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Conservation Photography -- Going Beyond the Pretty Picture

  1. Conservation Photography Ramki Sreenivasan Conservation India
  2. Conservation Photography • Understand • Take • Use
  3. What is it?
  4. What it is not
  5. Not photography for photography’s sake Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  6. It is not about winning awards!
  7. No likes!
  8. Going beyond the pretty picture Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  9. So what is it?
  10. Offshoot of nature photography but it is born out of “purpose” Photo: Aditya Panda
  11. Conservation photography is photography that empowers conservation Photo: Vimal Raj
  12. Everyone can be a conservation photographer Photo: Shashank Dalvi
  13. Need to be sensitive to conservation issues Photo: Anon
  14. Passion to bring about change through your images Photo: TRAFFIC-India
  15. Don’t need fancy equipment Photo: Canon USA
  16. What you can do starting today?
  17. What you can do starting today? • Document specific issues • Clearly capture the "threat" • Tell stories: • Area specific • Issue specific • Give powerful factual captions • Seek advice on actioning them – report / complain to forest dept, local NGOs, media, make petitions, etc.
  18. Conservation photography examples • Habitat destruction or fragmentation — from tree-felling to a full- blown hydroelectric project • Any construction activity inside a protected area • Any commercial activity in ecologically sensitive zones (ESZs) • Tree-felling in protected areas and reserve forests • Roads that have sprung up inside or near a protected area • Road & railway kills • Forest fires
  19. Conservation photography examples • Livestock (cattle / goats) inside protected areas • Evidence of poaching / crime – snares, traps, killing, poachers, etc. • Wildlife kept as pets • Tourism and its impacts • Encroachments • Man-animal conflict, human threats to wildlife, domestic dogs • Plight of endangered animals
  20. Examples
  21. Big tourism projects destroy habitat and block wildlife corridors Photo: Akarsha BM / WildCat-C
  22. Man-made linear intrusions have many detrimental ecological effects Photo: NCF
  23. Images of habitat destruction in protected areas is vital evidence for illegal activity Photo: Shekar Dattatri
  24. Coal mining in prime tiger habitat outside Tadoba tiger reserve Photo: Greenpeace
  25. Sarus Cranes in the backdrop of massive construction in Delhi — losing wetland habitat everyday Photo: Delhibird
  26. Lakes suffer from poor protection across India and is exploited for encroachment / development Photo: Vishwatej Pawar
  27. Windmills in grasslands and plateaus have come up across India hindering flight paths of birds Photo: Aparna Watve
  28. Including India’s rarest bird Photo: Nirav Bhat
  29. Destruction of grassland by ‘planting trees’ in Hesaraghatta. This issue is now in the Karnataka High Court thanks to a PIL Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  30. This illegal tree cutting operation was documented by a birding group in Namdapha Tiger Reserve Photo: Bano Haralu
  31. Road-widening projects through PAs without clearances Photo: Suresh G
  32. Roads without proper clearances constantly come up in PAs or ESZs Photo: Anon
  33. Roadkills are a serious conservation threat – a pregnant blackbuck killed by a speeding vehicle in Maharashtra Photo: Adwait Keole
  34. The danger of urban roads – here a dead leopard killed by a speeding vehicle on NICE road, Bangalore Photo: Deccan Herald
  35. An elephant calf mowed down in Bandipur. Images like these were used to lobby for several highway closures in Karnataka and other states Image: Deccan Herald
  36. A dead sambhar on an Odisha highway. Roads are upgraded without need and the first victims are usually wildlife Photo: Bivash Pandav
  37. Small animals die too like this Slender Loris in the Western Ghats Photo: NCF
  38. Shy and elusive creatures are more often seen in roadkills (and markets) Photo: Dr. Pramod Patil
  39. Railway tracks also pose a significant conservation threat. Photo: Giri Cavale
  40. Every kind of animal have been killed on Indian tracks. Photo: Giri Cavale
  41. Animals in human habitation – a fragile “coexistence” Photo: M. Ananda Kumar
  42. Olive Ridley Turtles killed in fishing nets Photo: Bivash Pandav
