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Hip Corporate

  1. 1. Better Distribution for Less! Edison, NJ S. Brunswick, NJ Somerset, NJ Dallas, TX Houston, TX Philadelphia, PA Chicago, Il Harrisburg, PA Indianapolis, IN Louisville, KY Kearny, NJ Woodbridge, NJ Harrison, NJ Peoria, IL Corpus Christi, TX
  2. 2. <ul><li>“ Just because you shop for price - doesn't mean you have to settle for less.” </li></ul><ul><li>Isaac Heller </li></ul>
  3. 4. Memberships
  4. 5. Over the past thirty-nine years, Heller has grown to become one of the country's largest industrial developers. We invest the time and effort in meeting challenges others won't and have been able to successfully acquire strategically located parcels of land for our customers. At Heller, our reputation for innovation and resourcefulness is &quot;rock-solid&quot;, and we are determined to keep it that way!
  5. 6. <ul><li>Through careful planning in the site selection, design and construction process, Heller has developed the ultimate site for your company's unique distribution center needs. Through single-source responsibility, and early known firm prices, clients realize a time and dollar savings as well. </li></ul>
  6. 7. Site Selection                                                                     At Heller, &quot;going the extra mile&quot; is our standard procedure. We will find a site perfectly suited to your needs. Our industrial parks are strategically located with good truck access to major highways. They also provide all utilities, rail-service, market accessibility, and an abundant labor force. With Heller's expertise behind you, the optimum site is more than just an idea, it's a reality!
  7. 8. Innovative Design While most industrial distribution centers are made of masonry or metal panels, Heller's design features on-site constructed reinforced concrete panels. These architecturally handsome buildings require no maintenance and are virtually impossible to damage from heavy industrial use. Our method accelerates construction schedules assuring on-time project completion. Another benefit of Heller's innovative design is energy efficiency. Walls are built as insulated &quot;sandwich&quot; panels, surpassing mandated energy code requirements. Heller constructs tilt-up wall panels to extremely close tolerances. This results in a tighter building which is impervious to air infiltration, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.                                          We provide 38-foot clear ceilings which permit higher storage than conventionally designed buildings. Consequently, our distribution centers give you more volume per square foot leased. This allows greater storage capacity at a lower cost. Our specialization in only one type of building enables our design teams to continually refine our product based on experience and customer feedback.
  8. 10. <ul><li>The Construction Edge </li></ul><ul><li>Because we consider our buildings to be long-term investments, we will not compromise on quality, design, or construction. We closely supervise all construction, so that the highest levels of craftsmanship are achieved. </li></ul><ul><li>We do our own general contracting, and we do it well. This allows us to save money on construction, which in turn, lets you save money on rent. </li></ul>
  9. 11. Our leases are not only custom tailored to your specific requirements, but they also provide flexibility for the growth of your business. From the initial contact, our staff works closely with you to identify your special requirements for material handling and product distribution.
  10. 13. Distribution Centers                                             Heller looks at a distribution center exactly the way you do - as a piece of heavy-duty plant equipment. It must be functional, durable, and very economical. We are specialists, and mindful of every detail the executive faces when planning a new distribution facility. All of our buildings include heavy-duty 30,000 pound capacity dock levelers; high- density, hydraulically-calculated automatic sprinkler systems, high pressure sodium or metal-halide lighting, insulated steel vertical-lift overhead doors, and numerous other &quot;specialty&quot; components. Our resources enable us to assist you in planning workflow layouts, office designs, and selecting materials handling equipment. Heller specializes in distribution centers. Heller gives you a better distribution building because we know the distribution business better.
  11. 14. Special-Use Buildings         We have extensive experience in designing and constructing buildings for special use. Examples include refrigerated warehouses requiring sophisticated temperature and humidity control; tire warehouses requiring extensive sprinkler systems with back-up capabilities; buildings for extruding and manufacturing of plastic products demanding heavy electrical supply; and facilities designed to store environmentally sensitive products which require secure and positive containment in case of an emergency.
  12. 15. More than just a builder, Heller has the technical qualifications and in-house staff for the design, construction and maintenance of sophisticated projects.
  13. 16. With Heller, service doesn't stop after you move in. Because we own the building, we care about its maintenance. Our service people are on the job twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our maintenance vehicles are fully equipped, making every one of our technicians self-contained and self-sufficient. We are constantly monitoring your plumbing, checking your roof, examining your electrical systems, looking at your loading docks, and performing hundreds of other routine maintenance checks to ensure that your building will continue to function the way you need it to. Who is better qualified to maintain a Heller building than Heller? Remember, we are the ones who built it. At Heller, we are committed to providing the best possible building and the best quality service. After all, a satisfied customer is our most important asset. 
  14. 19. Heller is as concerned about our contribution to the community as we are about every detail that goes into our buildings. We are proud of our national reputation as a leader in corporate-sponsored day care.
  15. 20. Time Magazine termed Heller's John Kenney Child Care Center, located in Heller Industrial Park, Edison, N.J., the &quot;Impossible Dream&quot; for working parents. The Center not only provides for the day care needs of our customers' employees, but also services the surrounding community. Our Child Care Center has helped make our industrial park an attractive location for business. There is more to Heller than just constructing buildings and developing properties. We are committed to providing work environments that meet the total needs of the person, not just the &quot;worker.&quot; At Heller, our commitment to community involvement extends from arranging for public transportation to our industrial parks to sponsoring community athletic activities, and funding cultural programs. 
  16. 21. Ike Heller presides over a company whose guiding principle is quality at the lowest price. His engineering-oriented construction techniques uses in-house staff to deliver on-time, on-budget buildings, no matter what!
  17. 22. With the reorganization of his Edison-based company, Ike Heller has assembled a team that will continue to follow his strategic vision and take his booming business into the new millennium and beyond. &quot;During the evolution of I. Heller Construction Co., we brought many new people on board to manage an ever-growing business,&quot; says Milanaik. &quot;This reorganization now formalizes the direction our management team has taken over the past several years.&quot; A new company - Heller Industrial Parks. Inc. - was created to oversee the efforts of Heller Construction Co. Inc., and manage the real estate investment portfolio of the Heller properties. &quot;I. Heller Construction Company is still in place, and its priority is still to construct new distribution buildings and renovate it's existing properties for specific customers. This includes any special requirement they may have,&quot; says Ike Heller, now chairman of the Board of Heller Industrial Parks Inc., and founder of I. Heller Construction Co. Inc.
  18. 23. Corporate Offices 205 Mill Road Edison, New Jersey 08837 phone: 732-287-4880 fax: 732-287-5033