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Donate Organs


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Donate Organs

  1. 1. What is Organ DonationA person pledges during his lifetime that afterdeath, organs from his/her body can be used fortransplantation to help terminally ill patients andgiving them a new lease of life.What Organ and tissues can be donatedThe major donor organs and tissues are heart, lungs,liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, heart valves, skin,bones, bone marrow, connective tissues, middle ear,blood vessels. Therefore one donor can possibly givegift of life to many terminally ill patients who wouldnot survive otherwise.
  2. 2. Points to remember for Organ/Tissue donationThe Organ can be donated only after brain death : Brain Death is When Brain can no longer send messages to the body to perform vital functions like breathing, sensation, obeying commands etc. Such persons are kept on artificial support (ventilation) to maintain oxygenation of organs so that the organs are in healthy condition until they are removed. How Quickly should the Organ be donated Healthy organs should be transplanted as soon as possible after brain death from the donor to the recipient. Who Can be Donor Anyone, regardless of age, race or gender can become an organ and tissue donor. Which terminal diseases can be cured by transplantHeart : heart failure, Lungs : terminal lung illnesses, Kidney/Liver FailurePancreas :diabetes, Eyes :blindness, Heart valve :valvular diseaseSkin : severe burns
  3. 3.  Is there any charges on family for this Donation No, there is no charge nor payment for organ/tissues used in transplantations. Organ donation is a true gift. Is this legal by Government of India It is legal by law. The government of India has enacted the "transplantation of human organs act 1994" in Feb. 1995, which has allowed organ donation and legalised brain death. Can Organs be removed after death at Home No. It can only be removed when a person is brain dead in the hospital and is immediately put on a ventilator and other life support systems. After death at home, only eyes and tissues can be removed.For More information you can visit various sites available for these purpose ,Few of them are: US citizens)You can directly download the organ donation form from > Downloads> Donor card