  43. Village dogs and turtles – yet another threat for nesting Olive Ridley Turtles in the Odisha coast Photo: Sumit Sen
  44. The dangers of feral dogs range from competing with wild predators to spreading deadly diseases Photo: Vickey Chauhan
  45. The dangers of feral dogs range from competing with wild predators to spreading deadly diseases Photo: Jayanth Sharma
  46. A Wild dog with a plastic bottle demonstrates littering by tourists – a serious fall-out of tourism Photo: Mahesh Bhat
  47. Critically endangered bustards hiding from tourists in Nannaj, Maharashtra Photo: Dhritiman Mukherjee
  48. Photo: Ponnambalam
  49. Same story. Different location. Tourists and wildlife guides on foot in Kaziranga Photo: Leio D’Souza
  50. Fragmentation affects endangered animals. This LTM shows the plight of a once arboreal troupe Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  51. Agriculture is another significant threat to wildlife – in this case to the endangered Wild Ass in the little Rann of Kutch Photo: Nirav Bhat
  52. The endangered Lesser Florican displaying in agricultural fields in Saunkhaliya grasslands, Rajasthan Photo: Gobind Sagar Bharadwaj
  53. A stark contrast between protected and unprotected areas in Bandipur Tiger Reserve separated by the park boundary Photo: Shekar Dattatri
  54. Full-fledged farming Inside the heart of Simlipal – one of India’s largest tiger reserves Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  55. Pushed to the brink in human-dominated landscapes – critically endangered Gharials on the Chambal Photo: Aditya Singh
  56. Temples and religious festivities inside PAs are big threats to wildlife Photo: Suraj Kumaar
  57. Human-tiger conflict – cattle-lifter tigers were poisoned by villagers in retaliation in Ranthambore. Photo: Aditya Singh
  58. The typical end to a ‘conflict’ leopard – tranquilized and sent to a zoo or re-released to cause ‘conflict’ elsewhere Photo: Vidya Athreya
  59. More conflict – crop-raiding elephants in the plains of Karnataka Photo: Shankara
  60. An electrocuted elephant is usually the result of conflict and habitat fragmentation due to plantations Photo: WCS-India
  61. An electrocuted elephant due to low hanging powerline in Kaziranga. Photo: Sanesh Kadur
  62. Elephant taunting became a sport in Coimbatore forests. This photographer created a campaign that stopped it Photo: Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan
  63. This shocking cellphone image of a frenzied mob setting a captured leopard on fire Photo: Belinda Wright
  64. Large carnivores in human-dominated landscapes Photo: Dharmendra Khandal
  65. A freshly killed Grey-sided Thrush shows the sorry state of hunting in Nagaland Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  66. A shocking image of freshly skinned Amur Falcons in Doyang, Nagaland. Lakhs were being hunted annually Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  67. Image retrieved from an arrested poaching gang in Desert National Park in Rajasthan showing freshly hunted bustards Photo: Rajasthan Forest Dept.
  68. Sometimes multiple images tell a story better. Here are images of bird trapping in Murlen, Mizoram Photo: Ramki Sreenivasan
  69. Birdwatchers helped nab waterfowl poachers in Siruthavur near Chennai Photo: Samyak Kaninde
  70. Pelican poaching reported from Kanva dam, Channapatna Photo: Seshadri KS
  71. Illegally captured parakeet chicks seized in Palamau tiger reserve, Jharkhand. They were on the way to markets Image: Aditya Panda
  72. This is the only record of a Blue Pitta in India – taken in a market in Arunachal Pradesh Photo: Rita Banerji / Dusty Foot
  73. A pet Slow Loris in Mokakchung, Nagaland. Most villagers weren’t aware that keeping wildlife as pets was illegal. Photo: Nagaland Biodiversity Project
  74. A captive giant squirrel in a coffee estate. The FD was alerted and hopefully the squirrel is now free. Photo: Amoghavarsha
  75. This photographer helped bust a turtle and terrapin trade in Raichur, Karnataka Photo: Santosh Martin
  76. Local markets are a source of illegal bushmeat. Here a Loris is for sale for Rs. 500 Photo: Alka Vaidya
  77. A Clouded Leopard Skin Hangs in a Naga Kitchen Photo: Sandesh Kadur
  78. Cattle grazing in protected areas, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Odisha Photo: Aditya Panda
  79. The daily plight of forest personnel at the frontline of conservation Photo: Jayanth Sharma
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