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SMAC -IoT Technology

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SMAC -IoT Technology

  1. 1. The Business of Technology How ‘Applied Technology’ is helping the Business grow
  2. 2. Wake-Up Videos – Connected World
  3. 3. What would you do…!?  When someone in a remote rural area in India has got a medical complication and can only be treated by doctors in New York?  When you want to see your friend in Tokyo not just in voice and not just in video but at a hand-shake distance  When you want your car do identify the friend travelling on the same road but 2 KM behind you  When you want to access internet in any remotest place in the globe  When you want to just tap and order any product  When you want your refrigerator to advice on dinner based on vegetables stored in it
  4. 4. They are Realities NOW
  5. 5. Holoportation Video
  6. 6. Hot Technologies
  7. 7. SMAC – The Third Platform  IDC believes that by 2020, 40 percent of the US$5 trillion IT spending will be driven by third-platform technologies  Gartner claims that these interdependent trends are "transforming the way people and businesses relate to technology” First Platform Mainframe Late 1950s Second Platform Client / Server From mid 1980s Third Platform SMAC From early 2010s Fourth Platform
  8. 8. Third Generation - Evolution AR Rahman uses Natural Interfaces…!
  9. 9. IDC Predictions 2020  25% of food and consumer packaged goods retail shopping will be conducted in omni-channel commerce marketplaces  40% of security revenues become tied to predictive capabilities, protecting the mobile cloud accounts for 35% of enterprise security products sold  IoT security budgets shift from today's 80% spent on perceived terrorism threats to 80% from actual threats of unfair economic advantage  Additive manufacturing technologies enable "produce on demand" scenarios for over 10% of purchases. More than a 1/3 of these products are customized through cognitive understanding of the buyer's needs  It will be a DX Economy  Digital Transformation Economy
  10. 10. Social Technology SMAC
  11. 11. Social Technology  Gartner defines social technology as, “Any technology that facilitates social interactions and is enabled by a communications capability, such as the Internet or a mobile device.”  Companies, big and small, inject a social element into every product and service (Ex. Car launch, Movie launch, Online Shop etc.)  Governments are strongly moving into Social Media for direct feedback (Ex. Twitter for complaints / feedback)  Organizations customizing Corporate Social Media for in-house interactions  Hiring is decided based on Social Media profiles  Social Media influences the Society on critical decisions
  12. 12. Social Technology Cloud Mobile Big Data Provides Infrastructure Provides Easy Access Provides Insight
  13. 13. Mobile Technology SMAC
  14. 14. Mobile Technology  Access to data ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ is the theme of Third Platform  What all does Mobile do for us: -  Remote working – Email / Chat / Video Conferencing etc  Travel Assistant – Ixigo Travel App  Social Engagement – Context Aware Recommendations – Zomato / Amazon  Instant Information – Wiki / Google Goggles  Health Monitor – Pedometer / Heart Rate Measurement  Education – Educational Tablet  Challenges – Access Points / Data Volume / Security
  15. 15. Facebook’s Aquila Project Video
  16. 16. Google’s Loon Project Video
  17. 17. Big Data - Analytics SMAC
  18. 18. Big Data – Analytics  There is a deluge of information available for Corporates through various channels  Corporates wants to make some sense using these data  Mass Customization is done based on customer preferences  Key data sources used to make decisions  Demographic Data of Customer  Social Data of Customer  Data related to Customer Mobile  World generates 8 Zeta Bytes of data annually that needs 2 trillion DVDs to store…!
  19. 19. Walmart – Big Data Case Study  Walmart does ‘real-time’ semantic analysis of various social media streams  These Social metadata contains customers, topics, products, locations and events information  Walmart combines these data streams with customer data, sales data, financial data and mobile data to obtain a complete overview of their customers  Walmart Social Genome is a massive, constantly-changing, knowledge base with hundreds of millions of entities and relationships  Walmart focusses on individual users and gives customized experience
  20. 20. Walmart – Big Data Case Study (contd.) Genome Architecture Walmart Achievements  Walmart changes prices 50000 times in a month  Walmart online sales grew 30%  Walmart sends personalized messages based on customer profiles  Walmart does ‘Dynamic Pricing’ based on customer priority
  21. 21. Big Data Video
  22. 22. Cloud Technology SMAC
  23. 23. Cloud Technology  Cloud is the Heart of Third Platform  While Big Data and Mobile provides and analyzes data, cloud is needed to make it accessible  Without Cloud, data can be accessed only in office environments  Cloud Computing depicts five essential characteristics: -  On-Demand Self Service  Broad Network Access from any channel viz. Mobile, Laptop, Workstation  Resource Pooling – Easy allocation of resources to multiple customers  Rapid Elasticity – Easily scale upward or downward based on demand  Measure Service – Easy to measure the usage based on the type of service
  24. 24. Cloud Service Models
  25. 25. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  The basic cloud service model  Offers virtual machines, storage, security  Ability to scale up or down based on customer’s requirements
  26. 26. Platform as a Service  Provides development environment to Developers  This computing platform includes Programming Language, Executing Environment, Database and Web Server  Developers can run software solutions on cloud without buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers
  27. 27. Software as a Service  Software applications are provided with metered usage  The software application could be Email, ERP, CRM, Games etc  In this model, cloud providers install and operate application software and users access the software from cloud clients
  28. 28. Driverless Car Video
  29. 29. Case Study – Internet of Things An electrical appliances producing organization would like to adapt to latest technology. It would like to incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) in its appliances. The end goal is to engage the customer and provide an experience that is based on their taste. How do you think IoT can be deployed effectively here? Design a business solution of harnessing the power of IoT
  30. 30. How do we meet again? My LinkedIn Profile All my knowledge is like open source, you can take it and extend it and return it…!