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  1. 1. „Twister“ teaching aims: • The children should be able to count from one to nine. • The children should be able to name some parts of their body (hand, foot). • The children should be able to distinguish right and left. method/ teachers language I start with the words: “Right hand”! (plus gesture). Then I do the same with the left hand and both feet. I repeat that once and then the same without my gesture. The children have to do them again. To get five groups without troubles I let the children take one of the little, coloured sheets out of my small sack. Inside there are five different colours and therefore we have the groups. After that we go into the corridor where I prepared a “pitch” for every group in the fitting colour. Every “pitch” has nine small boxes with the numbers from one to nine. At first I give them some instructions for example “right hand on one”, “ left foot on nine”! Then they have to choose a speaker. This child has to give the same orders as I did before, for the other two children alternately. The point is, that the children have to keep parts of their boby on the small boxes while moving others (for example: keeping left hand on one while moving right foot to seven). childrens language: • left foot on one, right hand on nine………….. • left, right, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,…… material: • numbercards in five different colours • 16 little, coloured sheets in a small sack other possibilities This game is perfect for nearly every other subject. In sience you can take nine different fruits. It is possible to take nine different colours, nine different weather situations and so on.