Handicraft prospects in nepal


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Handicraft prospects in nepal

  1. 1. Group Members: Anju Adhikari Ramesh AryalSubash Barsingh Thapa Sudikcha Koirala Sunita Parajuli
  2. 2.  A product only made by human hands without using of machinery or equipment Art or skill of hands Method of doing or constructing an object or device usually by hand and native materials Use of the hands in creating some work of art or supplying some need, such as table or chair Handicrafts are not usually dined with machines but rather with hand tools.
  3. 3. FHA: "an industry that manufactures a productreflecting the countrys tradition, art and culture,and/or uses labor intensive specialized skills,and/or uses indigenous raw material and/orresources.”
  4. 4.  The history of artistic handicraft only began duringthe 5th century AD, when different religions began toform their bases among the people of Nepal. The handicrafts of Nepal is produced in a traditionalway, from generations to generations leading thefootpath of ancestors . Handicrafts in Nepal are classified mainly in twotypes. they are:•Textile products•Non- textile products.
  5. 5. TEXTILE PRODUCTS1. Woolen Goods 6. Hemp Goods2. Pashmina Products 7. Dhaka Products3. Felt Products 8. Allo Goods4. Cotton Goods 9. Misc. Textile Products5. Silk Products
  6. 6. NON TEXTILE PRODUCTS1. Metal Craft 10. Beads Items2. Silver Products 11. Plastic Items3. Handmade Paper Products 12. Thanka (paubha)4. Glass Products 13. Stone Craft5. Wood Craft 14. Crystal Products6. Bone & Horn Products 15. Bamboo Products7. Ceramics Products 16. Miscellaneous Goods8. Incense9. Leather Goods
  7. 7. 4,500.004,000.003,500.003,000.002,500.00 Textile Non Textile2,000.00 Total1,500.001,000.00 500.00 - 2064/65 65/66 66/67 67/68 68/69
  8. 8. 1000.00900.00800.00 700.00600.00 2064/65 500.00 65/66 66/67400.00 67/68 68/69 300.00200.00 100.00 0.00 Pashmina Woolen goods Felt Products Silver Jewelry Metal Crafts Handmade Papre Glass Products Products Products
  9. 9. 900,000,000800,000,000700,000,000600,000,000500,000,000 Textile Products400,000,000 Non-textile Products Total Amt.300,000,000200,000,000100,000,000 -
  10. 10.  Made by hand Indigenous product Connected with the Nepalese culture Unique art design and product development expertise prices of the products are also very reasonable Apart from having aesthetic value, our products are distinguished in the market for their competitive price and the quality of our products
  11. 11. By the establishment of handicraft industry, itis possible to give secure job for poor andwomen in the rural area. at least few girls lifewill be better, few children will getshelter, food and education, few women willget family life and few lives will be savedthrough such small handicraft project
  12. 12.  Low availability of raw materials Finding market in competitive world Lack of skill man power Lack of uniformity in quality of the end product In sufficient promotional activities done in favor of Nepalese handicraft products
  13. 13.  Not been able to compete with technology based products from Chinese and Indian markets In efficient market information Problems of Brand reorganization In adequate government policies and regulations Low customer awareness
  14. 14.  Growing international demand Income and employment generation Gradual tariffs reduction in regional market, particularly in Bhutan and Bangladesh Possibility to improve labor productivity and workers’ attitude if appropriate labor regulatory provisions are introduced Recent speedy development of infrastructure in Nepal , Bhutan and India has increased market prospect
  15. 15.  Facilitate Nepal’s participation in specialized international trade fair and exhibition Organize buyer-seller meetings regularly Undertake market research periodically and disseminate findings Should introduce various programs to encourage other people who want to involve in Handicraft business Encourage strategic alliances and other forms collaboration between Nepalese exporters and foreign importers Should do various types of international and promotional activities