Hannover Messe Hannover Fair 08.10.2007


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Transmitir a alunos, empresarios, e outros publicos, a dimensão e importância da Hannover Messe para atualizar-se quanto as novas tendencias tecnologicas, assim como para ampliarem seu networking...

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Hannover Messe Hannover Fair 08.10.2007

  1. 1. By: Prof. Ramon Armesto Mondelo - 08.10.2007 - 21 to 25 April 2008 [email_address]
  2. 2. Hannover Messe 2008 World’s biggest automation show stays firmly on the growth track … Exhibitor committee strengthens the “Automation” concept: complete spectrum of solutions for all industrial sectors Sharp increase in visitor attendance in 2007 Keynote themes in 2008: mobile robots and autonomous systems The various exhibitor committees convened recently in order to lay down the foundations for the future growth of the Hannover-based automation shows. The committee members include Siemens, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Harting, Pepperl + Fuchs, Endress + Hauser and ifm electronic. Robots will continue to figure prominently in the Factory Automation line-up. The Application Park, which focuses on solutions in the area of mechanical engineering and robotics, was a resounding success. The same applies to the Robotics Academy, which attracted twice as many attendees compared with 2007. In the coming year robots and their wide-ranging applications will be at the center of attention and will augment the other high-tech exhibits on show at Factory Automation. The INTERKAMA+ exhibitor committee agreed to extend the process automation portfolio to include asset management and control engineering. Indeed, the 2008 line-up will include a special conference devoted to the topic of asset management. [email_address]
  3. 3. A defining characteristic of Industrial Automation is its international scope and content. The proportion of visitors from outside Germany stood at 28 percent. There was an increase in attendance from Germany (especially from North Germany), as well as from abroad (e.g. the USA). 97 percent of the attendees were industry professionals. Manufacturing industry heads the visitor league table. The majority of these visitors work in the field of mechanical/plant engineering and electrical engineering/electronics. Next in line is the basic materials/primary products industry. An increasing number of visitors come from the processing industry – for example, food, beverages and semi-luxury items. Hygienic design and clean room technology were key themes in 2007. Thirteen percent of the visitors were chief executive officers, board members and heads of public authorities. A further 30 percent hold senior management positions. Almost 80 percent  are involved – directly or indirectly – in decision-making processes. The most frequently quoted reasons for visiting Industrial Automation were as follows: to gain an overview of market trends; to establish new business contacts and develop existing contacts; to acquire information; and to identify potential suppliers. Automation systems play a pivotal role in economic growth. There is a strong demand for end-to-end automation systems which integrate all the relevant processes. Industrial Automation focuses on such comprehensive solutions. Year in, year out HANNOVER MESSE sets the trends, presents the key innovations and fosters knowledge transfer – for all fields of industrial application. [email_address]
  4. 4. The industrial automation display at HANNOVER MESSE gets to grips with the burning issues and offers an insight into the new technologies that are already on the horizon. Every year Industrial Automation focuses on a particular area of technology. Recent highlights have included wireless automation, hygienic design and industrial identification. In 2008, the spotlight will be on automation-related IT, and on mobile robots and autonomous systems. This will provide the ideal setting for the RoboCup German Open, which will be taking place for the second time under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE. About HANNOVER MESSE (the Hannover Fair) The world’s leading showcase for industrial technology is staged annually at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will be staged from 21 to 25 April 2008, with Japan as its official Partner Country. The lineup of flagship fairs taking place under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE 2008 is as follows: INTERKAMA+ • Factory Automation • Industrial Building Automation • Digital Factory • Subcontracting • Energy • Pipeline Technology • Power Plant Technology • MicroTechnology • Research & Technology In 2008 the spotlight will be on the fields of industrial and subcontracting, as well as on cutting-edge technologies. [email_address]
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