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  1. 1. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br />Research and Planning<br />1790700121475520669252329180399097519958053819525471805<br />For the research and planning we mostly used the internet.<br /><ul><li>For the music video research we used YouTube to look at current music videos and then analysed them.
  2. 2. We used google.com to look at conventions of rock music videos, for primary and secondary audience research. This was vital as it had all the information which we needed and it had easy access.
  3. 3. We used slide share to upload our Microsoft documents in to internet files so we could post it on our blogs
  4. 4. We used the blog to post all our research work, this allows us to refer back to our work at anytime and our teachers can comment on our work, therefore then we can immediately make improvements
  5. 5. For other parts of our research and planning we didn’t used technology that much because for the script, storyboard we did it on a piece of paper.</li></ul>5267325157162520669251314450190501400175Music video<br />3819525276542515430502346325-3810069850<br /><ul><li>We used the video camera to film our music video. We had to make sure when using the camera we filmed from the correct angles and camera shots such as close up, medium close ups, long shots ect. We followed our storyboard and script when filming so we knew exactly what to do when filming. The way we used the video camera was to make sure it was on and making sure we pressed the record button and that the camera had full battery. Also for the tripod we made sure the camera was on it so the shots could be still. Also we adjusted it to the right angles, for example high angle shots, low angle shots etc.
  6. 6. We used the lightings only in indoors because in doors was too dark so we brought the lightings to create a lighter setting. We borrowed one big and two small lightings from our college. Our group experimented with the lights to see which adds to the best effect and we had to make sure we didn’t have it on for too long as it might overheat. Also we didn’t touch it straight after we used it as it was very hot so we waited a while for it to cool down
  7. 7. For the editing we used a programme on our college Mac pc called Final cut pro. The editing was extremely vital as it allowed us to piece together our music video. This programme allowed us to edit and cut our shots down or even extend them. Most of our shots were quite long therefore we used final cut to cut down our shots. We had to make sure our editing was in track with the music, so for example when the music got upbeat and high tempo we had to make sure the editing was much faster. We also added many effects such as slow motion, earthquake, breaking glass and mirror effect; also we edited the green screen to make the band play in white back ground and another scene in a red background, we did this part through adobe after effects.
  8. 8. We used face book for audience feedback, we posted our music video on face book and asked people to give us feedback.
  9. 9. We used the green screen room and just had the band playing with their instruments and then edited the footage through final cut pro.</li></ul>Digipack and Magazine<br />1885950545465<br /><ul><li>For both our digipak and Magazine advert we used Adobe Photoshop, to create the bands logo, colour effects.</li></ul>Evaluation<br />14668508712203676650966470<br /><ul><li>I used Microsoft word to write up the evaluation, also I created hyperlinks which would transfer you to the internet to look at some music videos I am talking about
  10. 10. I used Paint to crop and copy images into word