The 10 best personal development books : Robin Sharma


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Happy to be sharing Robin's findings.
LOL n Laughter to all who view, download ........

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The 10 best personal development books : Robin Sharma

  1. 1. The 10 Best Personal Development Books?By Robin SharmaAuthor of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”11-05-2013 1Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  2. 2. Greetings from New York City.Sat, 11th May 2013• Just did a light run through Soho– (exercising FIRST thing in the morning has beensuch a game-changer).– You owe it to yourself to try it for 7 days.• Now I’m settled into creative mode.– Great Colombian coffee.– Book-filled room.– Fresh flowers.– (Another tip: your environment dramaticallyinfluences your creativity).11-05-2013 2Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  3. 3. Greetings from New York City.Sat, 11th May 2013• So, I wanted to share some more goodinformation with you in my ongoingOBSESSION to help you– Lead Without a Title + build out a life THATMAKES HISTORY.• I’m often asked which books are mosttransformational for people like us– who want to do fantastic work and lead our bestlives.• So here are 10 of the best.– Read them. Share them. Study them. LIVEthem…11-05-2013 3Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  4. 4. 1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull.By Richard Bach.• With lines like:• “Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you.All they show is limitation,”• this book will move you deeply.– I re-read it in Thailand.– Still amazingly good.11-05-2013 4Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  5. 5. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 5
  6. 6. 2. Think and Grow Rich.By Napoleon Hill.• Fantastic book.– Not so much about financial wealth as it is about themaking of a rich life.• You’ll learn how important it is to have– a burning desire (this galvanizes your focus and causesthe release of your creativity) + the imperative of settingclear goals + the value of “a mastermind alliance”.• This book truly changed my life– when I was starting out as a self-published author withnothing but a dream in my hands.– Times were tough. This book got me through.11-05-2013 6Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  7. 7. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 7
  8. 8. 3. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.By–well, Marcus Aurelius.• Marcus Aurelius was a warrior– who then became a Roman emperor.• He wrote his lessons on greatness and a lifewell lived during a multi-year militarycampaign.• Someone got his notes.– And put it into this book.– I go back to this book often.• It strengthens my character. And resolve– to help more people.11-05-2013 8Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  9. 9. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 9
  10. 10. 4. Steve Jobs.By Walter Isaacson.• One of the best books I’ve ever read.– Period.11-05-2013 10Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  11. 11. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 11
  12. 12. 5. Long Walk To Freedom.By Nelson Mandela.• Nelson Mandela’s one of my heroes.– Noble.– Courageous.– Focused.– A visionary.• If I could be 1/100 of who he is, I’d be overjoyed.• This is his autobiography. You’ll walk with himthrough his days– as a lawyer,– his time as a disruptor,– his prison years and– his period as the positional leader of South Africa.11-05-2013 12Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  13. 13. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 13
  14. 14. 6. Stop Acting Rich.By Thomas Stanley.• Thomas Stanley became famous for “TheMillionaire Next Door”.• But this book–not so well known–isexceptional.• He explains the concept of “The GlitteringRich”,– shares how too many of us live beyond ourmeans and– how to create true financial freedom.• Like most of the books I read,– I listened to it.11-05-2013 14Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  15. 15. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 15
  16. 16. 7. As You Think.By James Allen.• Maybe 10 times.– That’s at least how many times I’ve read this book.• And like all great books, it seems better+wiser anddeeper every time I read it.– Of course, the book hasn’t changed.– Just my ability to grasp the information. And understandthe concepts.• This book is all about the power of your daily thinking.– And how it drives your life’s behavior.– As you know so well: your behavior shows us yourbeliefs.• And this awesome book will inspire you to build newones.11-05-2013 16Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  17. 17. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 17
  18. 18. 8. The Magic of Thinking Big. By DavidSchwartz.• Uber-practical.– Tons of value.– Great concepts, like• “Go Through Life First-Class.”• Every student, teammate and humanbeing should read this book– (along with “How To Win Friends andInfluence People” by Dale Carnegie• that work should also be on my list. True.).11-05-2013 18Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  19. 19. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 19
  20. 20. 9. Talent is Overrated.By Geoff Colvin.• Read this one a few years ago.– Changed the way I viewed Genius.• Confirms a lot of the work of exceptionalperformance researchers like– the famed Anders Ericsson– that talent is less about natural gifts and– far more about devotion to a skill,– relentless practice and patience.• Another superb audiobook.11-05-2013 20Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  21. 21. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 21
  22. 22. 10. Spark.By John Ratey.• One of the best books I’ve read in years.– I’m on my 3rd reading.• Shares the latest (and so fascinating)research on how– exercise transforms the brain,– our performance,– our productivity and– even builds a new type of brain• that is excellent at resisting stress.• Please do your life a giant favor.– And read this book. Today!11-05-2013 22Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  23. 23. 11-05-2013Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA 23
  24. 24. Ok. So there you go.• Some of my favorite books.– Go study them.– And use them.• Please remember,– ideas–flawlessly translated into reality– are the keys to breathtaking success.• And you becoming more of who you trulyare.11-05-2013 24Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  25. 25. Oh–and definitely make some time eachday to read.• Small little advances in your knowledge base– lead to quantum improvements in your performanceover time.• Thanks for making the time to read my posts.– I work hard to make them valuable for you.– So we get you to your best.– Sooner versus later.• Be great. And dream even bigger.– The world needs you to shine.• Speak soon,11-05-2013 25Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA
  26. 26. LOL n Laughter toRobin Sharma11-05-2013 26Conceived & Complied byRamgopal CANCHERLA