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Url,purl and doi


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Url,purl and doi

  1. 1. Shriram Pandey The LNM IIT, Jaipur
  2. 2. Background  Resource Identification- A first step to gain access. -Book: ISBN, UPC -Periodicals/Journals-ISSN  Similar Identification system also require for the digital environment.
  3. 3. URL(Uniform Resource Locator)  It is an address of the resource located anywhere over the Internet.  Uniform: Unique  Resource: Anything that has entity  Identifier: An object that can act as a reference to something that has an identity
  4. 4. Component of URl  Syntax: <scheme>:<scheme-specific-part>  The scheme may be :  ftp :File Transfer protocol  http: Hypertext Transfer Protocol  https: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured  mailto: Electronic mail address  telnet :Reference to interactive sessions  File: Host-specific file names Example:
  5. 5. Problem Associated with URL URL are not persistence and resource can lost, if  the server moves to a new computer  the server moves to a new port on the same computer  the name of the computer the server runs on changes  the resource's name changes  the resource moves to a new server
  6. 6. The Solutions  A permanent URL which persistence.  There are many solutions : PURL, Handle System, DOI etc.  We shall cover the PURL and DOI in detail.
  7. 7. PURL  PURL(Persistent Uniform Resource Locator)  A project by OCLC  Three Component :  Protocol  Resolver address  Name  Example:
  8. 8. How PURL Work
  9. 9. Digital Object Identifier  An identification system for intellectual property in the digital environment.  Developed by the DOI foundation to provide a framework for managing intellectual content, link customers with publisher.  Provides a persistent identification number to each resource registered with DOI registration agencies.
  10. 10. Component of DOI DOI Prefix:  Two component: 10.<organization assigned number>  DOI Suffix  Identification for the entity, it may be a number, ISBN etc.
  11. 11. DOI Resolution  Ensures persistence by resolving the DOI to a current associated value such as a URL;  Resolution may be :  Simple Resolution  Multiple Resolution
  12. 12. Simple Resolution
  13. 13. Multiple Resolution
  14. 14. Benefits of DOI Systems  Persistence, persistence, persistence!!!  DOIs are easy to use. Simply click one or cut and paste it like you would a URL  Called the “barcode for intellectual property”  Multiple resolution capability leads to more options for researchers.