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Phenomenological Research
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  1. 1. Ethnography Research<br />Ethnographic research is one of the most in-depth research methods possible. Ethnography studies the consumer behaviour in their natural context of their daily lives, such as observing how consumers shop, work, play, live. Doing ethnography means in fact staying with a group of people, observing their behaviour and literally living with them for a period of time.Through the ethnographer's observation, photos, and notes, a research can gain a much deeper account of, importantly, not what people say they do, but of what they actually do in real life.Like any other research method, ethnography has its advantages and disadvantages.<br />Advantages of using ethnographic research<br />One of the most valuable aspects of ethnographic research is its depth. Because the researcher is “there” for an extended period of time, the ethnographer sees what people are doing as well as what they say they are doing. Over time the researcher is able to gain an in-depth understanding of the people, the organization, and the broader context within which they work. <br />Disadvantages of using ethnographic research<br />One of the main disadvantages of ethnographic research is that it takes a lot longer than most other kinds of research.<br />Another disadvantage of ethnographic research is that it does not have much breadth. Unlike a survey, an ethnographer usually studies just the one organization or the one culture.<br />All this information was copied from (<br />we will do a ethnographic research in the sense we will get dedicated rock fan to look at our music video production throughout, however for obvious reasons we cannot fully carry out this research as we don’t have the time or money etc.<br />For our ethnographic research we chose Mike from Harrow College who is 18 years old and a dedicated rock fan we decided to use Mike because he fits our target audience.<br />At first we looked at how Mike watches music videos, Mike usually watches them online, usually on YouTube and on TV. Mike who is a rock fan is really a big fan of Linkin Park and is constantly on their website to see if they have anything new coming out such as albums, gigs, and he’s been to two concerts of theirs in England. Mike believes that because of the internet this is all possible because he thinks he’s got a real relationship with Linkin Park because he can go to forums and discuss things about Linkin Park with other so his relationship with Linkin Park is built through the internet.<br />First rough cut of the music video shown to Mike<br />Mike- ,” I think that this is too dark, the lip synch isn’t accurate with the song being played, they are singing to early. Thanks to Mike’s feedback we shot all over again and took the lightings to make sure the video wasn’t dark and had much more close up shots so that there isn’t any empty space in our shots. Also we had the song playing in the back ground so that the band could sing it properly and therefore so when we edit it would lip synch it accurately”.<br />Half way through the music production<br />Mike- “I quite like the narrative and overall like the music video so far. However I think that the editing is good to start off with but doesn’t keep up with the music for example when it goes upbeat and intense the music videos editing is way too slow and nothing important is happening in the music video”. Thanks to Mike we made sure the editing matched the music so when the music video gets upbeat we made sure there was more things happening in the music video with more fast paced editing. <br />When Music video. Digipack and digipack magazine finished<br />Mike- “I really like the whole product especially the music video. The editing has improved so much and I really love some of the conventional themes you stuck too and I liked the fact you didn’t try to be so different to create something new as there is no need for it. Also the digipack and magazine advert is nice and simple, straight forward and not showboating. Overall I think you did an amazing job well done”<br />
  • Basharataliswati

    Feb. 2, 2015


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