Central Payments Merchants Accounts


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Account Executive offering merchant accounts using Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, Have a small or large business? Give me a call at (404) 822-3919.

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Central Payments Merchants Accounts

  1. 1. Central Payment is a leader in the merchant bankcard industry. We use the latest technology to offer secure handling of all electronic financial transactions for Retail, Mail-Order and E-commerce businesses. With a 24-hour technical support team, competitive pricing and a full suite of products, CPC is the right choice for your business. Acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network Check Guaranty: Our eGold program Contactless: Contactless solutions, will verify, convert and guaranty your such as our ViVOPay 4000, allows checks through our check reader you to accept MasterCard® Paypass™, terminal. Accept a check as if it Expresspay™ from American Express® were a credit card! and Visa® contactless payment programs. This is ideal for merchants Check Conversion: Our eSilver program with limited counter space and a need will verify and convert your check (but for rapid check-out times during offers no guaranty) for a flat 30 cents per peak hours. check. We will electronically deposit your check into your checking account within QuickBooks®: Process credit cards 48 hours. through QuickBooks® and record them in QuickBooks®. This affordably priced Cash For Your Business: Through our service works with all credit cards, and affiliate Business Financial Services you don't need any additional hardware (BFS), Central Payment can advance or software. You can even attach an your business between $5,000 to external card reader to get the low $500,000! In order to qualify you must swipe processing fee. process over $4,000 a month and have been in business for more than one year. Point of Sale: Setup your existing or new Point of Sale systems to accept E-Commerce and Internet Services our services, low rates and unbeatable (Trinity): Our Trinity Program is one support. We are compatible with many of our most popular products available POS industry providers such as Micros, to our merchants. The software has PosiTouch, Maitre'D and SellbySoft to three parts to it: A virtual terminal, mention a few. website gateway and a phone charge system. MyStoreCentral and Hosted E-Commerce: Wireless: With our Way Systems MTT MyStoreCentral.com offers a basic or Nurit 8020, you can process credit package which provides account cards on the go wirelessly! This terminal and terminal information online, also comes with an Internal PIN Pad. online support for your account, This wireless terminal is perfect for any online statements and detailed mobile business on the go. transaction reporting. Gift Cards: We have three gift card PCI DSS Compliance: PCI DSS programs to choose from. If you are still Compliance is mandatory for ensuring giving out gift receipts on paper, this is the security and reliability of your POS a MUST HAVE! Sign up today and get setups within the credit card processing 50 cards for close to nothing! Ask your industry. Central Payment takes a Account Executive for more information. proactive approach to this requirement and will help your business become fully ATM/Debit: Debit card use is sky compliant with these new industry rocketing as more customers are standards as effectively and quickly discovering their convenience and more as possible. merchants are discovering the potential savings over alternative payment methods.
  2. 2. EQUIPMENT OPTIONS HYPERCOM T4205 NURIT 8O20 XPC600 POS PACKAGE The Hypercom T4205 is tailored The Nurit 8020 Wireless Palmtop The next generation of All-in-One for businesses requiring a Solution not only feels comfortable Touch POS Systems is driven by compact and highly versatile to hold, it’s the “right fit” for many an Intel 945 GZ chipset and landline terminal. This reliable, businesses. Fast and flexible, it’s designed to handle a wide variety multifunctional terminal everything you need in a compact of retail and restaurant situations. incorporates a high-speed modem handheld processing solution. No The restaurant application and an efficient, quiet thermal phone lines, no hassles, no clutter employs a reliable industry printer. Options include an and virtually no waiting! The Nurit standard using customizable internal or external PIN Pad for 8020 is ready when Restaurant Pro Express software added security and convenience you are to process with an easy-to-use graphic and an external your customers’ interface. It has multi-scenario check reader electronic flexibility including Dine-In, Bar, for speedy and transactions Delivery, Pizza and Room Service. safe check quickly, easily, The full service retail application transactions. and above all, uses Cash Register Express with securely. inventory management including barcode labeling. This system HYPERCOM easily performs day-to-day sales T4220 WAY SYSTEMS MTT and interfaces The Hypercom The Way Systems Mobile directly with T4220 is built with reliability and Transaction Terminal (MTT) is a Quickbooks. speed in mind. Utilizing a high new state-of-the-art wireless Hardware speed broadband connection for solution utilizing the best mobile includes: transaction processing with a coverage available. It features the TouchPC, back up landline functionality, GPRS network as well as the latest thermal printer, the T4220 clocks in at one of the in infrared technology with a kitchen printer fastest transaction processing wireless printer. Just 4 inches tall (restaurant terminals to date. Options include and less than 3 inches wide, the only), cash internal or external PIN Pad for Way Systems MTT is the same size drawer, added security as your cell phone, but has the magnetic and convenience functionalities of an advanced card reader as well as credit card terminal. and USB barcode the latest With the option of scanner (retail enhancements having an internal only). in current PIN Pad, the Way cardholder Systems MTT is an extremely ORION ALL-IN-ONE security The Orion is a comprehensive, compliance. versatile wireless solution. stand-alone solution reading checks, credit cards, debit cards NURIT 2085 and EBT. The Orion's unique The Nurit 2085 provides THE TRINITY recognition technology integrates everything you need from your PROGRAM MICR reading with optical imaging credit card terminal. The menu- Trinity offers merchants a robust recognition to produce the most driven display of the Nurit 2085, and full-featured solution set accurate check images available. combined with its soft keys composed of three elements: Paired with an external PIN Pad, and hot keys, make using e-commerce website services the Orion's dual side MICR this unit fast, (including shopping carts and imagers and customizable payment gateways), on-the-go credit card and efficient. processing with the Trinity processing Including automated phone service, and capability gives features an easy-to-use online virtual the Orion true such as terminal. All of the functions versatility Store & and reporting of an Forward, the features can All-in-One Nurit 2085 be customized terminal. credit card to the needs terminal is one of the most of the popular and reliable in the merchant. industry.
  3. 3. Do business with someone you can trust. • Honest and Accredited Business Practices • Work with a Local Account Executive • 100% Full Disclosure of Rates and Fees • Easy to Understand Contract Terms • No Surprise Rate Increases The right choice. Whether you are starting a new business or planning to expand an existing one, Central Payment can lower your costs and increase your revenue with our wide array of products and services. • Multiply your sales • Expand your customer base • Increase customer loyalty • Increase your cash flow Give a copy of your credit card processing statement to your Account Executive and a customized proposal will be sent back to you. The proposal will break down exactly what you are being charged now and what CPC proposes to charge. If we do not show a savings, you receive a check for $250. Guaranteed. Contact your Account Executive: –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– at (______) ________________________________ www.centralpaymentcorp.com A Proud Member of: Better Electronic Business Transactions Bureau Association