Dec 2008- vaidyagrama, Punarnava's Ayurveda healing village


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Punarnava Ayurveda's Ayurveda healing village is getting ready to be open to the world soon. It is a green self-sustained authentic Ayurveda hospital/community where we are trying to bring in various elements of compliance like authentic Ayurveda compliance, green compliance, vastu compliance, disability compliance etc. Welcome to authentic Ayurveda care! Here are the latest news & views for you...

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Dec 2008- vaidyagrama, Punarnava's Ayurveda healing village

  1. 1. Punarnava Ayurveda y E-mail: ma A-21, Parsn Galaxy, Nanjundapuram Road, Website: Coimbatore – 641036. India. www.punarnava- www.punarnava- Phone: +91 – 422 -4308081 / 2311521 y .m Tele-fax 91 Tele-fax: +91 – 422 – 4308081
  2. 2. The  Journey of vaidyagrAma . . .  A journey from the yesterday to the New  Year . . .  With all good wishes & prayers for Universal Well‐being! 
  3. 3. A Journey with a cause, with a Vision …
  4. 4. A journey of building and growing up together . . .  A journey of building and growing up together . . .
  5. 5. A view of a room at  vaidyagrAma . . .   Eco‐friendly   materials,  , techniques,  attitudes….
  6. 6. Another view of a room at vaidyagrAma . . .   h f d
  7. 7. The treatment room  set  for the journey  Th t t t t f th j of Ayurveda  healing in the New Year. . . 
  8. 8. The journey to the completion of first phase of vaidyagrAma continues. . . 
  9. 9. The journey to the completion of first phase of vaidyagrAma continues. . . 
  10. 10. The journey to the completion of first phase of vaidyagrAma continues. . . 
  11. 11. A journey A journey with prayers to the Almighty. . . to the Almighty. . . A quot;trikAla pujaquot; was conducted at vaidyagrAma by Sri.Sankaran Namboodiri, the uncle of the present chief  priest of Badrinath, along with his son  Sri. Narayanan Namboodiri, on December 29, 2008. . . It was  considered to be a very auspicious day to start our real journey at vaidyagrAma, and hence to mark the  occasion, this pooja was arranged on the day. This special prayer will add to the positive, auspicious  energy  of vaidyagrAma, and it is ready for its mission of Universal Well‐being. 
  12. 12. A blessed journey of healing begins . . . On the 31 December 2008, the three Swamijis from Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh , Swami  Pranavaswarupananda, Swami Sharanagatananda and Swami Guruprasadananda,  visited  &  blessed  vaidyagrAma  by being the first patients to get admitted & take treatment at vaidyagrAma.   yg y g p g yg With their  chanting & blessings, the aura of vaidyagrAma is all the more Divine now.  .  .  The journey of healing has begun auspiciously thus in vaidyagrAma . . . 
  13. 13. A Journey of Learning . . .  A Journey of Learning vaidyagrAma has become a special home of learning for  the healing team  & it is offering Ayurveda lessons to a few students as well . . .  There is a three month’s course on Ayurveda  Nutrition going on for two students at vaidyagrAma ,  & there was also a short term course on Concept of Ayurveda care for a student there in December 2008.  Training programs by experts also has been going on for the Punarnava Ayurveda team  . . . on  Communication, Vision Values, Customer Care etc.  Communication, Vision‐Values, Customer Care etc. The Continous Medical Education program has been going on regularly at vaidyagrAma too, for its core team of vaidyAs/ Physicians. 
  14. 14. The Punarnava Ayurveda  team learning nuances of Communication with Ms. Poonam Sareen. . . at vaidyagrAma. 
  15. 15. The Punarnava Ayurveda team gaining clarity about Vision & Values with Dr. Kalpana Sampath. . . at vaidyagrAma.
  16. 16. The Punarnava Ayurveda  team acquiring skills of ‘Customer Delight’ with Mrs. Shalini  Susheel & Mr. Susheel Nagarajan. . . at vaidyagrAma. 
  17. 17. the Ayurveda lessons & CME ... at vaidyagrAma.
  18. 18. A journey of vaidyagrAma to be greener . . . 
  19. 19. A journey of vaidyagrAma to be greener . . .  It is harvest time, and the mission continues with the same zeal, for the cause. 
  20. 20. A journey with the blessings & support of well‐wishers. . .   Here are some of them who recently visited vaidyagrAma and joined the  Green campaign also by planting trees in the land there. . .  Swami Pranavaswarupananda,  Sri. Sankaran Namboodiri Sri. Narayanan Namboodiri Swami Sharanagatananda & Swami Guruprasadananda Swami Guruprasadananda
  21. 21. The journey The journey with the blessings & support of well‐wishers. . . the blessings & support of well wishers. . .   Sri. Subhas Tiwari Mrs. Shalini &  Sri.  Sri.  Susheel Sri Susheel Emmett  Walsh
  22. 22. The journey with the blessings & support of g pp well-wishers. . . Shri. Krishnamoorthy Sh i K i h th Sri. Richard Liljenberg Col. Rajesh Sri. Rajesh Dr. Saumiakumar & family
  23. 23. The journey with the blessings & support of well‐wishers. . .   Dr. Charu Kartik Dr. Rama Prasad  Ms. Bhavya Ms. Bhavya
  24. 24. The Journey to vaidyagrAma . . . The Ayurveda Healing Village vaidyagrAma is being created in the green land in the * outskirts of Coimbatore – India India…. in the most natural most environment-friendly natural, way. With all the good wishes, the construction of the healing village has commenced in • the land. The foundation for the first Hospital is laid, and the process is going on. It consists of 3 clusters each with 3 h it f lt h ith hospital bl k each consisting of 4 patient it l blocks, h i ti f ti t rooms, 1 treatment room, Therapists block & the Physicians Block. The Phase 1 of vaidyagrAma, which will be open to the world by April 2009, can accommodate almost 100 patients. * The aim is to create a most natural healing space, in all aspects, & hence the effort to make & maintain the structure as natural as possible. There has been use of special mud walls; with the usage of natural mud & binders available, the effort is to reduce the usage of cement. A herbal termite treatment is given, thus making even the construction most eco friendly as possible. The commitment is to create a truly construction, eco-friendly possible natural Ayurveda hospital that is based on the textual dictates, and yet that suits contemporary times.
  25. 25. * Towards the realistic goal of self sufficiency to a greater extent, vaidyagrAma self-sufficiency extent is taking its step forward. A nursery has been initiated for the medicinal plants, in the premises itself. * It is a matter of days when these clusters will take form, as m f y f m, envisaged in the concept of vaidyagrAma, the holistic healing village. The design of building at vaidyagrAma
  26. 26. Phase 1 of vaidyagrAma – A bird’s eye view
  27. 27. A journey through bright dawns and hopeful dusks  . . .  Please let vaidyagrAma  A journey through bright dawns and hopeful dusks Please let vaidyagrAma have your blessings & prayers always! 
  28. 28. Thank you for all good wishes always, & Here is wishing you & all with you, a joyful year ahead!