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Pop up marketing.


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Its about Marketing, Specifically Focusing Pop Up Marketing.


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Pop up marketing.

  1. 1. If new products can come and go Market
  2. 2. why cant the storesthat display them do the same? New Concept
  3. 3. Pop up Retail Marketing
  4. 4. What IsHow it Works the Reason ExamplesWhat ItMeans Benefits
  5. 5. simplypop-up Pop-up popstores retail up’s
  6. 6. Pop up What it Means?retailThe term “pop-up Retail” refers to the short-termduration of the stores, which "pop up" one day and are gone the next. simply pop-up Pop-up pop Halloween costume stores stores retail up’s
  7. 7. Pop Example up stores Los Angeles, CaliforniaVacant is bes t known forpioneering popup retail.The concept developed after a business trip to Tokyo and was intrigued howconsumers would essentially line up to purchase limited edition products.
  8. 8. How it Works Temporary storeor a Kiosk Gather inventoryor opens its doors renting retail space. to the public
  9. 9. 3 Reasons to Use Pop-Up Retail 1- Curiosity 2- Cost Cuts 3- C arving a Niche
  10. 10. 1- Curiosity (desire to know) park or Circus park Circus Customer Curiosity
  11. 11. nescafe Singapore Airlines
  12. 12. 2- Cost Cuts save time Pop-up helps business owners money
  13. 13. An example of this is Procter & Gamble’s (PG) New York pop-up store.Cover Girl makeoverHead & Shoulders wash
  14. 14. 3- C arving a Niche ( creating a name or place for yourself) For New businesses Cash strapped times Pop-up retail Economic downturns is Carve a niche a business mantra In markets where buyers are not really open to trying new things
  15. 15. Bandit Queen, an home décorpop-up retail to create a lasting impression isLevi Strauss & Co.
  16. 16. Benefits of Opening a Pop-Up Store
  17. 17. diet-coke -live-taste full-campaign
  18. 18. A pop-up, sustainable mobile kiosk
  19. 19. ebay pop-up store
  20. 20. Nokia pop-up store, Bangalore navigation software Ovi maps on Symbian phones.
  21. 21. Reebok pop-up store New York City
  23. 23. The ways in which you can get started •Table Space. •Temporary Stall/Kiosks. •Local Fairs or Village Markets. •Brands on Wheels.
  24. 24. How We Can Know Pop Up Store Near By
  25. 25. Queries