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Sap Bi For Mid Market Companies


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SAP (All-in-One)BI White Paper that offers an alternative for Mid-Market companies that would like to implement an SAP ERP at a fraction of the standard costs.

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Sap Bi For Mid Market Companies

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP Solutions for Small Businesses and Business intelligence inMidsize CompaniesSAP Business All-in-One sAP® Business All-in-One IMPrOve TrANSPAreNCY AND AgIlITYWith the business intelli-gence functionality in SAP®Business All-in-One solu-tions, your company can gain Midsize companies face the same busi- utilized in the decision-making process.visibility, insight, operational ness challenges as larger competitors. Accessing the right data quickly can be Slowing demand and greater price com- difficult. And even when the right infor-alignment, and accountability petition shrink revenues. Product quality mation is available, decision makersto increase revenue, margins, issues and complex supply chains erode often question its reliability – choosing margins. Declining credit lines and grow- instead to rely on gut instinct that leadsand liquidity; streamline pro- ing capital investment requirements to unsound business decisions.cesses; improve agility; and reduce liquidity. Yet midsize companies have fewer resources to overcome these This inability to access trustworthy in-become a best-run business. challenges. Consequently, they can’t formation – and do so quickly – is often afford to waste money on solutions that due to disparate silos of applications are complex to use and maintain – or and reporting tools that result when spend time on ones that don’t quickly companies acquire business-critical deliver business value. software from different vendors at dif- ferent times. These nonintegrated silos The business intelligence (BI) function- can impede your business agility and ality in SAP® Business All-in-One solu- success in several ways. tions helps midsize companies like yours overcome these challenges. It lets you First, they decrease visibility and insight increase visibility into trends and varianc- across your business by creating islands es, gain insight into their causes, rapidly of information that cannot be shared realign operations to solve problems or across departments, channels, and capitalize on opportunities, and help geographies. In addition to impeding ensure accountability for execution. This process and workflow integration, this preconfigured, integrated BI functional- makes it difficult to link information in ity is combined with best practices to disconnected reports and spreadsheets help speed deployment and lower the to monitor and understand the causes total cost of ownership. And the modu- of trends and variances. lar design of SAP Business All-in-One solutions means you can address your Second, these silos decrease account- most critical needs first, realize a quick ability by obstructing your company- return on your investment, and add more wide implementation of best practices, functionality as business requirements standards, and controls. By undermin- change over time. ing confidence in enterprise data, they also hamper your company’s efforts to Application and Reporting Silos: adapt to changing business conditions Impediments to Success quickly and realign operations with revised plans. Successfully running a leaner business in a slow economy requires greater agili- Finally, these disparate silos increase ty based on timely insight from quality your IT workload and cost. Not only is transactional data. But all too often, data it time-consuming to manage support from transactional systems is ineffectively across disjointed business processes
  2. 2. and nonintegrated applications, but it’s reliable information, you can help ensuredifficult to consolidate and cleanse data that decisions are based on a completeto get a single, trusted source of infor- understanding of the business, rathermation for sound decision making. than on intuition or incomplete data. In addition, integration can help you reduceThe Integrated Solution: SAP installation, training, support, and main-Business All-in-One tenance costs.For midsize companies that need greater Fast Deployment and Low Cost ofagility, the business intelligence function- Ownershipality in SAP Business All-in-One providesa combined enterprise resource plan- With lean IT staffs and budgets, today’sning (erP) and BI solution. It helps you midsize companies must use their re-quickly identify trends and variances, sources more efficiently to control IT You can increase visi-determine their root causes, model operating costs. At SAP, we examined bility into trends andscenarios and adapt plans to address the process of installing and configuring achanging business conditions, commu- BI solution and removed the inefficiencies variances, gain insightnicate changes, and realign operational – enabling you to deploy the business into their causes, rap-activities. Together with the SAP Best intelligence functionality in SAP BusinessPractices for Business Intelligence All-in-One quickly and cost-effectively. idly realign operationspackage, this BI functionality provides to solve problems orgraphical reports and interactive dash- Integration is the most costly aspect ofboards that complement the existing implementing a BI solution with an erP capitalize on opportu-reports in SAP Business All-in-One. solution. We’ve developed a deployment nities, and help ensure process that dramatically reduces theUnlike point solutions from other ven- time needed to perform data, metadata, accountability fordors, SAP Business All-in-One provides and security integration tasks from execution.a comprehensive and integrated solution days or even weeks to just hours orcombined with best practices to improve days. And unlike generic BI tools, theeach step in your sales, finance, and business intelligence functionality in SAPoperational processes. An integrated Business All-in-One provides a precon- the job. Once you have a general ideasolution is essential to greater business figured, pretested solution that de- of these requirements, you can createagility. That’s because integration helps creases erP and BI integration costs a report, review it with your businesscompanies like yours increase produc- and further speeds deployment. users, make modifications based on theirtivity and collaboration by streamlining feedback, and repeat the cycle untilprocesses and workflow. You can im- report and dashboard development is they’re satisfied. Unlike generic BI tools,plement standard procedures, controls, often a time-consuming and costly IT the business intelligence functionality inand best practices across the business, process when deploying a BI solution. SAP Business All-in-One provides pre-strengthening organizational alignment Tasks include defining which business built reports and dashboards that incor-and accountability. You can consolidate requirements the report or dashboard porate best practices for sales, service,data from multiple application silos into must meet; what data is necessary; how financial, manufacturing, and procurementa single integrated solution, making in- that data should be formatted and dis- analysis. As a result, it reduces the costformation more accessible and trust- played; and what sorting, filtering, and of developing reports and dashboards,worthy. By enabling greater access to grouping functionality is required for speeds their deployment, and increases the satisfaction of your business users.
