Tata crucible corporate chennai '11


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Tata crucible corporate chennai '11

  1. 1. Prelims 1. 500 millionth NOKIA phone produced at Chennai factory was released by which celeb? SRK 2. A man named Chandramogan from Sivakasi, founded a brand with a common household name (agro product) Arun Ice cream 3. River Noyyal runs through which industrial town, bearing the brunt of much of its output? Tirupur 4. Whose advert? DIESEL 5. What word takes its origins from the fact that people used to take the same “path/route” to conduct business from one place to another? TRADE 6. Warren Buffet when asked whom he’s like to be reborn as, he replied “As ________’s boyfriend”. Sophia Loren 7. What was acquired recently from Yahoo! By two men named Chad Hurley and Steve Chen? del.icio.us 8. Due to local sentiment, which airline major operates with the name of AIR NIGERIA in the African country? Virgin 9. Country with a “Game Rating Board” to classify games as suitable for its citizens? South Korea 10. 4Cs of a diamond -> Color, clarity, Cut and _______? Carat 11. 1887 company, headquartered in New Jersey with a granite plating at entrance that has a 303 “credo” engraved on it for employees to memorise its policies. Johnson & Johnson
  2. 2. 12. Ad campaign. Whose?13. A small entry into the market in 1997, calling itself Empire Finance” started by Parminder Singh, how do we know it today? Religare14. Journal founded by Thomas Wakely in 1823 name meant both as “Arched door for light to enter” and “a surgical instrument”. Lancet15. A swadeshi bank founded by Annamalai and Ramaswami Chettiar in 1907. This was in response to the financial crash faced by two leading trading companies in Madras. Indian Bank16. Some easy funda about AMUL.17. Started by Sai Ramakrishna, world’s largest flower exporter from Bangalore. Karuthuri18. Kumaravels’ Naturals salon merged as umbrella brand of his brother’s corporate major. Which one? CavinKare19. Four letter controversial acronym brand, retail store founded in 1972 in London. FCUK
  3. 3. 20. How are these 4 collectively known as? 21. B.A Lakshmi Narayana Setty influenced by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda set up a small shop of 200Sq.ft., at Mylapore Chennai, with an investment of only Rs.10,000 ( USD 230) to sell electrical fitting and folding chairs. Vivek’s 22. 1957, chain started by A.K. Gopalan, 500 outlets in India, favorite hangout/hub for journos and intellectuals. Indian Coffee House 23. Concept that started from Babylonian sailors when they pooled money in case of any disasters on sea and paid as compensation for any remaining debts of that individual. Insurance 24. Hicks India dominated a large part of the market with a product that went by the tagline “Right degree of truth”. What was the item in question? Thermometer 25. What product famous with kids went by certain tag names such as “Rocky” “Ace” and “Skip” denoting the characters, before they took more suitable ones later? GI JoeTata Track FinalsWorld Watch:Crossword roundWhat brand went by the names Plus, Super, Rajshree before it got its present name when transferred fromL&T arm to Aditya Birla Group?Ultra tech cement
  4. 4. Default TV system format in the USA?NTSCParent company of T920 tea? – StarbucksKey ingredient in their selling item is baking soda which lends to the “sparkling” color.HappydentSpain’s market index is called? IBEXItalian word for milk.LATTEStarted by Nozuma as A8 dynamic speaker, which was the first of its kind.PIONEERVenture in TN started by Annamalai and Parthasarathy.KUMUDHAMVisual Round:1.Devdutt Patnaik, Chief Belief Officer of Fortune Group2. Initiative of?Shankara Nethralaya
  5. 5. 3. Funda behind name?European name cooked up by founder to attract everyone because of an abundance of Iyengar bakeries4. Which group operates this?Reliance5.International board for Narcotics control6. Who’s behind this?Karthi ChidambaramLateral World:Mist + AME + Washington apples -> PepsiSatyam + Musco +Revo - > Mahindra
  6. 6. Remit2India + Simplypay+ Kannada Paper - > Times GroupDash+ Cascade+ Vicks -> P&GQuick World: 1. Japanese fellow. very influential contribution to industrial statistics. Key elements of his quality philosophy include the following: Loss function, used to measure financial loss to society resulting from poor quality; The philosophy of off-line quality control, designing products and processes so that they are insensitive ("robust") to parameters outside the design engineers control; and Innovations in the statistical design of experiments, notably the use of an outer array for factors that are uncontrollable in real life, but are systematically varied in the experiment.TAGUCHI 2. ISO 14000 for :Environment 3. Some connection between Scooby doo and Kellogs 4. Grand daughter of M. Bakthavatsalam, a prominent Congress politician and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu between 1963 and 1967. – Jayanthi NatarajanNon Tata Track:Global knowledge 1. Sol Kofler based on certain philosophies performed tests caleed “Drop, Jerk,Wheel and Tumble” for the line of products. American Tourister 2. What completes the following companies in chronological order? EDF Rossengtom Excelom KHNP ________ Ans: TEPCO (related to the tsunami nuclear power plant disaster somehow) 3. Sheikh Zayed set up a 70,000 Dhiram fund, a heritage fund as an incentive for something unique in the middle east. What? Marry local women from same tribe (for Arabic men) to reduce divorce alimony 4. What’s tail risk? Calculate multiple probabilities and set up insurance for improbable risks at tail end. Example is the insuring of the World trade centers. 5. After his solo Atlantic flight, Charles Lindbergh didn’t make it to the TIME cover. What happened instead? First “Man of the Year”
  7. 7. 6. Accidental creation in USA by Morris Mitchom and his wife, that required some special permissions from the president, rage with kids. Teddy BearVISUAL Chulha range “Saral”, “Sampoorna” by whom? Philips Which person’s special edition is this? Sachin Tendulkar In.com’s ad campaign What’s his contribution to India?
  8. 8. Hermann Tilke, the designer of the Buddh F1 circuitWho?Deepa Prahalad, CK Prahalad’s daughter
  9. 9. Who?Jiddu KrishnamurthyTata World:Murli Shastry - > Buisness Leader of 2011 -> Environment ministry -> what simpleproduct did he devise?SWACHTata Chemicals + Impact India, an initiative in rural indiaLIFELINE EXPRESSTata Power + Trust energy in Singapore venture in what?Shipping VesselsHuge awards for design of this wasp structure. Where?TCS Siruseri,Chennai
  10. 10. Lateral: Airtel + Adani + Deccan Chrnoicle + AP Govt+ CWG Ans: Saina Nehwal PC Mahalanobis+ Indian census logo+ counting device Ans: Indian census Bristle cone+ UWC+ Chetan Maini -> Mahindra Satyam Arthur Brooke + Anupam Kher+ Chimps commercial Ans: Brooke BondDepth of knowledge: 1) a) COO of Olympic Gold quest (rest of the two parts were unnecessary after this  ) Viren Rasquinha 2) a) 1st in IAS batch of 1956, commercial stint at BHEL b) co author of “How a public sector of a company in India is set up” c)Ans: R C Bhargava 3) a) 1905 born in Tirunelveli , studied law in Lahore b) Simpson group, c) elder son named Sivasailam -> Anantha Ramakrishna Iyer