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WiseApp at a Glance


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Next Generation of Digital Marketing platform based on users behaviour, engaging customers .

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WiseApp at a Glance

  1. 1. The Art of Creating Innovative Offers WiseApp at a Glance
  2. 2. Market Dilema – What problems Wiseapp is solving ? WiseApp understand customer's behavior thought their movement within in the site, collecting key information and processing in real time aimed at stimulating the user to take action. e-Catalog e-Commerce Powered by Portal's owners invest in SEO, SEM, adwords, blogs, ads, Facebook, in order to attract audience and potential customers. When, the web user arrives at a site, they are given an e-catalog, without user interaction or any understanding of potential customers preferences, which results in huge lost sales opportunities.
  3. 3. WiseApp at a glance
  4. 4. Brand New Platform - WiseApp Re Create the Webs World WiseApp enhances user experience, increases the conversion rate, re targets through rapid adaptation to user needs and reinforces social virality. WiseApp is a SaaS platform that delivers the power of Amazon Intelligence to any site Revolutionary Platform Strong Value Proposition & Personalization With amazing marketing actions for e- commerce and with a great Team - Increasing Customer Satisfaction and shopping experience. -   Increasing empathy (encouraging recommendation) A Powerful Tool for adapting portals in real time, Increasing electronic Sales and user empathy Disrupting the $10B World Wide e-Commerce Industry Lead Generation Recup. de abandono Cross Selling/Up-Selling Promotion Social Virality - Increasing Sales. - Understanding user's needs and converting them into customers - Increased probability of re sale. haggling Adapting Product's Perception - IT Team based in Puerto Madryn
  5. 5. Perfect Complement for Google Analytics Forecasting the present through looking the past Adapting the websites in real time according with users experience, analized with Google Analytics
  6. 6. Digital Marketing actions proposed by WiseApp
  7. 7. 9 WiseApp possible action a flexible tool Global platform that improves the user experience by launching campaigns and personalized promotions, depending on consumer behavior. Companies increases the rate of conversion efficiency in the supply and enhances the experience to list it. Cross- Selling Up- Selling Lead Generation Abandon Recovery Promotion Social Virality
  8. 8. Case: Benefits for: - Consumer (take advantage of the offer) - LeShop (make upselling; agreement with winery, reducing costs) Consumer buy: - Meat. - Coal. WiseApp inferred, through their set business rule, that the buyer will make a barbecue. Since compliance with the conditions setuid in business rules, WiseApp stimulates a promotion or coupon with a bottle of wine. The right offer for you at the right time. A virtual shelf Up- Selling WiseApp’s Business Rules are based on Google Analytics outputs, that inform that usually users that buy meat and coal, they buy wine.
  9. 9. Case: SODIMAC Benefits for: - Consumer (perceives timely offer, focuses on your search) - SODIMAC(increase customer satisfaction and cost decreases related to remaining products ) Consumer Search: - Lamp WiseApp inferred through a business rules, the buyer seeks lamp with certain characteristics. Since compliance with the conditions set in business rules, WiseApp stimulates a timely offer, allowing remaining stock decrease and improving consumer perception to receive a discount
  10. 10. BelCorp Proposal
  11. 11. Sensor WiseApp WiseApp’s stimulus – Application built by L’Bel
  12. 12. Talking Through the Action 1 Choose your skin tone L’Bel Application triggered by WiseApp
  13. 13. Talking Through the Action 2 Choose your type of skin (Oily – Mix – Dry) L’Bel Application triggered by WiseApp
  14. 14. Talking Through the Action 2 Choose your age L’Bel Application triggered by WiseApp
  15. 15. Talking Through the Action L’Bel’s Recommendation L’Bel Application triggered by WiseApp
  16. 16. People have common interests, Facebook, Twitter and G + are doing us a big favor, putting them all together.
  17. 17. Incubation in Social Networks Incubation in Social Networks 1 Sensor WiseApp 2 Marina Compartí estos consejos y participa del concurso L’Bel 3 Estimulo generado por WiseApp. Regla de Negocio: •  Si se está sobre sensor 1, más de 5 segundos, entonces lanzar “ Banner”, para compartir en redes sociales Beneficio: •  Sugerencia complementaria publicar consejos de belleza en redes sociales •  Comunicar a la comunidad social del consumidor, el portal de L’Bel •  Genera nuevos prospectos
  18. 18. E-commerce exists, but can be better. From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, it is now time for 3.0. WiseApp contributes significantly to make it happend
  19. 19. Jack Welch EX PRESIDENT OF GENERAL ELECTRIC Innovation is not always given by a great innovation. Innovation is constant and if an innovative company, if you are not going to work with a better idea to do things, you do not have a company must be prepared to let her die.
  20. 20. Ramiro P. Tolosa E-mail: T: +54 911 5954 7856