Disputing a charge: Mobilizing your CC's army for you


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Disputing a charge: Mobilizing your CC's army for you

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  2. 2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich disputing a Charge: How to mobilize Your Credit Card’s army for You O nce, when I canceled my Sprint cell phone service, they told me my account had a $160 charge. For what? I asked. Wait for it. . . . “An early cancellation fee.” Yeah, right. I knew I didn’t have a contract, and I had negotiated out of an early cancellation fee a long time before that. (Cell phone companies make a lot of money from trying these shady moves, hoping customers will get frustrated, give up, and just pay.) Unfortunately for them, ever since Sprint had started trying to rip me off three years before, I had kept records of every phone conversation I’d had with them. The customer-service rep was very polite, but insisted she couldn’t do anything to erase the charge. Really? I’ve heard this tune before, so I pulled out the notes I had taken the previous year and politely read them aloud to her. As soon as I read them, I experienced a miraculous change in her ability to waive the fee. Within two minutes, my account was cleared and I was off the phone. Amazing!!!!! Thank you, madam!!! Wouldn’t it be great if that were the end of the story? Although they told me they wouldn’t charge me, they did it anyway. By this point, I was so fed up that I called in the big guns. Many people don’t know that credit cards offer excellent consumer protection. This is one reason I encourage everyone to make major purchases on their credit card (and not use cash or a debit card). I called my credit card company and told them I wanted to dispute a charge. They said, “Sure; what’s your address and what’s the amount?” When I told them about my experience with Sprint, they instantly gave me a temporary credit for the amount and told me to mail in a form with my complaint, which I did. Two weeks later, the complaint was totally resolved in my favor. What happens in disputes like this is that the credit card company fights the merchant for you. This works with all credit cards. Keep this in mind for future purchases that go wrong. 30
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