  3. 3. Business user training and support is All-in-One enables your company to SAP Business All-in-another area that typically slows de- analyze the sales pipeline accurately andployment and increases the cost of BI improve the reliability of sales forecasts. One lets you consoli-solutions. By providing intuitive and date data from multipleinteractive interfaces, the business in- With this BI functionality, you can bettertelligence functionality in SAP Business manage sales deductions (such as prod- application silos intoAll-in-One reduces the cost of training uct returns due to poor quality, incorrect a single, integratedand support, accelerates adoption of freight allowances, and improper pricethe new technology by business users, discounting) by analyzing sales orders, solution, making infor-and increases their satisfaction. For billing documents, and credit memos. mation more accessibleexample, SAP Business All-in-One en- Poor control of sales deductions reduc-ables employees to utilize familiar appli- es margins and cash flow by reducing and trustworthy.cations like Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, net revenue. By providing accurate andand Word to access report and dash- complete information on the amounts,board content. graphs, charts, maps, types, and responsible areas for deduc- Business Benefitsand conditional highlighting help identify tions, the BI functionality in SAP Businessproblems and opportunities faster. Inter- All-in-One helps you reduce sales de- The BI functionality in SAP Businessactive sorting, filtering, and formatting ductions and enhance profitability. All-in-One helps you realize the follow-of data, as well as the ability to drill down ing benefits:and across reports, provide clear insight You can improve resource utilization by • Increased visibility by providinginto the causes of current business condi- using the BI functionality of SAP Business access to information across alltions. And the ability to model scenarios All-in-One to analyze work centers, per- areas of the businessvisually by adjusting graphical controls sonnel location, and travel behavior. As • Greater insight by analyzing the im-helps business users understand how a result, you can minimize burnout due pact of different business scenariosto best resolve problems or capitalize to overallocated personnel that can in- • Improved alignment and account-on opportunities. crease the turnover of highly skilled and ability by implementing standards productive people. You can even in- and controls across the businessBroadly Implement Best Practices crease revenue per employee by identi- • Higher productivity by providing rich fying underutilized personnel and making functionality through intuitive andThe business intelligence functionality them more productive. interactive interfacesin SAP Business All-in-One can provide • Faster return on investment by utiliz-visibility, insight, operational alignment, You can optimize the procurement ing best practices for businessand accountability across multiple areas management process by using this BI analysisof your business. functionality to analyze purchasing, stock, • Lower cost of ownership by imple- and vendor companies. Poor control of menting a preconfigured enterpriseConsider, for example, the impact of procurement reduces margins and cash resource planning and businessthis BI functionality on sales forecasting. flow by increasing expenditures. By intelligence solutionOverly optimistic forecasts reduce providing accurate information on whatliquidity by tying up cash in excess inven- is being purchased, from whom, at what Find Out Moretory while increasing cost through over- price, and in what volume, the BI func- For more information on the BI functional-production. Overly pessimistic forecasts tionality in SAP Business All-in-One can ity in SAP Business All-in-One, contactshrink revenue because of product avail- help you improve the cost structure, your SAP representative or visit us onlineability shortfalls. By integrating enterprise quality, and performance of your supply at into a single version of the truth, chain. /businessallinone/index.epx.the BI functionality in SAP Business
  4. 4. Quick fActs /contactsapSummaryWith the business intelligence (BI) functionality in SAP® Business All-in-One solutions,your company gains visibility, insight, operational alignment, and accountability to increaserevenue, margins, and liquidity; streamline processes; improve agility; and become a best-run business.Business Challenges• reduced revenue due to lower demand and increased competition• eroded margins caused by product quality issues and complex supply chains• less liquidity due to declining credit lines and growing capital requirements• Pressure to do more with fewer resourcesKey Features• Preconfigured solution – reduce integration and administration costs with a combined BI and enterprise resource planning solution that you can implement quickly• Best practices – Decrease the cost of report and dashboard development and speed rOI by relying on market-proven methods for sales, service, financial, manufacturing, and procurement analysis• Rich BI functionality – Increase visibility into trends and variances, gain insight into their causes, rapidly realign operations to capitalize on opportunities, and help ensure accountability• Intuitive and interactive user interfaces – reduce training and support costs while accel- erating adoption by business usersBusiness Benefits• Increase agility and transparency with a combined enterprise resource planning and BI solution that consolidates data from multiple application silos and optimizes the reliability and accessibility of information• Improve sales forecasting by analyzing the pipeline with integrated data you can trust• Heighten profitability by better managing sales deductions, such as product returns, 50 094 066 (09/04) Printed in USA. incorrect freight allowances, and improper price discounting ©2009 by SAP Ag.• Drive up revenue per employee by analyzing and maximizing resource utilization All rights reserved. SAP, r/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, Partneredge, ByDesign, SAP Business ByDesign, and other SAP products and• Increase margins and cash flow by optimizing the cost, quality, and performance of your services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are supply chain trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP Ag in germany and other countries.For More Information Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, andCall your SAP representative or visit other Business Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered of Business Objects S.A. in the United States and in other countries. Business Objects is an SAP company. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP Ag and its affiliated companies (“SAP group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.