RAMK International Student Services<br />For incomingexchangestudents<br />
Table of Content<br /><ul><li>Pick-up Service
International Student Tutor Activity
Accommodation Services
Friend Family Program
Sport Services</li></li></ul><li>Pick-up Service <br /><ul><li>Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK) offers a fr...
Exchange students meet their personal student tutors upon arrival.
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Ramk international student services


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Ramk international student services

  1. 1. RAMK International Student Services<br />For incomingexchangestudents<br />
  2. 2. Table of Content<br /><ul><li>Pick-up Service
  3. 3. OrientationWeek
  4. 4. International Student Tutor Activity
  5. 5. Accommodation Services
  6. 6. Friend Family Program
  7. 7. Sport Services</li></li></ul><li>Pick-up Service <br /><ul><li>Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK) offers a free pick-up service from the Rovaniemi airport, railway station or bus station for exchange students if they arrive on certain days before the orientation week.
  8. 8. Exchange students meet their personal student tutors upon arrival.
  9. 9. Student tutors help exchange students to familiarizes themselves with the dormitory and all practicalities related to accommodation when they arrive.</li></li></ul><li>OrientationWeek<br /><ul><li>RAMK arranges orientation week in the beginning of each semester
  10. 10. Orientation week includes:
  11. 11. Presentations about RAMK, staff and RAMK’s facilities
  12. 12. Presentation about studies and what does it means to study in RAMK
  13. 13. A lecture about Finnish culture and Finland
  14. 14. Presentations about Finnish society, rules and regulations and city of Rovaniemi
  15. 15. A meeting with the international coordinator to check the personal study plan (LA), possibility for study counselling throughout the whole exchange
  16. 16. Free time to arrange all practicalities and get to know the university, city of Rovaniemi and services with the help of the student tutor</li></li></ul><li>International StudentTutors<br /><ul><li>Help exchange students to integrate to the Finnish society, Rovaniemi and the student life in RAMK for the whole semester/year
  17. 17. Be in contact with the exchange students before their arrival
  18. 18. Help with the practicalities related to the accommodation and studies
  19. 19. Show the city of Rovaniemi: services, locations etc
  20. 20. Arrange activities (sport activities, camping, trips around the Lapland, parties, movies etc) and inform students regularly about events and activities around the city
  21. 21. Be in contact regularly with the exchange student
  22. 22. Are important link between exchange students and international office
  23. 23. RAMK’s international office recruits and arranges each semester a training for student tutors
  24. 24. Student tutors receive credits from the activity</li></li></ul><li>Accommodation Services<br /><ul><li>RAMK SchoolDormitory
  25. 25. Located½ km to Viirinkangas Campus, 1½ km to Rantavitikka Campus, and 4 km to Ounasvaara Campus.
  26. 26. Apartment units with 4 rooms with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom
  27. 27. Doublerooms (2 studentsshare a room)
  28. 28. Furnituredapartments
  29. 29. 130 € / person / month
  30. 30. Freelaundry and sauna facilities
  31. 31. Applicationtogetherwithstudentexchangeapplication
  32. 32. Domus ArcticaStudentHousingFoundation
  33. 33. Single roomswithsharedkitchen, toilet and bathroom for 2-3 students
  34. 34. Near Ounasvaara campus
  35. 35. Rent 160-290 € / month
  36. 36. Freelaundry and sauna facilities
  37. 37. Applicationdirectlythrough DAS office</li></li></ul><li>FriendFamilyProgram<br /><ul><li>Offered for all RAMK international students
  38. 38. A possibility for integration with locals and for learn about the everyday life in local family
  39. 39. A possibility for the families to update language skills, learn about different culture and internationalize at home
  40. 40. Free and bases on voluntary
  41. 41. Possible activities: visiting Finnish summer cottage, introducing Finnish traditions (Christmas, Easter), participating each other hobbies and spending time together </li></li></ul><li>THANK YOU! <br />Ms Hellevi Leppiaho<br />Head of International Relations Office<br />hellevi.leppiaho@ramk.fi<br />Ms Tuovi Honkela<br />Coordinator of International Relations<br />tuovi.honkela@ramk.fi<br />Ms Sanna Iivari<br />Coordinator of International Relations<br />sanna.iivari@ramk.fi<br />Mr Anssi Ruismäki<br />International Project Worker<br />anssi.ruismaki@ramk.fi<br />