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Nvis technologies


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Nvis technologies

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a leading technological solution provider in Education, Industry and Defense sectors • Part of the Scientech group • Satisfied customer base over 65 countries, it has a strong Global footprint • 400 dedicated people, 13 offices and 60 dealers the group has a leading position in all the sectors of its operations
  3. 3. INSPIRATIONThe MD was their inspiration, whoseeing the scarcity of natural resourcesthought of making products which wererun by using Solar, Thermal and WindEnergy at a Household and Commerciallevels.This made them work on the IDEA andmake this possible
  4. 4. MAJOR MARKETS ACROSS THE GLOBE• Indian Subcontinent• East Asia• Middle east Asia• South east AsiaMAJOR PRODUCTS •Environmental products •Analytical products •Test and Measurement products •Training products
  5. 5. ABOUT NVIS TECHOLOGIES QUALITY POLICY National Leader in Basic Science and Technology Products and Services for Education, Environment, Industry and betterment of life ECO FRIENDLY GREEN OFFICE No A/Cs inside the offices
  6. 6. INNOVATIVE PRODUCT MICHELSON INTERFEROMETER • Michelson interferometer was used in famous Michelson-Morley experiment to show the constancy of speed of light and evidence of special relativity • Patented Design • Fringes can be obtained with different types of light sources (He- Ne LASER, Diode LASER or sodium lamp)
  7. 7. OTHER PRODUCTSLOW COST 3W LED LAMP• WATER PROOF LED Lamps- 10 yrs life (1st time in the Country)• Mainly used in swimming pools.WEATHER MONITOR SYSTEM• Have a wireless system which is used to monitor the weather,• A software is been built which shows the weather and updates by itself with the use of an equipment
  8. 8. ROBOTICS • Used mainly in Industries, Basic robots are sent to the educational institutions for educational purposes. • Used in Critical and dangerous (for Human) industries like, Cement, Rubber, Tyre, Coal Mines, etc. • Mainly the Robots are used in those situations wher it is very dangerous for Human beings.
  9. 9. THANK YOU