirational and a place to network and meet. Organize your own here.
• Challenges:
o Sponsors
o Women
o Seed & pre-seed investment.
o General public reach.
• Looking to improve networks across

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Brussels Startup Scene (Belgium)

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