Gcl states mobile fused offers seven projections on mobile marketing in 2014


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According to mobileFUSED, mobile advertising is now one of the fastest growing areas of spending for marketers. The mobile marketing company examines its seven projections for the industry in 2014.

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Gcl states mobile fused offers seven projections on mobile marketing in 2014

  1. 1. GCL states mobileFUSED Offers Seven Projections on Mobile Marketing in 2014 According to mobileFUSED, mobile advertising is now one of the fastest growing areas of spending for marketers. The mobile marketing company examines its seven projections for the industry in 2014. GlobalCommunicationLeader-December 03, 2013Tempe, AZ - According to MobileMarketingWatch.com, this year $8 billion is projected to be spent on mobile advertising. In 2014 it is predicted that number will increase almost 50% to $11.8 billion. Mobile advertising has grown up, and is now one of the fastest growing areas of spending for marketers. But what is contributing to shaping mobile marketing trends? Mobile marketing company mobileFUSED takes a look at seven factors that are changing the game when it comes to advertising on mobile, and explains how mobileFUSED will continue to be at the forefront of these trends. mobileFUSEDs Top Seven Projections for 2014 Mobile Marketing: #1: Big Data Will Be Tamed Much like web user data was in the early days, mobile use generates a massive firehose of data(1). Taking that data from a big stream to individualized and optimized mobile ads is a big job. Translating this big data into quantifiable information helps assist the delivery of hyper-local and targeted advertising, and MobileFUSED has been at the forefront of developing methods of parsing big data that has already led to millions of mobile leads. #2: Content Back to Being King Traditional digital advertising has failed miserably on mobile platforms, with most ads considered to be too disruptive an experience for the user and to cause frustration instead of click-throughs. Native advertising(2) is becoming the key to success on mobile. Toss in the massive changes to search, including Googles latest Hummingbird update, and content is king again. MobileFUSEDs publisher platform will seamlessly take great content and turn it into viable leads.
  2. 2. #3: Sales via Mobile Will Explode More people are using smartphones and tablets for shopping than ever before(3), with items such as apparel and accessories being the most popular items. But its not just direct sales via mobile contributing to retailer bottom lines; smartphone owners use their phones to locate products, local stores and coupons. At MobileFUSED, our platform targets your customers and gets them on the phone – and remember, phone calls have no back button, says Curt Denny, a spokesperson for mobileFUSED. We see a 30-40% conversion rate with our pay per call feature – hands down beating most traditional digital advertising. #4: Location, Location, Location Location-based mobile marketing is the fastest growing area of mobile advertising(4), and rightly so. Companies want to reach out and connect with customers where they are and serving them advertising that hits the sweet spot of right place at the right time. Location-based mobile technology has made it possible to more easily find and track potential customers. There are still some bridges to cross in the technology in this area – but pay per call technology like ours at MobileFUSED is incredibly successful when it comes to location-based solutions, Denny says. #5: Digital Wallets Will Come Of Age In the United States, consumers have been slow to adopt using mobile apps to pay for our purchases (nearly a fifth of the population has never even heard of digital wallets). But that is about to change(5). Transactional marketing combined with the increased popularity of digital loyalty cards and coupons has made digital wallets more attractive than ever. Best of all, mobile wallets will undoubtedly help conversions when it comes to mobile advertising solutions like mobileFUSEDs pay per call service. Imagine a day when you can comfortably leave the house without your wallet – and shop from wherever you are, Denny says. #6: Mobile Optimization and HTML5 Will Dominate Just over half of existing websites are properly optimized for mobile, yet nearly a fifth of all web traffic comes from mobile devices – and that number doubled from only 10% in 2012. As the use of both smartphones and tablets continues to grow, that means that in many case HTML5(6) may come to replace many native apps, making mobile advertising all that more effective. Companies will likely
  3. 3. begin developing a mobile first attitude when it comes to site development. MobileFUSED is proud to work with publishers that lead the pack in mobile optimization. #7: Hardware Advancements Imagine a thin and flexible phone; thanks to the new wonder of hard tech – graphene(7) – this dream might be possible. Graphene can take on the roles of silicone and lithium ion batteries, and even transmits electricity better than copper making it an ideal material to use in smartphone development. Graphene is literally a single atom in thickness, yet is 300X more strong than steel. Thousands of graphene-related patents have already been issued, and its only a matter of time before it becomes the primary element in smartphones and tablets. While its unlikely that these cool features will change how we do business at MobileFUSED (after all, were all about software not hardware), we are definitely geeking out at the future of smartphone technology! Denny says. To learn more about mobileFUSED and mobile marketing, visit http://www.mobilefused.com. About mobileFUSED By combining the experiences of both advertisers and publishers, mobileFUSED has created a mutually beneficial Pay-Per-Call ecosystem which is a landscape rich with mobile marketing opportunities. The team at mobileFUSED does this by bringing advertisers the fresh new leads they need and connecting marketers in the publishing industry with hot, targeted offers that can be monetized. Learn more about the company at: http://www.mobilefused.com. Get in Direct Contact: Mobile Fused, LLC, 60 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Suite #900, Tempe, AZ 85281, Tel: 1.888.612.8818 Sources: (1) Business Insider, Big Data Is Key To Mobile Marketing, (businessinsider.com/big-data-is-key-to-mobile-marketing-2013-8) August, 2013
  4. 4. (2) Sam Patulia, Native Content: The Cure For Mobile Advertisings Woes, (contently.com/strategist/2013/10/10/native-content-the-cure-for-mobile-advertisings-woes/) October, 2013 (3) Bill Siwicki, Its official: Mobile devices surpass PCs in online retail, (internetretailer.com/2013/10/01/its-official-mobile-devices-surpass-pcs-online-retail), November, 2012 (4) Business Insider, Local Mobile Marketing Explodes, (businessinsider.com/local-mobile-marketing-exploding-2013-6) July, 2013 (5) Rebecca Grant, Mobile payments tsunami is coming to wash away our wallets, (venturebeat.com/2013/07/10/mobile-payments-tsunami-is-coming-to-wash-away-our-wallets/) July, 2013 (6) Parmy Olson, 10 Predictions for the Mobile Industry 2013, (http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2013/01/02/10-predictions-for-the-mobile-industry-in-2013/) , January, 2013 (7) Roland Pease, Graphene: Bend and Flex for Mobile Phones, (bbc.com/future/story/20130306-bend-and-flex-for-mobile-phones) March, 2013 Press Release Link: [1] http://pressreleaseleader.com/pressrelease/27392.html