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Some rejects and additions for a biz quiz done @ IIT B, 2011

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Biz bytes

  1. 1. Biz Bytes 1. The Parker Pen Company, after ending its partnership with the TTK group in India, approached the Chellaram family to conduct a joint venture till 1968/69 and gave one of their trademark products a new identity in the country. What brand was thus born which still remains a household name with many families? Ans: Chelpark, famous for their ink 2. The steam tractors of the 1890s and early 1900s were extremely heavy, and often sank into the rich, soft earth of the farmlands. A man named Benjamin Holt attempted to fix the problem by increasing the size and width of the wheels and even replaced them with a set of wooden tracks bolted to chains. It finally worked. A photographer was reported to have observed that the tractor crawled like a _________ and Holt seized on the metaphor. What name did he give it? Ans: Caterpillar 3. They formed a company which was one of the two in a particular category to survive the Great Depression in the United States, after which large amount of service was rendered to the army during WWII. They finally resumed civilian production afterwards. Today they have their own self sponsored marketing club for their brand enthusiasts, serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. Name the company. Ans: Harley Davidson 4. Connect: The first moon landings of 1969, the James Bond franchise (from 1995) and the Olympic Games (from 1932)
  2. 2. Ans: Omega (NASA’s official selection for its astronauts, James bond’s watchmaker and timekeeper of the Olympics)5. To counter Parle G’s biscuit sales a memorable character from a film that was released on Independence Day in 1975 was roped in by Britannia to endorse their own glucose biscuits. Who was it? Ans: Gabbar singh6. His official exchequer, reported that under his leadership India had managed to achieve an annual revenue of more than £100 million. When adjusted for inflation this still remains the highest ever for the country. Who is the leader in question? Ans: Aurangazeb7. In 2008, Greece announced the revival of an ambitious project to boost tourism in one of its well known islands. Estimated at over 100 million Euro, it seems highly unlikely even now given the reeling debt crisis. Originally when it existed, it stood as a tribute to the Sun God. Ships were required to pass through it for good luck. What are we talking about? Ans: The Colossus of Rhodes