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Suzlon team


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Suzlon team

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Innovation is in the sector of Architecture• The company who have designed and build the whole infrastructure of Suzlon is SYNFERA.• When everyone was complaining about the scarcity of resources, They took steps to use the available natural resources and sustain it• The Suzlon Group is ranked as the world’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier
  3. 3. ABOUT SUZLON• The company’s global spread extends across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America• Capacity – over 20,000 MW• Installed in 30 countries, operations across 33 countries and a workforce of over 13,000.• Pune is the headquarter of Suzlon• Have 600 stake holders• Mr.Anand says, the Elton mayo’s illumination theory works well and increases the efficiency
  4. 4. LOGO
  5. 5. INNOVATION• They follow ‘Green architecture’ method, in which they could use the reliable resources.• The infrastructure is been constructed by keeping ‘Vasthu’ in mind• Cosmic energy embodied.• Hence they could reduce the use of electricity in addition to it they also use windmill to produce electricity, so they don’t depend on government.• Have a single level basement of 6 acres• It is a global village
  6. 6. SUZLON AT PUNE• The total size of land is 10 acre• 8 lakh 20 thousand square feet of architecture• Have divided into 5 “panchaputha’s” namely • Skylanch • Sunlanch • Aqualaunch • Treelanuch • Airlaunch
  7. 7. REASONS FOR THIS MODEL• To protect from the climate• Climate responsive• Less electricity• Indoor air quality• They used the place in best possible way
  8. 8. ASPECTS• Envelope of the building• Energy consumption• Water• Waste• Material used
  9. 9. GREEN FEATURES• Land selection points• Least disturbance• Water, falls under different aspectMETHOD USED FOR CONSERVING WATER• Filter the water so that it could be reused• Use minimum amount of water for operation• Sewerage is generated and they reuse water
  10. 10. ABOUT LANDSCAPE• Less water consumption,• Sustain itself• Over a slab they established drainage mechanism,• They have recharge facility
  11. 11. ENERGY PRODUCED AT PUNE• 100% renewable energy,• Energy is generated onsite and offsite,• Use 7.5% onsite, they have 18 wind mills• They also use wind solar hybrid system• Rest of the energy comes from nearby wind.
  12. 12. INTERIORS• Use recyclable carpets and foldable tables• Have Carbon dioxide detectors which give signals to DMS system• Pumps Oxygen through JET AIR FANS inside the room.• They use Bamboo for furnitures
  13. 13. WASTE MANAGEMENT• Have a very strong Waste management Process• The waste created inside the campus doesn’t go out as such• Its been recycled and reused within the company
  15. 15. Achievements• LEAD [platinum] [IGBC]• GRIHA -5 star [MNRE]It has been approved by Indian national standard and adopted byministries
  16. 16. THANKYOU